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Mothers    Against    Drunk     Driving 


Our Mission [Is] to end drunk driving, help fight druged drivng, support the victems of these violent crimes, and prevent underage

Mission Statement.

MADD was created by the greiving mother of the girl seen below, Cari Lightner in Sep 05, 1980, who was killed by a drunk driver. Her mother, the founder of the orginization dedicated her life to fighting drunk driving, and assisting those affected.


Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)
Requires courts to impose suspensions for BAC ARDs based on the following BAC ranges:

  • Less than .10% - no suspension,
  • .10% to less than .16 - 30 day suspension, or
  • .16% and above - 60 day suspension

Progress is being made.

A huge number of anti DUI laws and regulations have been produced through MADD's efforts, such as the following. (provded by the DMV)


Credit (Suspension)
Individuals suspended for driving a vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock device or driving under a DUI-related suspension, with a BAC of .02% or greater cannot receive credit for their suspension until jail time has been served.
-Effective February 1, 2004

Ignition Interlock
Drivers who receive a second or subsequent DUI violation on or after September 30, 2003, can no longer serve an additional one year suspension in lieu of obtaining an ignition interlock device. Drivers are required to install ignition interlock on all vehicles owned (including leased) before driving privileges can be restored.

-Effective September 30, 2003

 Q:Can I help?

 A:Of course!



Q: Who Is MADD aiming to protect?

A: Anyone who uses the roadways


Q:What is MADD trying to guard against.

 A:Accidents involving impaired driving that could be avoided

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 Q:Is there anything else I can do?

 A: You could become a designated driver, or spread the word.



Q: So what can I do?

A: You could write to local legislation or, go to


Q:So I can't drink?!

 A:Sure you can, provided you are of age! Just get a designated driver, or call a cab!

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