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The fight against drunk driving




MADD was formed when Candy Lightners daughter waswalking across the street to a church carnival and was hit, and killed, by a drunk driver. Her mother learned that drunk driving was rarely prosecuted and she decide to take action and create MADD, mothers against drunk driving. A non-profit organization with the goal of creating stricter laws against drunk driving and to raise awarness about the crime and it's victims.


MADD's creation


Their mission statement as stated in 1985 is, " To mobilize victims and their allies, to establish the public conviction that impaired driving is unacceptable and criminal, in order to promote corresponding public polocies, programs and personal responsiblities."


MADDs Mission

MADD has successfully raised awarness about the issue of Drunk driving. It has created laws to protect

citizens from drunk driving offences. Since it's creation drunk driving deaths have been cut in half. Some od MADDs acomplishments include: lowering the legal blood alcohol level from 0.1% to 0.08% across the nation, changing the legal drinking age from 18 yrs to 21 yrs. As a result of their campagning many states now treat alcohol related fatalities as murder.

Why You Should Support MADD