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Ultra Grand Cab II
Here's a feature you can really get into: an extra-wide, ultra-spacious, fully
enclosed cab. One of the largest in its class, this stylish new cab is equipped
with air conditioning, a sunroof with retractable sunshade, and rubber cush-
ions that provide new levels of comfort and operating efciency all year
round. Full-length doors open wide for easy access, while the at 
oor and
unobstructed ceiling provide more head and leg room. All displays, levers and
controls are ergonomically located for easy access and intuitive operation.
Standard equipment includes: front & rear halogen work lights, front wind-
shield wiper and washer, interior dome light, external left and right mirrors,
sun visor, cup holder, power outlet and 7-pin trailer coupler.
Rounded Glass
We've rounded the cab glass of our Ultra Grand Cab II to provide the operator
with more visibility and a more spacious feel-ideal for long days inside the
cab. Furthermore, we've increased the glass coverage area on the cab door,
which makes it easier to get in and out of the cab.
New Functional Platform
The M5-091/M5-111 cab has been redesigned for better ergonomics. All
levers (except the 4WD lever) and electrical switches are located on the right
side for easy access and continuous operations.
Easy-Step Tilt Steering Wheel
The steering wheel of the cab gets out of the way when the operator is
dismounting the tractor. Just step on a pedal and raise the steering wheel to
its or
ginal position.
Heater/Air Conditioner
The heating and cooling unit is now located under the seat. The overall air
circulation in the cab has been optimized by the cab's rounded glass as
well as by placing the air outlets in the dash tower to keep you cooler on
hot summer days and warmer on cold morning, for year round environment
Sunroof with Retractable Sunshade
A glass sunroof provides a clear view of the front loader fully raised and
pallet forks. The non-opening sunroof is equipped with retractable
sunshade to keep the sun out of the cab while traveling or performing
low-level types of work.
Instructor's Seat (Optional)
The optional instructor's seat is useful when training new operators. When
not in use, it can be folded down to increase spaciousness.
Additional Features Include:
Additional 2 front work lights for CAB models
Rear wiper and washer
Rear defogger
130 Amp for CAB (80 Amp for ROPS) alternator
Air ride seat suspension
CD/radio with weather band
Radio with weather band