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By: David Navarro and Chance King
The Kool Aid Man!
And Jar Jar Binks!
It was an ice-cold morning in New York,
Little Donald walked on the street with mittens so small!
His parents were building a new wall for their house.
They needed it or snow would cover all!
Donald’s House had its southern wall missing,
He wanted this wall and wished to Santa, hoping
Little Donald finally arrived at his house,
He asked Big Donald, “Is the wall done?”
Big Donald replied, “Not yet, son.”
For many days and nights, they worked on the wall,
With every passing hour, more snow would fall.
Little Donald was getting very worried,
He thought, “Would our house be buried?”
Finally they finished their wall,
Little Donald celebrated, for it was done!
But suddenly, from the other side of the wall, a shout, “OHH YEAH”
With a loud BANG and a big CRASH, the Kool Aid Man stepped in.
Big Donald’s toupee flew off and ran away.
Little Donald was afraid with this surprise raid,
Momma Donald stood there, horrified.
The hole the Kool Aid Man made was so big,
That an elephant could fit in it.
Now the snow was getting everywhere,
The Kool Aid Man, spilling juice here and there,
It was as disastrous as a Star Wars prequel.
With a SPLOOSH and a SPLASH, the Kool Aid all over,
Could they save their wall, and stop the disorder?
Little Donald was getting really angry.
The pink colored snow had spread into the hallway.
Little Donald told Big Donald to call the Police.
Big Donald replied, “I left my phone at the house of my niece!”
The Kool Aid Man then said, “OHH YEAH”, while destroying the door,
Then ran toward a neighbor's house, to go ruin their kitchen floor.
The snowfall grew stronger, the blizzard arrived,
Only flakes of dried paint were what remained,
Little Donald stood, his anger at the boiling point,
He said to the Kool Aid Man, “I hope you hit the freezing point!”
The blizzard grew, like a tornado,
Then up in the sky, a big, “Ho, Ho, Ho!“,
And Little Donald saw, Santa Claus!
He landed his sleigh, with bag full of gifts,
Then in Santa’s bag, something large, and big!
Construction supplies, concrete and cones!
Just what they had all wished for!
The carnage the Kool Aid Man had made was undone,
Santa left, with more presents to deliver,
His reindeers took off, their feet effortlessly moving,
Then he stopped at a neighbor,
Whose floor seemed to be missing.
The next day came, the sun was shining
All of the snow was finally done melting,
Their wall was repaired thanks to Santa’s generosity,
Just like a children's book, everyone was happy!
Now they headed for breakfast, at McDonalds,
Little Donald said, “I want some Hash Browns.“
They sat down, for a well-deserved rest,
But Little Donald saw behind them, something bright red,
The Kool Aid Man then shouted, “OHH YEAH!”
Bonus: Find the hidden Jar Jar Binks (1 for every page)