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MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving


By: Ben Taylor

MADD is an acronym for Mothers, Against, Drunk, Driving.

MADD is an orginazation with the intention of having no more victims of drunk driving or driving while impaired. They also provide support for those who have survived and are struggling with the traumatic expierence. Their slogan is "No More Victims".

What is MADD? 

MADD's efforts for 2015 were to reduce the victims of drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking to 0. This number is not impossible to achieve and can be achieved with the support of others to help the world realize the consequences of drunk and impaired driving.

Cari Lightner

MADD started in the 1980's when Cari Lightner was killed and her mother Candace Lightner fought to change the driving laws in california to adhere to not being able to drive drunk. Cari's face was the first recognized victim of a drunk driving accident. Then MADD expanded from there setting up headquarters in multiple states. the first being Sacramento, California where Cari Lightner was killed.

How it started


Candace Lightner


July 17, 1984 The federal law requiring the age to drink be 21 years old signed by President Ronald Reagan. This made laws for DUI and Underage Drinking follow shortly because of the age being raised. This raised the awareness all across the country showing that everyone is on board with ending drunk driving.