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It is a review of ten items.

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Digital Toolkit Review!

  2. It is basically for retailers, producers, and industry's to design their layouts and items in 3D or 2D. 
  3. You can us it in school to like design something for a project or like figure out where you want to put things, like in a shop class.

1. Roomle  

  2. It is an app that you can submit photos and history from your family and you.
  3. You can find out history for a history project etc.

2. What Was There 

  2. It is a sight for accomplishing your reading goals and setting goals and rating books.
  3. You can use it to enhance your learning and reading in all subjects.

3. Good Reads 

  2. It is a program so that groups can work together on projects.
  3. You could use it for presentations or research for projects.

4. Wiggio 

  2. It is a sight for making or reviewing flashcards and tests/quizzes. 
  3. You can use this to prepare for any test in all subjects.

5. Quizlet 

  2. It is a website for making websites. lol.
  3. You can use it if you need to make a website for your classroom to keep parents updated.(for teachers and staff)

6. Weebly 

  2. It is a website for sharing links and extensions.
  3. You could us it to share links with classmates/co-workers for shared projects.

7. Diigo 

  2. It is for sharing and storing files.
  3. You can use it to share and turn in things to your teachers.

8. Dropbox 

  2. It is a campaigning website that you can start one or join one that encourages you to do something.
  3. You can use it to like spread awareness for a project you are doing.

9. Do Something 

10. Flipsnack 

  2. Put all your PDF files into a booklet.
  3. Helps save room on your school computer for stuff that you are told to download by teachers.

All of the apps on the toolkit can be used for educational use, although I may not use even half, I'm sure they are useful. I was personally pleased with the Do Something. I think it is super cool and it really helps make a difference.