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Make Your Simplebooklet Engage

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A quick guide to help you capture attention, drive knowledge transfer, and get real inbound engagement from your Simplebooklet.To Make Your Simplebooklet Engaging777TIPS

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Simplebooklet is designed to build trust and condence in your content, so clients get activated and engage with your organization. To make this happen, you’ll want to implement these 7 quick and simple enhancements to your Simplebooklet.BUILD TRUST1. Custom Domain2. Logo3. BackgroundBUILD CONFIDENCE4. Voice Narration5. HotspotsENCOURAGE OUTREACH6. Message Me7. Business Card

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Custom DomainNothing builds trust better than your domain. Clients recognize your name and know that any content under that domain has your badge of approval. With Simplebooklet, you can apply multiple dierent domains to multiple dierent Simplebooklets or just use one for all your content. Build TrustCustom DomainDashboard > Left MenuFeature 1

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LogoYour Logo represents everything about your brand. It should be obvious and complimentary to all of the communications you take with clients. With Simplebooklet, you can place your logo throughout your content presentation. Add your logo to your navigation bars, your popup menus, and even the browser bar tab.UPLOADING LOGOBuild TrustDesign > LogoFeature 2

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BackgroundBackgrounds set the tone and mood for the presentation of your Simplebooklet. You should choose a background that will be complementary to your content, not distracting.We have 100s you can choose from, including photos, patterns, solids, and even animated backgrounds.Build TrustDesign > BackgroundFeature 3

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Voice NarrationDo you know what makes a client the most comfortable and receptive to your content? You! Your voice brings authenticity and clarity to the content you are sharing on your page. You can point out what’s really important and guide them to content they might have just skimmed.Our narration tools make it easy to record a clear voice note on any page in your Simplebooklet, so your message comes through loud and clear. Build CondenceADD HEADSHOTRECORDSTARTNarrate > RecordFeature 4

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Hotspot LinksA Simplebooklet is designed to drive customer engagement with your business, through phone numbers, links to pages on your website, and even additional content that doesn’t t on the page.HOTSPOTSWebsiteEmailTelephoneNext PagePrevious PageFirst PageLast PageChoose PageVideoImageCaptionSAVE1-555-433-7824Build CondenceEdit > HotspotsFeature 5

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Message MeMaking it easy for a client to contact you is the key to every asynchronous engagement. It’s the goal of all inbound communications. Message me makes it simple for a client to contact you at any moment in your Simplebooklet.The message me button appears in your navbar, on every page. You can set who receives any message a client sends your organization.Encourage OutreachDesign > NavbarFeature 6

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Business CardPeople like to contact people through the channel they prefer. It’s why the traditional business card has multiple contact points for your client. We’ve added a virtual business card to your Simplebooklet’s navbar. Add in multiple contact points for your client, including email, phone, address, and social media. Each one will automatically activate as a hyperlink.Encourage OutreachDesign > NavbarFeature 7

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NoticationsTake the pulse of your client engagement. With notications, you’ll know when your client has opened your Simplebooklet via email notication. We’ll let you know when, where, and what they used to view your content in realtime.Bonus FeatureShare > NoticationsSimplebooklet: You’re getting viewsInboxImportantSentDrafts

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