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Mothers Against Drunk Driving 


  • MADD

What is it?

MADD is an organization that was created in 1980 by a mother sitting at a kitchen table. MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and their main mission is to end drunk driving, support the victims of the crimes, and to prevent underage drinking.

Important Events & Laws

Every year MADD has an annual 5k to raise money, gather communities to prevent drunk driving, and to honor the victims of the crimes. 

MADD helped pass all-offender ignition interlock laws in 25 states

How Can You Help?

A great way to help MADD, you can donate money to help victims and those dealing with substance/alcohol abuse. A donation can save a life.

Another great way to help out is by volunteering or honoring those who have past.

How has MADD helped?

MADD helps not only victims of these crimes, but also those who commit them. They feel it is also important to offer help to those who have a drinking or drug abuse problem. They have helped many teens, adults, and many others throughout the years in hopes to end the problem for good.