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MINERALS are material found in foods that are essential  for growth and health and do not contain the element carbon.

Nuts,Beans,and fish.

VITAMINS are any group of organic  that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because  they can not be synthesized  by the body.

Tomatoes,peppers,and oranges.

WATER is colorless,transparent,odorless,tasteless liquid that forms the seas,lakes,rivers and rain and it is the basis of fluids of living organisms.

FATS is  a natural oily or greasy substance  occurring in animals bodies

PROTEINS are any class of nitrogenous organic compounds that consist large molecules composed of one or more long of amino acids and are essential part of all living organisms.

Meats,eggs and diary.

CARBORHYDRATES are any of a large group of organic compound occurring in food and living tissues and including sugars,starch,and cellulose.

Bread,corn,and rice

10 unhealthiest snacks vs 10 healthiest snacks.


It's 42 grams per 2 bars.

It is good because it has a lot of good nutrition for our health such as Vitamin A and C,Calcium,iron and proteins,but it has a lot of sugar for its size and this could produce some unneeded fat  and its high in carbs.

$2-$8 per box

No servings on carrots.

Carrots  are high in vitamin A  which helps you maintain healthy skin and it increases saliva and supply of essential minerals,vitamins and enzymes that aid digestion.

Carrots are better for you because it has a lot of minerals and vitamins in it and its a plant and it good because it has a lot of nutrients in it.

The only bad things about carrots are that some are breed for other carrots and have a lot more sugar than usual.So organic carrots are better.

No exact price.


5oz per bag is the serving and it is good for you because it is high in vitamin C and it is fat and gluten free and its mostly  made from fruits  and it is high in carbs. 

They don't have bad ingredients and the worst is artificial  flavoring and this can sometimes cause nervous system depression.

And it has a lot of useful nutrients and has a lot of different vitamins in it and no bad fat.

Per box in can cost from $5-$10.




1 oz/28 grams per servings.

Nuts are really good for you because it contains a lot of good fats and they are packed with fiber,proteins,vitamins and minerals.

It also contains saturated fat which can raise your cholesterol level in your blood.

They cost about $1-$15 per box,cup or bag.


No amount of servings.

Fruit is a very good source of vitamins and minerals and it reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases.

There is no exact price

No exact size per servings.

Edamame's  are gluten-free and low in calories,they contain no cholesterol and they are an excellent source of protein,iron,and calcium.

No harmful ingredients.

Also has a lot of vitamins and minerals.

They $1.99 for an 12 oz bag.



yogurt contains good bacteria that help stop harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infection.

If you it too much of it it can cause you to gain weight and it does not  have a lot of nutrients in it.

It can cost from $2-$15 depend on what type you want.

No exact servings.

Humus is really good for you because its has a lot of proteins and fiber and also very high in iron,folate,phosphorus and vitamin B.,but over doing it would  cause you to have fat because its high in calories.

It can be homemade but it can cost up to $5 per jar/can. 

String cheese is good for you because you get a lot of carbs for energy and also get a good amount(dose)of protein and calcium and this is an good source of  nutrients that we need.

It also have saturated fat and sugar which if you eat an abundance amounts of it could cause you to gain weight.

It can cos from $5-$50 depending on how much you get.



Air popped and eaten plain popcorn is a healthy whole grain food that has low calories and high in fiber,but it does not have a lot of nutrients in it.

But adding flavoring and spices make it unhealthy.

No exact price




Servings is 28 grams every 15 pieces and it has 250 calories and 13 grams of fat ,2.5 saturated fat and it has a lot of salt and this will make you gain weight and have  high  cholesterol in your blood stream.

it has no good nutrients for you.

Don,t buy it.

serving size is 1 package( 2 oz and 54 pieces)

250 calories,2.5 grams of fat 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 30 grams of sugar.

You will gain weight if you eat this  and probably increase your high blood pressure.

Bad nutrients for you.

I will advice you not to buy or eat it.

Pop tarts are terrible for you .

The servings is 50 gram per pop tart,and it has 420 calories ,10 grams of fat,2.5 grams saturated fat and 40 grams of  sugar which is really unhealthy for you and you will gain a lot of  weight.




Serving size 1 oz(28 g/about 15 chips)

160 calories,10 g of fat,1.5 g of saturated fat and 160 mg of sodium.

This has a lot of unhealthy nutrients  that could be harmful to our bodies.

I will advice not to eat it.

M & M s

serving size 1 oz 150 calories,270 mg of sodium,13 g of tat and 3.5 g saturated fat and  a of these are unhealthy for this serving size  and is harmful to our bodies and i will advice not to eat too much.

serving size 42 g

180 calories,11.2 g of fat ,4.1 g of saturated fat ,22 mg of cholesterol and 157 mg of sodium  and  has a lot of unneeded sugar which is a lot and all of these are unhealthy nutrients facts.This is really harmful to our bodies and  have a high blood pressure for eating too much of these.And don't buy them if you want to stay healthy. 




serving size is 16 g and it has 80 calories which is not that bad,5 g of fat same not bad but 105 mg of sodium and that's a lot of salt and it dangerous for you especially it being  that small and eating a lot of these could lead you to having kidney stones.

I will advice you to eat cheez-it instead.

Serving size 1 oz(28 g/about 21 pieces)

Cheetos have 150 calories,10 g of fat,250 mg sodium and that's really bad  and its a lot of salt.

I will advice not to eat a lot of cheetos at one time because that increases the risk of having high blood pressure.

But it cost from $2-$10.

serving size 2 cookies(29 g)= 140 calories,7 g of fat and 90 mg of sodium and 13 g sugar and that is too much of unhealthyness for two cookies.DON"T EAT A LOT ON ONE TIME.


Amount per servings is 11 g

Reese's have 53 calories which is good,5.2 total fat,3.6 saturated fat,14 mg sodium and 21 g of sugar ,

Reese's have a lot of sugar and its very unhealthy for you ,if you eat it ,eat it little by little or don't eat it at all cause you will gain weight.