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Kubota Clean Diesel Solution (K-CDS)
Kubota engines offer clean performance that exceeds even the latest emis-
sions standards, thanks to the latest advances in clean-engine technology.
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) sprays the hot exhaust from the
engine with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which transforms the exhaust into
harmless water vapor and nitrogen. The Common Rail System (CRS)
electronically controls the timing and amount of high-pressure injected fuel
in stages for optimal combustion, which results in greater efficiency, better
fuel economy, and less engine noise. The combination of these two
systems with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler and an Exhaust Gas
Recirculation (EGR) system ensure the M5-091 and M5-111 meet the Tier 4
Final emissions regulations.
Keep Productive At Your Farm By Using Constant
RPM Management
Note: In a mechanically-controlled engine, the engine speed changes
according to increases and decreases in the load. For example, in heavy
condition (1), or when working in a hilly area, the load increases and engine
speed drops while ascending a slope (2), and conversely the load drops when
descending (3). These changes in engine speed affect the travel speed and
PTO-driven implements. In order to minimize these effects, the operator must
make ne adjustments to the travel speed and hand throttle lever
When the Constant RPM Management switch is turned "On", the engine
speed will be kept nearly constant in response to a certain level of work
uctuations. This improves the accuracy of work without the need for trouble-
some manipulation of the travel speed and hand throttle lever.
There is a limit to the range within which a constant speed can be maintained.
If a load exceeding the engine performance is applied, the engine speed will
drop. The purpose of Constant RPM Management is not to increase the
engine power.
F8/R8 Transmissions
The synchronized four speeds of the main shift and a high/low range supply
tractors with 8 Forward and 8 Reverse speeds.
F12/R12 Transmissions (Factory option)
For heavy-duty work such as plowing, hay work and heavy trailer
applications, the M5-091 and M5-111 can be equipped with an F12/R12
transmission. This transmission features six speeds of the main shift and a
high/low range giving it a total of 12 Forwards and 12 Reverse speeds.
F24/R24 Transmission Non-Clutch Shift with Dual
Speed (Factory option)
The M5-111 Cab models can be tted with the F24/R24 transmissions for
users who demand maximum performance. With six synchromesh speeds
in the main shift, Dual Speed which offers instant upshifts and downshifts,
and a high/low range, it offers 24 Forward and 24 Reverse speeds.
Over Drive (F12/R12 and F24/R24 models only)
The Over Drive function keeps the engine revolutions at around 2000 rpm
during high speed driving for better fuel economy.
Electro Hydraulic Shuttle
Better than ever, our Electro Hydraulic Shuttle for the M5-091/M5-111
makes shifting between forward and reverse smooth and quick. With the
Hydraulic Shuttle, a column-mounted lever, conveniently located next to the
steering wheel, does all the work. Boost productivity, especially while using
loaders, by eliminating the need to depress the clutch every time you
change directions. And attaching implements, our improved inching feature
is easy to perform, giving you the same feel as a half-clutch operation.
Hydraulic Wet Disk Brakes
To decrease operator effort and increase overall tractor longevity, the
Kubota M5-091 and M5-111 is standard with Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes.
These brakes require less pedal effort and retain high performance
efciency even after repeated heavy-duty work.
Multiple Wet Disc Clutch
The multiple wet disc clutch provides durability and a long operating life.
Limited Slip Differential
Limited Slip Differential on the front helps you maintain a stable travel
speed should the drive wheel on either side of the tractor slip. A standard
feature on the M5-091 and M5-111, Limited Slip Differential is to perfect
when reliable traction is essential.
Easy to shift 4WD Engagement
Switching the 4-wheel drive on and off is easy and quick, and done with
one simple lever (One simple switch for M5-111 HDC24). Best of all, there's
no need to stop the tractor even when moving out of a eld onto a road, so
you can stay productive. The 4WD indicator on the LED readout lets you
know you're in 4WD.
The hydraulics on the M5-091/M5-111 are powerful and fast-acting.
External hydraulic cylinders improve lifting power and ensure easier
maintenance, while the large pump capacity (17 gpm; 15.9 gpm for ROPS
models) shortens front-loader cycle times, enhancing productivity and
performance. One (SCD) hydraulic remote valve is standard, with the option
to add up to 2 more. An optional ow control valve lets you adjust the oil
ow volume.
540/540E Change Lever
The PTO lever is now located inside the cabin for more convenient access.
You no longer have to exit the cabin to operate the PTO lever when working
the PTO implements.
Bevel-Gear Front Axle
The bevel-gear front axle provides the M5-091/M5-111 with greater
all-around maneuverability. It enables M5-091/M5-111 tractors a tighter
turning radius than ever before-an amazing 55 degrees. This makes easy
work of jobs in tight spaces. Limited Slip Differential on the front and
Differential Lock on the rear are standard features, offering increased
stability and traction on the challenging ground conditions.
Hydraulic Independent PTO
Pulling, lifting, cutting or baling; the standard 540 rpm hydraulic
independent PTO of the Kubota M-Series tractors makes your toughest
work easier. The PTO brake engages when the clutch is shut off and
securely holds the PTO shaft. The PTO clutch can be hydraulically engaged
and disengaged on the go. This means mowing, operating hay equipment
or spraying orchards are all made more efcient. 1000 rpm and 540E PTOs
are optionally available.
3-Point Hitch
The Category II 3-point hitch provides fast and simple attachment of
rear-mounted implements weighing up to 4,630 lbs./2,100 kg (ISO standard)
or 5,182 lbs./2,350 kg (ASAE standard) and optionally up to 6,064
lbs./2,750 kg (ISO standard) or 7,275 lbs./3,300 kg (ASAE standard). On
models with the FR12/R12 or F24/R24 transmission, the hitch is compatible
with the implements weighing up to 6,064 lbs./2,750 kg (ISO standard) or
7,275 lbs./3,300 kg (ASAE standard).
Floating Lift Rods
Floating lift rods are standard on both sides of the M5-091 and M5-111.
Floating lift rods give the M5-091/M5-111 tractors a smoother ride and
enhanced traction while using the 3-point hitch, especially on uneven
Economy PTO (standard on F12/R12 and F24/R24
The M5-091/M5-111 optional economy PTO can save you money as well as
reduce operating noise. Simply select "540E" and the PTO shaft rotation
speed is maintained at 540 rpm while the engine speed runs at 1,519 rpm
with limitation to 1,772 rpm. There by reducing both operating noise and
fuel consumption.