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By:Malia Fernandes

The Sneaky Harley quin

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May 31st 2017

My Mom,Dad and my baby brother

Dedicated To

In the castle Malia and Rheagan where getting dressed for the ball. They where putting makeup on.

Malia just was about to where her necklace but Harley Quin broke it . Malia  said" it was my favorite necklace Harley Quin .

Malia said" I want it back Harley Quin. you are going to have to pay 250 $ for it

Then Malia turned Harley Quin into a frog .Malia and rheagan ran to the ball.They lived happily ever after or so they thought.

About The Author

Name....Malia Fernandes


What I like to do the most is.... dance and painting

my favorite book is....frozen fever

my best subject at school is....math

because....math problems are fun TV and playing barbie

when I grow up I want to be.... a ballerina