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By Cady Gray Murray


I'm Magnesium, and I've been around since the Earth was first formed! I don't occur in nature uncombined, though, because I'm usually part of a compound. So, don't get too close! I'm highly reactive and can explode or burn at the touch! My electrons are awful, in my opinion - if you would take them away from me, I could become a much more stable ion... I can't swim, please keep me away from water! I tarnish in even moist air, and when I'm heated, water reacts to me and releases hydrogen! And cold water, when I'm not heated, reacts to me too. Just... very slowly. Eugh. I'm semi-common, being the eighth most abundant element in the Earth's crust, but like I said earlier, I have to be with somebody. Being alone scares me. I'm usually in seawater, or in certain minerals. I'm used a lot for missiles and airplanes, and I'm essential to any diet! Make sure to eat a lot of plants - their chlorophyll is abundant in me!

The Story Of Me

M +




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Birth Certificate

This is to certify that


Nickname: Mg Birth Weight: 24.305 amu Birth Height: 12 Race: Alkaline Earth Metal Gender: Solid Personality: Melting Point 650°C / Boiling Point 1,091°C 


Was born in the year of 1808 

in the country of England.


Physician in attendance was Sir Humphry Davy

Signature of parent: Cady Gray Murray

Baby Picture

My Favorite Story

Magnesium was strolling about, when suddenly, the sun decided to get really warm! Magnesium started shifting uncomfortably; it was too malleable when heated! Then it started raining, and Magnesium got cooled off, but it was slowly reacting with the cold water! It began to tarnish as the rain continued. The moist air was affecting it too! The cloud covering the sun shifted away, and it heated up again! Magnesium, so badly hurt at this point, burst into a magnesium fire! The rain released more hydrogen into the air as the white blaze reacted to it, unable to be extinguished. In the end, all of Magnesium had released its atoms into other compounds, and it was no longer together in its solid metal state. 


The End!


...I like sad stories.

Family Tree

When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I'm going to be used in fireworks! Right now I'm in seawater, waiting to be harvested, but soon they'll electrolyze me and get one whole pound of me from every one hundred gallons! Since I'm only two-thirds as dense as aluminum, I'm often cast, forged, and welded. I'm used in alloys, mostly, with aluminum and zinc or with manganese. I was first used back in 1910, in Germany for World War II! I was used for airplane parts, like fuselages, parts of the engine, or wheels. Now, I'm used in jet engine parts, rockets, missiles, portable power tools, cameras, other optical instruments, and even luggage frames! I'm used in incendiary bombs, signals, and flares, too. I also help prevent iron and steel from corroding in things like pipelines. One day, I'm hoping I'll be part of a Fourth Of July celebration!