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COMPONENTS ` Readers ` Activity Book ` Teacher’s Book ` Activity Book Teacher’s Guide ` Flashcards ` Story Cards ` Puppet ` Playmats ` Parents Guide ` Certificates ` Interactive Whiteboard Tool with animated videos ` Online Creativity ToolCONTEXTUALIZED TARGET LANGUAGE Keyfeatures• Story-based learning• Integrated skills development• Multi-coloured illustrations• A well-designed complete curriculum• A comprehensive Teacher’s Book• Meticulously designed lesson plans• Bonus lessons for each book• Extra activities for each lesson• Photocopiable materials• Inclusion of stickers, a Minigon puppet, certificates, evaluation forms, playmats, flashcards, story cards, parents letters and guide.This fun, child-friendly series integrates listening and speaking skills with a story-based approach, while also supporting cross-curricular learning and environmental awareness. The Minigon Series presents the target language for beginners in a context which motivates and engages young children to learn through fun and stimulating stories. The series promotes the most up-to-date, communicative methodologies and dynamic learning techniques with a student-centred approach. It also provides children with a holistic learning environment, encouraging active and inductive learning. very young learnersThe Minigon Series is a new, story-based, pre-school course for young beginner learners of English.MINIGON CHILDREN’S READERS Illustrated by Erdil Yaşaroğlu5

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Colours & Farm AnimalsBody Parts & ToysNumbers & AnimalsFood & FruitsParts of the House & Furniture & PrepositionsJobs & Community PlacesClothes & Seasons & WeatherWild Animals & NatureDaily Routines & ShapesSports & Family Members Activity Book Volume 1Activity Book Volume 2THE STUDENT’S PACKREADERSVOLUME 1VOLUME 2Each volume consists of 5 engaging, fully coloured readers focused on a different theme, each extended with bonus topics.MINIGON CHILDREN’S READERSMinigon volume 1 978 9944 451 39 9Minigon Activity Book volume 1 978 9944 451 64 2Minigon volume 1 Teacher’s Book 978 9944 451 55 0Minigon Activity Book volume 1 Teacher’s Guide 978 9944 451 66 6Minigon Parents Guide (Anne-Baba Rehberi) volume 1 978 9944 451 62 8 Minigon volume 2 978 9944 451 40 5Minigon Activity Book volume 2 978 9944 451 65 9Minigon volume 2 Teacher’s Book 978 9944 451 56 7Minigon Activity Book volume 2 Teacher’s Guide 978 9944 451 67 3Minigon Parents Guide (Anne-Baba Rehberi) volume 2 978 9944 451 63 5Minigonworld Online English Programme 978 9944 451 72 7Minigon and House6MINIGON very young learners

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ACTIVITY BOOKActivity PageEach story has activity pages that repeat the target language and vocabulary.Extra Activity PageEach story has extra activity pages for early finishers and for differentiation.Cut Out Activity PageEach story has cut out activity pages to extend and differentiate the material.Flashcard Activity PageEach story has cut-out flashcard sets to reinforce target vocabulary visually and to play games with.7 very young learners MINIGON

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THE TEACHER’S RESOURCESTEACHER’S BOOKThe Teacher’s Book provides detailed lesson plans for each story with extra activities and bonus lesson plans that are suitable for young learners, craft and project ideas, bulletin board suggestions, photocopiable fun pages and the Activity Book teacher notes for each story, all story scripts and song lyrics, photocopiable self evaluation pages for each storybook unit, overall teacher/student evaluations and parents letters.Teacher’s Book Volume 1 Introduction Ð Teacher’s Book Ð Activity Book Teacher’s Guide Ð Flashcards Ð Story Cards Ð Puppet Ð Playmats Ð Parents Guide Ð Certificates Ð Interactive Whiteboard Tool with animated videos Ð Online Creativity Tool8MINIGON very young learners

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Self-evaluation sheetsPhotocopiable self-evaluation sheets are provided at the back of the Teacher’s Book. They have been specifically designed using pictures of the target words from the storybooks. These individual sheets are designed to help children take responsibility for their own learning.Parents LettersPhotocopiable letters to parents are provided at the back of the Teacher’s Book. These letters inform parents about the content and the target language of each Minigon storybook story with tips on how to help their children at home with English. The letters are written both in Turkish and in English.9 very young learners MINIGON

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Student evaluation sheetsPhotocopiable student-evaluation sheets for each storybook are provided at the back of the Teacher’s book. These evaluation sheets are to be used to track each child’s progress in English. Teachers can also use these for parent meetings.THE TEACHER’S RESOURCESFun pagesThere are three photocopiable fun pages for each story. Two of the fun pages are related to the main theme of the story whereas the third fun page is related to the bonus lesson. Suggestions on how to use them are provided in the Teacher’s Book.10MINIGON very young learners

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ACTIVITY BOOK TEACHER’S GUIDEThere are detailed lesson plans at the end of each unit for each activity in the Minigon Activity Book. The lesson plans include materials needed, vocabulary, additional vocabulary, target language and the lesson plan for how to complete the activities with children in the classroom.STICKERSFully coloured Minigon stickers are provided to reward the children upon completion of each storybook or for other acknowledgeable performances.FLASHCARDSThe flashcards are provided as a visual aid to illustrate the target vocabulary and extended vocabulary for each book.11 very young learners MINIGON

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CERTIFICATEThe Parents’ Guide is available in Turkish. PARENTS’ GUIDETHE TEACHER’S RESOURCESSTORY CARDSEach story comes complete with a story card set, which can be used for game-play or as a visual aid. The story scripts are written on the back of the cards for ease of use. The Minigon Series provides two different playmats to use alongside the story books to encourage children to play different games in the classroom to practise the target language. Suggestions on how to use them are provided in the Teacher’s Book.PLAYMATSPUPPETA soft hand puppet of the main character, Minigon, is provided with the book to aid the teacher with the presentation and modelling of activities. 12MINIGON very young learners

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COMPONENTS ` Student’s Book ` Teacher’s Book ` Vocabulary Cards ` Story Cards ` Stickers ` Interactive Whiteboard ToolKeyfeatures• The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA)Approach• Theme-based• 2 units within each theme• Supported by stories in each unit• Hands on experiments• Continuous characters• Art & Crafts activities• Detailed lesson plans• Interactive Whiteboard ToolImagine, explore and enjoy! Tickly Giggly Maths & Science is full of exploratory and critical thinking activities for very young Maths and Science fans. Fun illustrated stories provide the best picks, tips and tricks for very young learners to explore age appropriate Maths and Science concepts that will build the foundation for a lifetime learning. Let’s wonder together, ask questions, imagine, explore and enjoy! very young learnersTickly Giggly and his friends are inviting very young learners to the wonderful, magical world of Maths and Science.TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE SERIES13

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THE STUDENT’S BOOKStudent’s Book 1 ContentsStudent’s Book 2 ContentsTICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE SERIESStudent’s Book 1 978 9944 451 83 3Teacher’s Book 1 978 9944 451 84 0Student’s Book 2 978 605 2025 96 3Teacher’s Book 2 978 605 7740 06 9Tickly Giggly 1 has eight themes, each with two units. In Tickly Giggly 2, there are four themes with two units each. The units are more general in Tickly Giggly 1, whereas themes are presented in greater depth in Tickly Giggly 2.There are 4 main parts in each unit:• Big Question• Story Time• Let’s Explore• Maths Zone14TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE very young learners

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Student’s Book 1 Big QuestionStudent’s Book 2 Big QuestionBig QuestionEach unit starts with a “Big Question” to make the learners think and express their ideas on the subject that willbe handled.15 very young learners TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE

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Story TimeThe main characters, Tickly Giggly, Tom and the Magic Tree, tell learners adventurous stories related to the topics in each unit. Student’s Book 1 Story TimeStudent’s Book 2 Story TimeTHE STUDENT’S BOOK16TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE very young learners

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Student’s Book 1 Let’s ExploreStudent’s Book 2 Let’s ExploreLet’s ExploreIn this section the learners carry out an experiment, make a craft or do an activity where they interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.17 very young learners TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE

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Student’s Book 1 Maths ZoneStudent’s Book 2 Maths ZoneMaths ZoneIn the Maths Zone children are encouraged to examine the world of numbers with attractive visuals and engaging activities to fortify the subject.THE STUDENT’S BOOK18TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE very young learners

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Teacher’s Book 2THE TEACHER’S RESOURCES Ð Teacher’s Book Ð Vocabulary Cards Ð Story Cards Ð Stickers Ð Interactive Whiteboard ToolTeacher’s Book 1TEACHER’S BOOKThe Teacher’s Book includes detailed lesson plans that can be used easily by the teacher. The plans consist of ideas that are enjoyable both for students and teachers. With extra activities, the plans are bound to captivate students and support their learning process. Every unit starts with a summary complete with aims, language focus and target vocabulary. Useful tips are given about what to do before the lesson. Each lesson has objectives and materials lists that facilitate the teacher’s preparation before the lesson. Answer keys are integrated into lesson plans for a user-friendly product.19 very young learners TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE

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STICKERSSticker sets for each student are provided in the Teacher’s Resources to allow the teacher to control distribution. At the end of each story, students are expected to recall the target vocabulary by using stickers.STORY CARDSVOCABULARY CARDSVocabulary cards are provided as a visual aid to illustrate the target vocabulary and extended vocabulary for each book.Story cards are provided as a visual aid to help teachers to introduce and re-tell the stories in each unit as well as play games and revise the subjects.THE TEACHER’S RESOURCES20TICKLY GIGGLY MATHS & SCIENCE very young learners

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COMPONENTS ` Book Set ` Practice Book ` Teacher’s Books ` Audios ` Interactive Whiteboard Tool ` Flashcard PackBy setting objectives for development of communication skills, Live It Up encourages children to developconfidence in oral, written and visual language.young learnersLive It Up is a unique, skills-integrated primary course featuringchild-centered themes within five books full of original illustrationsand authentic photographs.LIVE IT UP!LIVE IT UP!Keyfeatures• Theme-based books with different sub-topics• Contextualized vocabulary• Fun and engaging word practice• Various types of writing tasks• Real-life dialogues• Familiarization with the written form of target vocabulary• Picture dictionary to expand the themeTAKE PART IN LIFE-LIKE DIALOGUES 21

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THE STUDENT’S PACKBOOK SETFocusing on both receptive and productive skills of young learners, each book includes three parts:Part 1: TAKE IT UPPart 2: KEEP IT UPPart 3: LIVE IT UP• Get ready for the theme• Practise the contextualized vocabulary• Take part in various types of writing tasks• Expand the theme through the picture dictionary covering four different sub-topics• Model the patterned structures with the help of pinwheeled words• Keep a record of personal experiences• Meet the characters in dynamic language environments• Take part in life-like dialogues• Explore possible ways of spoken interaction and respondingLive It Up consists of 5 unique books that are skills-integrated and based on child-centered themes, full of original illustrations and authentic photographs. The students:• Get ready for the theme• Practise the contextualized vocabulary• Take part in various types of writing tasks• Expand the theme through the picture dictionary covering four different sub-topics• Model the patterned structures with the help of pinwheeled words• Keep a record of personal experiences• Meet the characters in dynamic language environments• Take part in life-like dialogues• Explore possible ways of spoken interaction and respondingLIVE IT UPLive it Up Pack 978 9944 451 73 4Live it Up Teacher’s Kit 1 Great New Things 978 605 2025 81 9Live it Up Teacher’s Kit 2 Great People Around 978 605 2025 82 6Live it Up Teacher’s Kit 3 Full of Tasty Choices 978 605 2025 83 3Live it Up Teacher’s Kit 4 All Special All Dierent 978 605 2025 84 0Live it Up Teacher’s Kit 5 Good Plans Best Memories 978 605 2025 85 722LIVE IT UP young learners

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Live It Up Teacher’s Book PRACTICE BOOKPart 1: LOOK IT UP• Become familiar with the written form of target vocabulary• Explore fun and engaging word practicePart 2: BUILD IT UP• Get closer to the key language related to categorized vocabulary and patterned structures• Master written language presented with word level and sentence level exercisesBy setting objectives for the development of communication skills, Live It Up encourages children to develop confidence in oral, written and visual language. The students:• Become familiar with the written form of target vocabulary• Explore fun and engaging word practice• Get closer to the key language related to categorized vocabulary and patterned structures• Master written language presented with word level and sentence level exercisesOffering a variety of resources and fun exercises for the development of written language, the practice book is designed in two parts.23 young learners LIVE IT UP

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TEACHER’S BOOKThe fact that each book has its own Teacher’s Guide is one of the features that makes Live It Up special.Each book starts with a general overview where teachers can reach the whole program including the titles, target language and vocabulary in the form of a table.The Generic Pacing Guide, at the beginning of each Teacher’s Book, provides an overall look for each lesson.In each Teacher’s Book, a Scope and Sequence table is included. Features, definition, objectives, topic, vocabulary and function & forms are given in this table for the teachers to get a general idea of the subject.Every Teacher’s Book follows a very well-organised and detailed lesson plan. Each book has 17 separate lesson plans divided into the 3 sections Take It Up, Keep It Up and Live It Up. Photocopiable materials are provided at the back of each Teacher’s Book.24LIVE IT UP young learners

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COMPONENTS ` Student’s Pack (Pack of 3 / Pack of 6) ` Teacher’s Pack (Pack of 3 / Pack of 6) ` AudiosSame format as real exams! Exam Practice Tests offer a wide range of exam packs including Cambridge Exam Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET and FCE.young learners - teens / young adultsTo ensure success in your exams, the Exam Practice Tests have been designed using the same format as the real exams, measuring listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.Keyfeatures• Optional Exam Packs ( Pack of 3 or Pack of 6) to equip students with all the knowledge, skills and tools they need to face the exams• Each level includes a complete practice test that closely reflects original exam content, helping learners to familiarise themselves with the types of exam tasks• Speaking parts provide an opportunity for oral practice, giving learner’s a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and grammar of the exam content• Full audio recordings and scripts are available for teachers• The Teacher’s Guide includes all answer keys, listening scripts and rubricsLEVEL EXAM TYPEPre A1 Starters (YLE Starters)A1 Movers (YLE Movers)A2 Flyers (YLE Flyers)A2 Key for Schools (KET)B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET)B2 First for Schools (FCE) EXAM EXAMPRACTICE TESTSPRACTICE TESTS25

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STARTERSKETPETMOVERS FLYERSEXAM PRACTICE TESTSStarters exam 1 978 9944 451 91 8Starters exam 2 978 9944 451 92 5 Starters exam 3 978 9944 451 93 2Starters exam 4 978 9944 451 94 9Starters exam 5 978 9944 451 95 6Starters exam 6 978 9944 451 96 3Movers exam 1 978 9944 451 85 7Movers exam 2 978 9944 451 86 4Movers exam 3 978 9944 451 87 1Movers exam 4 978 9944 451 88 8Movers exam 5 978 9944 451 89 5Movers exam 6 978 9944 451 90 1Flyers exam 1 978 9944 451 97 0Flyers exam 2 978 9944 451 98 7Flyers exam 3 978 9944 451 99 4Flyers exam 4 978 605 2025 00 0Flyers exam 5 978 605 2025 01 7Flyers exam 6 978 605 2025 02 4NEW KET 6 PACK 978 605 7740 07 6NEW PET 6 PACK 978 605 7740 08 326EXAM PRACTICE TESTS young learners - teens / young adults

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Enjoy extensive reading in English! The stories in the series are carefully graded both lexically and structurally in order to make the experience of extensive reading in English enjoyable for students from beginner up to intermediate levels.young learners - teens / young adultsClassic stories specially selected for reader appeal!Keyfeatures• Four-level series of readers• Carefully adapted classics for each level• Levelling system based on vocabulary and grammar range• ESOL , CEFR & ALTE linking• Integrated preview and review activities to develop both receptive and productive skills• Logbook integrated in each reader• Each reader comes with an evaluation test with answer keys for the use of the teacher• Interactive Whiteboard Tool with extra activities• Audios• Encouraging reading for pleasureBuckinghamBuckinghamELT ReadersELT Readers27

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QUICKSTART LEVELBeowulf 978 9944 451 09 3 The Lile Princess 978 9944 451 10 9 Swan Lake 978 9944 451 11 6READERSQUICKSTART LEVELBeowolfBeowulf is a strong fighter from the north. When he is young, he goes to Denmark and fights and kills the monster Grendel there. Soon after that, Grendel’s mother comes for her son’s killer, and Beowulf must fight again.Later, when Beowulf is older, a dragon comes to the land, and he must fight once more. But who is stronger: the man or the monster? And what happens after the fighting is over?The Little PrincessWhen young Sara Crewe’s father dies, she must become a servant at her expensive school because she suddenly has no money.Things are not easy for her, and people are far from nice, but through it all she is ‘a little princess’–polite and good to others.Then a sick old gentleman from India moves into the house next door. What is he looking for in England? And how can that help Sara?Swan LakeWhen Prince Siegfried is eighteen, the Queen tells him, ‘You must marry!’ He sadly goes and sits near Swan Lake alone. But when night comes, the white swans there change into young women. A dark magician, Rothbart, has them under a spell. Only when the Swan Queen, Odette, finds love can they all be free.Can Prince Siegfried find someone to marry, and help Odette? And what are Rothbart’s plans for his evil daughter, Odile?28BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS young learners - teens / young adults

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HIGH BEGINNER LEVELThe Jungle Book 978 9944 451 12 3Lile Lord Fauntleroy 978 9944 451 14 7Five Children and It 978 9944 451 13 0HIGH BEGINNER LEVELThe Jungle BookThe boy Mowgli lives with the wolves in the jungle in India. Baloo the bear and Bagheera the black panther are his friends and teachers. Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger, is his worst enemy.When Akela the wolf leader becomes old, Shere Khan comes for Mowgli. How can a boy fight a tiger and live? Can Mowgli stay in the jungle? Or must he leave and make his home in the man village?Little Lord FauntleroyCedric Errol lives in New York. His father was the youngest son of a cold-hearted English gentleman, the Earl of Dorincourt. His mother is a poor American.When the Earl’s older son dies, Cedric becomes Lord Fauntleroy. He and his mother must go and live in the old family house in England. But can Cedric become a real English gentleman? And what does the Earl do when a second ’Lord Fauntleroy’ arrives at his house?Five Children and itWhen Cyril, Anthea, Jane, Robert and Hilary move from London to live in the country, they find a strange old creature – a sand-fairy – in a quarry there. ‘It’ is magical and can make their wishes come true. Soon the children are wishing for things like money, good looks, and wings to fly with.But do the children’s wishes make them happy when they get them? And what happens to the sand-fairy in the end?29 young learners - teens / young adults BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS

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READERSPRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVELThe Prince and the PauperPrince Edward, the son of King Henry VIII, and Tom Canty, a poor London boy, look like twins. When they meet one day and change clothes for fun, people take Edward for Tom, and Tom for Edward.By mistake, the Prince and the Pauper change places. Edward becomes poor, and Tom must learn to be a prince. But can they change back in time for Edward to be the new king when his father dies?As You Like ItAfter bad Lord Frederick becomes the Duke, his brother – the real Duke –must leave for the Forest of Arden. The old Duke’s daughter, Rosalind, stays with her cousin, Celia. When Rosalind meets Orlando, the son of her father’s old friend, they fall in love. But then Rosalind must leave for the forest with Celia, and Orlando goes after them.Is love stronger than hate? In the forest everyone learns the answer to that question.Gawain and The Green KnightOne winter, a huge Green Knight visits King Arthur’s castle. ‘One of you knights must hit me with my axe,’ he laughs. ‘Then, in a year and a day, in the Green Church, I’ll hit him back.’ When brave Sir Gawain cuts off the giant’s head, the bargain seems impossible to keep. Until the Green Knight puts his head back on!Should Gawain keep his promise? And what will happen to him if he breaks it?PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVELThe Prince and the Pauper 978 9944 451 15 4As You Like It 978 9944 451 16 1 Gawain and The Green Knight 978 9944 451 17 830BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS young learners - teens / young adults

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LOW INTERMEDIATE LEVELKing Solomon’s MinesWhen Sir Henry Curtis asks Allan Quartermain to help find his brother in the African bush, Quartermain agrees with some interest. Sir Henry’s brother was looking for King Solomon’s diamond mines, and Quartermain has an old map that shows them the way. A friend, Captain Good –and an African servant, Umbopa– go with them.But will all of the explorers reach the mines safely? And once they find them, how will they return?Northanger AbbeyWhen Catherine Morland visits Bath with rich family friends, the Allens, she meets fashionable brother and sister John and Isabella Thorpe. After Catherine’s brother falls in love with Isabella, and John flirts with Catherine, a double wedding looks likely. But then General Tilney, the father of interested young clergyman Henry Tilney, invites Catherine to his country home, Northanger Abbey.What strange secrets does the house hold? And how should Catherine choose wisely between Henry and John?At the Mountains of MadnessYears back, exploring beyond high Antarctic mountains, Professor William Dyer discovered an ancient alien city unknown to the modern world. He also learned about strange and terrible guards whose job was to protect the ‘Elder Things’.When some men and dogs became the victims of alien experiments, Dyer’s expedition hurried back to civilisation. Can Dyer persuade a new group of Antarctic explorers not to go and wake up things which should be left to sleep?LOW INTERMEDIATE LEVELKing Solomon’s Mines 978 9944 451 19 2Northanger Abbey 978 9944 451 20 8 At the Mountains of Madness 978 9944 451 18 531 young learners - teens / young adults BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS

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INTEGRATED ACTIVITIESAll titles include systematically integrated reading skills and discussion activities.A page of preview and review activities tops and tails each chapter to keep students’ reading motivation strong, and to develop reading skills like predicting and summarising. Each reader contains;• Short author biography• Reading preview tasks• Lively story in six chapters• Reading review tasks• Full-colour illustrations• Extension vocabulary glosses• ‘Speak Easy’ discussion page• Revision wordlist• Logbook32BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS young learners - teens / young adults

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LEVELLING SYSTEMINTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD TOOLThe Buckingham ELT Readers Levelling System is based on vocabulary and grammar range.Buckingham ELT Readers’ Core Vocabulary Levels are benchmarked to the levels established by the Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading (EPER), part of Edinburgh University.The core vocabulary lists have been drawn up with reference both to established ELT coursebook language sequencing and corpus data derived from COBUILD (the Collins-Birmingham University International Language Database).Each title is supported by IWB Software• A complete audio recording of the story• An extension vocabulary pronunciation guide• Interactive vocabulary and grammar practice activities• Chapter tests, and a multi-choice final text offered in mixed ability versions for 1 (basic), 2 (average), or 3 (challenging) levelsVOCABULARY GRAMMARBuckingham ELT Readers VOCABULARY RANGE EXAMPLES OF GRAMMAR RANGELow Intermediate 1200 core wordsPassives, Reported Speech, Second Conditional, Used toPre-Intermediate 800 core wordsFirst Conditional, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Will futureHigh Beginner 500 core wordsCould, Going to future, Infinitive of Purpose, Mustn’t, Past SimpleQuickstart 300 core wordsCan/Can’t, Must, Present Simple, Present ContinuousVOCABULARY33 young learners - teens / young adults BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS

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BUCKINGHAM ELT READERSESOL CEF ALTELow Intermediate PETB1 Level 2Pre-Intermediate KETA2 Level 1High Beginner CYL flyersA2 Level 1Quickstart CYL moversA1 BreakthroughEXAMS, CEF, AND COURSEBOOK LINKINGPossible links between Buckingham ELT Reader Levels, Cambridge ESOL exams, and Common European Framework and ALTE levels are shown in the table.Your Buckingham ELT representative can offer advice about the best way to link these titles to various coursebook series at different levels.34BUCKINGHAM ELT READERS young learners - teens / young adults

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A selection of activities for any published reader series! The Logbook contains graphic frameworks which help students organise their thoughts in preparation of writing or speaking outcomes. Writing book reviews, describing characters or settings, summarising storylines, and organising and evaluating your reading are just some of the topics covered in the Logbook.For teachers and students who want a selection of further activities to exploit a class reader – or a graded readers library – more fullyyoung learners - teens / young adultsLOGBOOKLOGBOOK35

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LOGBOOKLogbook 1 Basic 978 605 2025 94 9 Logbook 2 Average 978 9944 451 21 5 Logbook 3 Challenging 978 9944 451 22 2Graded readers series normally oblige teachers to photocopy many extensive reading task sheets for different writing tasks, creating a sheaf of papers which students find hard to organise, and sometimes misplace. This is easily avoided when everything is conveniently bound together in a competitively-priced Logbook.The Logbooks deal with similar task types in a differentiated way, offering varying degrees of support into freer writing or speaking. Having three levels of support available allows teachers to choose more accurately the Logbook for their students’ general writing abilities – weak, fair, or good.The activities within each Logbook are varied reading tasks, and can be used to provide structured writing or speaking outcomes alongside any published graded readers series.36LOGBOOK young learners - teens / young adults

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COMPONENTS ` Student’s Book ` Teacher’s Books ` Interactive Whiteboard ToolEnglish Thru Movies is a 4-level video-based skills series for English language learners. The series supports a holistic learning approach by encouraging learners to engage with characters, situations, moral concepts and values, as well as vocabulary, grammatical form and cultural aspects of the English language.English Thru Movies is based on authentic, age-and level-appropriate films that are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).teens / young adultsA new video Activity Book series for the learners of English through original movies!SECOND EDITIONTHRU MOVIESENGLISH Based on authentic, age & level appropriate films! Keyfeatures• Video based study which increases pragmatic awareness through illocutionary activities• Authentic material• Focus on checking comprehension skills that facilitates the students’ learning process as well as raising their overall listening skills• Exercises in which learners are urged to study two kinds of meaning, linguistic and speaker meanings by listening to the authentic language in the movies• Authentic use of the language highlighted by the graded exercises• Clear instructions to follow• Active learning in a powerful context• Perfect opportunity to identify the situation and characters, to analyse the choice of the vocabulary and grammatical form, as well as the discourse, the variety of accents and the phonological and cultural aspects of the language• Enjoyment of watching a movie while developing language skills37

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THE STUDENT’S BOOKLearners focus on authentic language and analyse Englishspeech acts.ENGLISH THRU MOVIESEnglish Thru Movıes A1 Student’s Book 978 605 2025 62 8English Thru Movıes A2 Student’s Book 978 605 2025 66 6English Thru Movıes A2-B1 Student’s Book 978 605 2025 67 3English Thru Movıes B1-B1+ Student’s Book 978 605 2025 68 0Integrated readingand writing activities38ENGLISH THRU MOVIES teens / young adults

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The main aim of the video book is to provide activities which give learners opportunity for implicit learning.Students watch the film, follow the subtitles, review their stored vocabulary and practise within the newly formed activities.A1 A2-B1The Chronicles of Narnia Part 1The Chronicles of Narnia Part 2Home Alone 1Shrek 1Ice AgeThe TerminalHarry Poer 1Harry Poer 2Monsters, Inc. Shrek 2Mrs DoubtreRatatouilleTroyPirates of the Caribbean Pride and PrejudiceThe IllusionistA2 B1-B1+39 teens / young adults ENGLISH THRU MOVIES

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MOVIETHE TEACHER’S BOOKIn the Teacher’s Book, all modules are summarised in tables, under the titles; Skills, Values/Cultural Awareness, Language (receptive) and Language (productive). By looking at these tables, the teacher will be able to see the whole module at once and will know the flow before starting. Each module starts by introducing the section. In this part, students are prepared for the module. Next, the before watching, while watching and after watching sections take place. To keep students’ attention, different activities are given in each section.In addition to before, while and after activities, there is a follow up section which aims to reinforce the target vocabulary and grammar.The Think section is included in the Teacher’s Book for the learner’s to personalise the subject, to think and to talk about their own experiences.Photocopiable materials are provided at the end of each module in the Teacher’s Book for extended learning.All timings are given clearly in the Teacher’s Book, to be user-friendly.40ENGLISH THRU MOVIES teens / young adults

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In an era of digital natives, our philosophy as Macenta Publishing is to offer a great variety of digital learning solutions for learners of all levels.We provide versatile, fun, engaging and innovative digital materials with the aim of not only appealing to a tech-savvy generation and meeting their needs but also improving their skills as 21st-century learners.We support learners to raise self-awareness and take responsibility for their own learning process. We enable educators and parents to be involved in this process and manage it through well-established systems and guidance.Our Digital Products:Welcome To The World Of Digital Solutions

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` interactive activities to improve academic skills ` ready-made project ideas/tasks for all levels ` a creative space to form authentic projects from scratch ` quizzes and tests to evaluate the progress ` an opportunity to create a portfolio ` an option to personalise avatars ` a report to keep track of achievementsEduforfun is our main digital platform which includes many diverse interactive resources aligned with international standards and enriched with visual and audio materials. It is not only designed to improve academic skills but also supports 21st-century skills such as creativity and contributes to social responsibility projects.Eduforfun enables learners to take an active role in the learning process by presenting:very young learners - teens / young adultsENRICH YOUR DIGITAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE43

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REGULARDESIGNCUSTOMDESIGNApart from having a ready-made comprehensive version, Eduforfun can become a tailor-made digital platform designed to meet your specific needs and expectations. We can both create customised content according to the schools’ English curriculum and integrate other products (Lightsail, DEPP, ExamforEnglish) into it. It can also be integrated into your school’s digital platform.Eduforfun is a versatile digital course covering internationally standardized levels from young learners to teenagers. It consists of many parts, offering thorough coverage of different language skills with its engaging content.44EDUFORFUN very young learners - teens/young adults

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ACTIVITIESPROJECTSEduforfun provides learners with extensive online materials and practice alternatives. Students have access to 10 units including two revision units, 4 activities in each unit consisting of 4 different types of interactive activities to improve reading, listening, vocabulary and comprehension skills. This gives teachers over 30 hours of extra material.Eduforfun offers projects for each unit aligned with the objectives of the activities, enabling learners to circulate and put what they have learned into practice.QUIZ - TESTEduforfun Basic Module offers two progress tests a year, allowing students to evaluate and consolidate their progress within the course. Eduforfun Premium, which is the customised module of our digital platform, offers any other online exams/quizzes chosen by your school to meet the very specific needs of your students.CREATIVE MINDSEduforfun is designed to boost the 21st-century skills of the learners.It is time to get creative and form your own projects (books, photobooks, videobooks…etc.) from scratch. Save and share them with your teachers and friends.45 very young learners - teens/young adults EDUFORFUN

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MY PORTFOLIOMY PROFILELEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMIt’s a place to showcase what learners have achieved throughout the course such as activities and projects completed.It all starts with a main character. Students are free to choose their avatars at the beginning of their journey, so they can be part of their story.Our Learning Management System is a simple but effective online tool that allows you to track the individual progress of the students. This saves time and allows you to focus on what is important for the students.SCORESKnowing that real-time feedback plays a vital role inlearning, we have set up the system so that learners can easily keep track of their own progress.SINGLE SIGN ONWe are dedicated to offering digital solutions in order to make the learners’ experiences easier and more accessible. Eduforfun can be integrated into your school’s digital platform, thus no login is needed for the students.46EDUFORFUN very young learners - teens/young adults

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Our system is designed to support each student’s progress with internationally recognized language qualifications.young learners - teens / young adultsMake better & faster decisions with accurate dataKEEP TRACK OF YOUR STUDENTS’ PROGRESS47

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CUSTOMISED TESTS TRACK THEIR PROGRESSWe can customise the testsdepending on your schools’ needs.* Contact us to create your own customised version.It is easy to keep track of your students’ progress & exam history to get a better idea of where to focus to support them throughout their learning adventure.TAKE IT BOTH ONLINE & OFFLINEAUTOMATIC MARKINGOur system automatically marks the questions for; listening, reading, vocabulary & use of English.We bring our own devices, so no internet connection is needed for the test to be taken. Educators receive an in-depth progress report, detailing possible areas of improvement. This report may include:• student’s progress • class-wide comparison • campus-wide comparison48EXAM FOR ENGLISH young learners - teens / young adults

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The simple, intuitive design has classrooms reading within minutes.Students reading 25 minutes a day on LightSail are seeing 2+ years of Lexile growth in a single year.vyl - yl - teens / young adultsSUPPORT GROWING READERSIMMEDIATELY ENGAGE STUDENTSACCELERATE LITERACY DEVELOPMENT49

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SUPPORT GROWING READERSTHE LIGHTSAIL LIBRARYTRACK PROGRESSENGAGE STUDENTS WITH PERSONALIZED LIBRARIESGROWTH DATA FOR STUDENTSAND EDUCATORSThe LightSail Library contains texts for students from grades K-12, written across a wide range of Lexile measures. These texts are embedded with assessments and cover a variety of subjects. Now all students can discover who they are as readers through a broad and appealing library filled with great texts.LightSail’s educators have also built several key motivators into the app! Students can track their progress against individual reading goals, check their Lexile scores and the number of texts they’ve completed and show off their achievement badges – all via their personal data dashboard. Readers can also chat with peers and teachers during the reading experience using LightSail’s in-app social network.Starting with an initial, adaptive assessment, LightSail automatically creates personalized libraries for each of your students based on their reading abilities. These libraries adapt as students grow, ensuring they are reading books that are “just right” for them.LightSail was designed to tackle the logistical burden of differentiation in the ELA classroom, so teachers can focus on what really matters – targeted instruction.50LIGHTSAIL very young learners - young learners - teens / young adults

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Welcome to the world of Picaro, where exciting online games meet proven English learning methods! Whether you’re looking for a complete 4-level Primary English course or additional materials for engaging and meaningful homework, there’s always something to suit your needs.Picaro is an innovative English course for young learners with interactive online games and classroom materials created in cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment, a world leader in English qualifications.very young learners - young learnersTEACH ENGLISH, MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE!51

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Content aligned with Cambridge English:With Young Learners Exams, the course meets the highest academic standards and prepares children for English tests.Engaging online games with fun characters from Fox International Baby TV, both motivate and inspire young students on their English language learning journey.HOW CAN PICARO SUPPORT YOUR ENGLISH TEACHING NEEDS?Picaro is mapped from Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams, providing you with the highest quality academic content and helping you prepare your students for exam success.Exciting online games are an integral part of the course - there are almost 1000 educational games– so you always have material to keep the children engaged. With a large variety of materials, the course can easily be tailored to meet your classroom’s needs: choose a complete 6-year blended English solution or start with online games and storybooks.• Age: from 3 years old• Language: Both British English and American English versions available• CEFR: Pre-A1 to A2• Cambridge YLE: Pre-Starters to Flyers• A minimum of 120 hours per year• Additional Foundation level for younger children • Almost 1,000 educational online games52PICARO very young learners - young learners

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