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Built with the power to tackle a wide range of jobs, the new M5660SU brings new
and enhanced features to the task, including Kubota’s easy-to-use hydraulic shuttle.
Everything you asked for and more:
Power, Easy operation, Convenience.
We asked what you wanted, and you told us. You wanted power. Easy operation. And comfort. And
you wanted it all in an affordable mid-size diesel tractor that could handle it all, from front-loader
work to mowing and a whole lot more.
We listened. Introducing the Kubota M5660SU, a diesel tractor with the power, easy operation,
and comfort you asked for. Power from a 56 horsepower engine with Electronic CRS Common Rail
direct fuel injection for better fuel economy. Easier operation from a variety of new and enhanced
features usually found only on bigger tractors or listed as options, including a hydraulic shuttle that
simplifies front loader work by letting you smoothly and quickly shift from forward to reverse and
back again with a single lever. A new transmission that offers 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds to let
you choose the right speed for the job. And the comfort of ergonomically designed controls and a
high-back bucket seat with lumbar support to help you work more efficiently and comfortably. Plus a
telescopic lower link, rear remote valve, and high-lift loader—all standard equipment—to let you do
more in less time and with less effort.
You asked for it, and we delivered. The new M5660SU diesel tractor from Kubota.
Powerful and Clean
The M5660SU takes tractor performance to the
next level in power even as it reduces emissions.
The powerful 56 hp engine features Electronic CRS
Common Rail direct fuel injection for better fuel
economy. For cleaner emissions, the M5660SU is
equipped with a Common Rail System (CRS) and
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that work together to
ensure compliance with the latest EPA Tier 4 Final
emission regulations.
2WD 56 Engine hp
4WD 56 Engine hp
Hydraulic Shuttle
New to this class of tractor, the M5660SU’s hydraulic shuttle
provides smooth, quick, and effortless shifting between
forward and reverse via a single lever, eliminating the need
to depress the clutch to change directions. Conveniently
located next to the steering wheel, the hydraulic shuttle
lever boosts productivity in any job that requires lots of
forward/reverse movements, such as front loader work.
Ergonomical Lever Layout
All levers, including the main shift lever and hydraulic
shuttle lever, are located within easy reach from a sitting
position. Drivers won’t have to extend awkwardly or
uncomfortably while performing tractor operations.
F8/R8 Transmission
A new transmission provides 8 forward and 8 reverse
speeds spread across four synchronized main shift
speeds and high/low speed ranges, letting you choose the
right speed for the task at hand.
Quick Response
Quick response
High-capacity Fuel Tank
The M5660SU now offers an ample 17.7-gallon (67 l)
capacity fuel tank to keep you working longer between
Bevel-Gear Front Axle
A bevel-gear front axle provides excellent maneuverability
and an astonishingly tight 55-degree turning radius, letting
you work efficiently in narrow spaces. Standard features
include a differential lock on the rear for increased
stability and traction when working under difficult ground
Live-Independent Hydraulic PTO
The M5660SU offers smooth and self-modulating
hydraulic independent PTO. A PTO brake ensures
smooth stops while maintaining PTO shaft speed. The
shaft can be rotated 60 degrees for easy hook-up even
while the engine is off.
3-Point Hitch
Rear-mounted implements can be attached quickly and
easily to the Category I and II 3-point hitch, thanks to the
adjustable top link, turn-buckle type lift rod, and telescopic
stabilizers. The hitch provides ample lifting: up to
3307 lbs. at 24 inches behind the lift point.
Rear Remote Valve, SCD Type
The M5660SU offers one rear remote valve as standard
equipment and up to three as options. SCD type is self
canceling detent, and FD type has a float detent.
Telescopic Lower Link and Adjustable Lift Rods
Now standard equipment on the M5660SU, Kubota’s
telescopic lower link ends and adjustable lift rods ensure
quick and simple attachment and adjustment of implements.
High-Back Bucket Suspension Seat
The M5660SU takes operator comfort to an all-new level
to keep you working efficiently and with less fatigue. The
high-back bucket seat features lumbar support to help you
work efficiently and comfortably even when the work day
is long.
New Dash Panel
A redesigned dash panel with LCD display provides you
with all the information you need to work efficiently and
keep your M5660SU in peak condition. The easy-to-read
gauges and indicators include a fuel consumption meter,
parking indicator, ECU and fault code indicators.
Economy PTO (optional)
The M5660SU’s optional economy PTO can save you money
as well as reduce operating noise. Simply select “540E” and
the PTO shaft rotation speed is maintained at 540 rpm while
the engine speed runs at 1828 rpm with limitation to 2132 rpm,
thereby reducing both operating noise and fuel consumption.
Constant RPM Management
The M5660SU is equipped with a
constant rpm management system
that maintains a constant rpm rate
regardless of the terrain. When
traveling across hilly terrain, simply
turn the Constant RPM Management
switch to “On”, and the M5660SU
will maintain a constant travel speed
as well as a constant PTO rpm rate
when using PTO-driven implements.
Constant rpm management improves
work accuracy without the need to
constantly adjust the travel speed
and PTO shaft rpm rate.
Less Fuel.
More Farm
Constant RPM Management Switch ON
Constant RPM Management Switch OFF
Performance down
Engine rpm drops due
to heavy condition.
Performance down
Engine rpm drops
due to uphill.
Performance down
Engine rpm rises due
to downhill.
*The engine speed drops when the load exceeds the engine performance.
• Keep Productive At Your Farm By Using Constant RPM Management
Constant RPM Management Switch ON
Constant RPM Management Switch OFF
Front Loader
Ideal for farm work, the M5660SU’s new Front Loader is
fully integrated with a slanted boom that offers greater
visibility and clearer sight lines to the sides of the bucket
and loader. The curved look is sleek, too, matching the
lines of the hood and the tractor’s overall design.
4-Bar Linkage
A 4-bar bucket linkage system increases the rollback and
dumping angle for quicker scooping and dumping.
Quick-Mount Attach/Detach
Attach or detach the front loader quickly without the use
of tools. The boom stands and mounting pins make this
task a snap, allowing an extra measure of productivity
and tractor versatility.
The frame of the front loader maintains its sturdy,
thick steel frame, but its design has been simplified by
removing braces and connectors. This helps to lessen
effort and shorten the time it takes to attach the loader
and offers increased visibility.
2-Lever Quick Coupler
This standard M-Series feature makes attaching buckets,
bale spears and pallet forks quick and easy.
3rd Function Valve
The optional 3rd function valve broadens the scope
of the front loader operation by enabling the use of a
grapple bucket and various other hydraulically controlled
attachments. The 3rd function valve can be activated with
buttons located on the grip of the joystick.
Front loader specifications
Tractor Applications
Boom Cylinder Fulcrum
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin)
Clearance w/Attachment Dump
Reach @ Maximum Height
Maximum Dump Angle
Reach w/Attachment on Ground
Maximum Rollback Angle
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level)
Overall Height in Carry Position
Material Bucket Width / Capacity (Heaped)
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load
Lowering time w/out Load (powerdown)
Attachment Rollback Time
Attachment Dumping Time
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. /cu.ft.(m
M5660SUH / M5660SUHD
Height position
130.9 (3326)
99.9 (2537)
19.1 (485)
Power position
115.7 (2938)
84.0 (2133)
38.4 (976)
78.1 (1984)
6.8 (173) 5.9 (150)
59.6 (1513)
72 / 19.43 (0.55)
Lift Capacity (Bucket Center) lbs. (kg) 2326 (1055) 2536 (1150)
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height at Pivot Pin lbs. (kg) 2469(1120) 2928(1328)
w/ Standard valves.
Joystick Control
An easy-to-operate joystick
gives you complete control
over the loader’s movement
and speed. The joystick is
located in front of the control
console for fast and easy
access. The Series Circuit lets
you simultaneously operate
the boom and bucket, while
the Regenerative Bucket
Dump Circuit quick and
efficient dumping.
Protected Cylinder Tubes
To better protect the tractor hydraulics and offer the
operator more visibility, the hydraulic tubes are neatly
tucked inside the loader boom. Hydraulic tube covers
further provide protection from wear and tear.
Greater Lifting Power, Higher Lifting Height
The M5660SU now features an more powerful boom
that provides even greater lifting power and height, so
you can get more work done with less effort. Two boom
cylinder fulcrum positions (Power and Height) let you
adjust the boom to fit the job. When doing bucket work,
which requires greater power, set the boom cylinder to
the Power position. When performing pallet fork or bale
spear tasks, which benefit from higher lifting heights, set
the boom cylinder to the Height position.
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The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. This brochure is for descriptive purposes only. Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information.
For your safety, KUBOTA strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt in almost all applications.
Turning radius (w/o brake)
Weight (with ROPS)
HP (kW)
HP (kW)
cu. in. (cc)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
lbs. (kg)
Rated Engine HP (97/68/EC)
PTO power (at rated engine RPM)
No. of cylinders/Aspiration
Total displacement
Fuel tank capacity
Air cleaner
No. of speeds 8F/8R
Pump capacity (main)
3-point hitch
Control system
Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point
Overall height (w/Foldable ROPS)
Overall width (Minimum)
Min. ground clearance
Type (Make: KUBOTA)
Overall length
Tread width
in. (mm)
Main gear shift (4 speeds)
Hydraulic shuttle
Fully synchronized
PTO type Live-independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, multi-plate wet clutch
@540 rpm (540/540E opt)
Main clutch
Multiple wet disk
Mechanical wet disc
4189 (1900)
4 cylinder in-line, Common Rail Sytem, direct injection
3307 (1500)
No. of remote valves
1 (2nd, 3rd & flow control valve optional)
16.3 (415)
136 (3455)138.7 (3525)
73.2 (1860)
55.9, 71.7 (1420, 1820) 51.2, 55.1 (1300,1400)
57.9 (43.2) @2600 rpm
HP (kW)Engine net power (SAE J1349) 56 (41.8) @2600 rpm
50 (37.3)
10.6 (40.2)
Category I & II
17.7 (67)
Differential lock Rear standard (mechanical)
148.5 (2434)
Dry, dual element
4387 (1990)
in. (mm)
ft. (m)
lbs. (kg)
52.0, 67.7 (1320, 1720)
US gal. ( )
gpm ( /min)
Standard 2WD
4WD Front/Rear
mph (km/h)
6.5–16 / 14.9–28
8.3–24 / 14.9–28
Traveling speeds (w/std. 4WD Ag. tires)
No. of speeds (at rated engine speed) Forward
First Fifth
Second Sixth
Third Seventh
Fourth Eighth
1.6 (2.6) 6.1 ( 9.7)
2.2 (3.6) 8.5 (13.7)
3.1 (5.1) 12.0 (19.2)
4.8 (7.7) 18.2 (29.3)
1.6 (2.6) 6.2 ( 9.9)
2.3 (3.7) 8.7 (14.0)
3.2 (5.2) 12.2 (19.6)
4.9 (7.8) 18.6 (29.9)
82 (2085) 80.7 (2050)
4 / Turbocharged
10.8 (3.6) 12.8 (3.9)
95.3 (2420)
Other features
Hood type / Pedal type
Deck type
4WD drive system (4WD model)
Full open, slanted, steel / Hanging
Bevel gear type with 55 degree turning angle
Hydrostatic power steering