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Research Report Of Alex Morgan!

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Alex Morgan!

By: Maeghan Mclain


Your teamate passed you the ball, you say in your head, “keep going, you got it, it was an amazing pass your teammates are counting on you.” You shot the ball, your teammate was running at you but you could not see the goal or the ball. You slipped and fell. Had you scored or do they think your hert. Then, you saw your teamate and player after, player and they all were yelling you scored, you scored. It was your first goal on the national team, your team was cheering very loudly. You could see your mom and dad in your brain cheering and screaming. I blew a kiss to my dad which I thanked him for everything he has helped you for playing soccer with him almost every day. You were thinking all my hard work payed off. And your dad really helped you. A minute later the whistle blew, we win! You was thrilled!



     Based off A True Story!

This is a picture of Alex Morgan being a leader!!! She is also, pointing to one of her teamates. 

I was in the baseball stadium stadium with my dad and I started to think, and what I was thinking of was what would change my career. I thought all those sports I played, not happening, it's soccer. So I turned to my dad, (scaredly) - my dad played baseball and he dreamed of his little girl (me) playing baseball. I said "I like soccer, I like to run." I saw the shock in my dads face which made me think I am really scared now, is he mad? It all started that day, right then, right there!!! Your name is Alex Morgan! Alex Morgan's full name is Alexandra Patrica Morgan. Alex was born on July, 2 1989. Alex was born in San Dimas, Calofornia. Morgan play a position of a forward or striker. Do you know what a forward or striker is? A striker is a person who connects the forwards and defence. Like a like to call it, the game maker. They tend to score a lot of goals, which fits Alex Morgan very well. Alex Morgan is a goal scorer. But back to a forward or striker, you have to be vey fast. Alex Morgan had a speed coach. To be a forward or striker you need to be reallly fast. I wonder if that is why she got a speed coach. From my experience in soccer, you need to run, up and down the field. That is important so you can lose defenders and score more goals. You have a beter chance of scoring. Morgan plays for the Portland Thornsand New York Flash, and the national team. She is currently in France! Alex Morgan wears the number 13.




This is Alex Morgan when she was playing as AYSO, it is the moment that she started to enjoy soccer!

Do you have somebody who you love and you hang out with?Well that person to Alex Morgan is her dad. His name is Michel Morgan. Alex Morgan is the youngest in her family, she has two sisters(Jeni and Jeri) I am the oldest and sometimes I like it, for example I get to sit in the front seat have way more sleepovers and way more perks, but there are cons, you have to get blamed on for everything. And sometimes you get so annoyed of your younger sister. But younger sisters get away with EVERYTHING. Alex Morgan is a really good at soccer but shockingly did not start playing club soccer till she was 14. She actually did not make the cut the first time she ever tried out for a team. Wow, that is crazy, I started playing club soccer at like 6. And she started at 14. Big difference. She really had to work hard to be in the US national team now. And she started US national camps at 17 which means she had three years to give herself a chance and its either make it at they age around 17 or just play soccer for college and the fun of it. Alex Morgan got married to a soccer player named Servando. Servando plays for Orlando City- another good soccer team.He is also a great soccer player. Alex Morgan has a intresting nickname, it is babyhorse. I think Alex Morgan has the nickname of Baby horse because she was the baby of a lot of things, for example at home she was the baby and for a few years of soccer she was the baby. And I think she got horses from her speed- she is fast and so are horses so it makes sence. Alex Morgan had to work hard as you can tell. 

This is Alex Morgan as a teenager. She is starting camps with  USA on her back sopporting her country!

Begining Life!


Alex Morgan has achieved alot in the past years! Have you ever achieved anything? You probrobally had. Alex Morgan has been a gold medalist. She also, was a world cup champion. She was the youngest player in 2009. In 2011 she was the first oerall pick, and succeded to the Olympics. She went to college of California and every 4 years she went to the NCAA tournament. Alex coach in college quit in the middle of the game. When that happened to Alex Morgan she took it very well, I would not of, I would cry and cry. Alex Morgan had to be a leader for this. Her coach did end up coming back but that must of been that time must of been hard. Alex Morgan is a leader. She also has been an all american she went to a USA game and her goal was named 2nd best goal in FIFA. Her last goal was on the the score list, wow.

This is a picture of Alex Morgan being a leader after she has achieved many things!

Alex Morgan celabrating with her teamates after they won the world cup.

Did you ever want to be famous? Alex Morgan played for the Seattle Sounders along with other famous soccer players. She then played for Portland Thorns FC. In 2012 she got a spot on the Olymics National team roster, won a gold medal (first). She was then hamered by a knee injury, and was out for a long time. She also played New York Flash. I watched one of her games when she played with Marta, Christne Sin Clair, Whitney Egens, Ashley Harris, and Ashely Walsh, and Abby Wanbach. Would you want to be famous? Alex Morgan was very famous. I don't know if I would, because people kind of stalk your life which I would not like. But having people loving you and counting on you and to be there role model would be very cool. Alex is very famous. 


Alex Morgan celabrating with her fans!

Abby says amazing feedback of Alex Morgan. Abby says "I passed the torch to Alex Morgan," she also said, "she is a dominit, dynamic player." She contines to say, "she will break any record." Abby also says, "I am exited for her career to take off." -Abby Wambach 



Alex says, "Are team can do anything."-Alex Morgan


Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach when Abby was retiring.

Alex is a role model you can never forget. You can be good like her to. Always work hard! No matter what sport you play or if you don't play any sports you have a good persanolitie, so show it. But make sure you take this quotes as a truesure. "Whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger." -Alex Morgan!


Alex Morgan has lots of amazing quotes and this is 2.