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Nutrition booklet

BY: Makenna Weber HOUR 4

Carbs: They are the main source of energy for your body. They help the body by providing a quick source of energy. It can hurt the body by making you store fat if you eat too much. Someone should have about 1 Gram of carbohydrates per 1 pound of body mass.Image result for pictures of carbsImage result for pictures of carbs

Protien: They are the main nutrient for building muscle and having healthy skin hair and nails. This is also how it helps the body. They can hurt the body buy making you constipated and have kidney issues if you eat too much protien. You should have about 0.8 grams per pound of body weight and depending on muscle amount and activity level.Image result for pics of proteinImage result for pics of protein

Fat: Fat is a nutrient that helps us absorb fat soluble nutrients from fruits and veggies. The also help regulate hormones, and keep you full. You can gain fat if you eat too much of this nutrient. someone should have about 0.2 grams of this nutrient per pound of body weight.Image result for pics of healthy fatty foodsImage result for pics of healthy fatty foods

Vitamins: Vitamins are small amounts of nutrients found in fruits, veggies, and more. They help the body fill in the little nutrient stores and prevent deficiencies. you cant really have too may vitamins in one day. Because the more the better.Image result for pics of vitaminsImage result for pics of vitamins

Minerals: They are just like vitamins. you can find them in everything you eat including whole foods, and water. you cant have too may minerals in your diet.Image result for pics of food mineralsImage result for pics of food minerals

water: Water is essential to your health because it keeps you hydrated, keeps your digestion running smooth, helps you flush out toxins, keeps your skin healthy, and keeps you energized. It is hard to have too much water in your diet, but it is possible to have too much. water is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.Image result for pics of waterImage result for pics of water