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Mothers against drunk driving

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Mothers Agianst Drunk Drivers


The organization was founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. MADD is the nation's largest non-profit working to protect families against drunk, drugged, and underage drivers.

If you booze and cruise you'll loose!

The accident that sparked the idea of MADD happened September 5, 1980 in California.

Reasons of Being Founded

The main mission of the organization is to aid the victims of the crimes preformed by people driving drunk, drugged, or under aged.

MADD's Main Mission

We have got to bring this problem to a end!

Another main goal is to aid the families of such crimes and to increase the awareness of the problem.

Administrative license revocation 

Dram shop

DUI child endangerment 

DUI felony 

Greater penalties for refusing to comply with DUI tests 

sobriety checkpoints 

vehicular manslaughter 

.08 percent law 

ignition interlocks law

Laws Influenced by MADD