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TOPIC: FROM ISOLATION TO WORLD WAR (1930-1945) The isolationist approach to foreign policy meant U.S. leadership in world affairs diminished after World War I. Overseas, certain nations saw the growth of tyrannical governments which reasserted their power through aggression and created conditions leading to the Second World War. After Pearl Harbor, the United States entered World War II, which changed the country’s focus from isolationism to international involvement.


21. During the 1930s, the U.S. government attempted to distance the country from earlier interventionist policies in the Western Hemisphere as well as retain an isolationist approach to events in Europe and Asia until the beginning of WWII.

 22. The United States mobilization of its economic and military resources during World War II brought significant changes to American society

Social Studies Standards: High School

The atomic bomb is a very powerful nuclear weapon that causes a massive explosion. The first atomic bomb was created in WW II 

A is for Atomic bomb

The bazooka is a rocket propelled anti tank weapon. It was mainly used by the United States in WW II by small groups of soldiers. They were used to shut down German tanks.   

B is for bazooka

China was one of the four major powers that created the allied powers. The allied powers were The United States, Great Britain, The Soviet Union, and China. Many people forget that China was part of the allied powers. They were the first country to be part of the allied powers.    

C is for China 

June 6, 1944 the allied powers launched a full invasion on the beaches in Normandy. It was the start of the end of the war.

D is for D-Day

E is for Enemy.

The enemy of The United States was the axis powers. The axis powers had three major countries and they are Germany, Italy, and Japan

F is for Factory

During WW II most of the men had to leave the United States to fight over seas. During this time period women went into factories and started making weapons for troops. 

Gas chambers were used to kill large amounts of Jews and prisoners of war. This is one of the largest ones at the concentration camp called Auschwitz.

G is for Gas chamber

The Holocaust was a terrible event that was lead by Adolf Hitler the leader of the German army. He tried to kill a entire race of people.

H is for holocaust

The infantry was the workhorse of the military, not only faced with battling the enemy but also often asked to do physical labor at the front lines. 

I is for infantry

WW II was the first war that had jets part of the air force. Jets are faster and can handle more shots while they are in battle, compared to planes. 

J is for Jet

Kamikaze is Japanese for "divine wind". Kamikaze fighters were a select group of Japanese fighter pilots that would crash their planes into enemy ships on purpose. 

K is for Kamikaze

A land mine is a explosive weapon that is hidden under ground. It was used to destroy and disable enemy soldiers and equipment.  

L is for land mines

M is for machine gun. 

Machine guns were very important during WW II. Machine guns were used to lay down heavy fire from both the offensive and defensive sides of the battle.

N is for Nazis

The Nazis are a group of people that are under the command of Adolf Hitler. This group of people were the ones that enforced the Holocaust.

Germany invaded Poland in September 1939. They occupied Poland until the Germans lost the war in 1945.

O is for occupation

P is for pearl harbor.

Pearl Harbor is a U.S. naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii. On December 7, 1941 japan launched a surprise attack on pearl harbor.

Q is for Q-ships

Q ships are heavily armed merchant ships that lured submarines out and usually sank them.  

At the outbreak of war In September 1939 a massive administrative task was underway: the taking of the 1939 Register, one of the most important British documents of the twentieth century.

R is for Register

S is for soldiers

A soldier is a person that serves in the Army. 

Tanks were one of the most important weapon systems during the war. During WW II every army used tanks during combat.

T is for Tanks

U-boats are the first undersea boats. They are more commonly known as submarines and they were made by the Germans.

U is for U-boats

V is for Valor

Valor means great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

W is for War

War is a state of armed conflict between states or societies. During this time The allied forces were at war with the axis forces.  

The xx-committee was a British organisation that gave secret double agents false information to give to the Germans

X is for the xx-committee

The y-service is British signals staff responsible for the interception of enemy radio and telephone messages

Y is for Y-service. 

Zyklon-B is a chemical acid that the Germans used in most of the concentration camps to make toxic gas. 

Z is for Zyklon-B