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Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving 

About MADD

MADD was founded by Candy Lightner September 5, 1980 in Fair Oaks, California. Her reason for creating this organization was because her daughter, Cari Lightner, had been killed by a drunk driver swerving out of control. After founding MADD, Candy persuaded California's Governor, Jerry Brown to set up a task force to investigate drunk driving. This later caused the minimum fine for drunk drivers to be $375 and mandatory imprisonment up to four years. Thanks to her efforts with MADD, she caused all fifty states to tighten their drunk driving laws as well as drop the number of alcohol-related fatalities by 40 percent.

Their Mission

Their mission is to not only to stop drunk driving but to also help fight drugged driving , support the victims of the crimes, and prevent underage drinking 

Help Stop Drunk Driving, Support MADD

  1. In the United States, The number of drunk driving deaths has been cut in half since MADD was founded in 1980.

  2. Since 1980 MADD has saved 300,000 lives ...and counting.

  3. MADD compassionately serves a victim every 15 minutes.

  4. MADD has helped save nearly 30,000 young lives through passage of the 21 minimum drinking age law