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LVT Insights 1 - Why Local Vocational Training?

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INSIGHTSFinanced byImplemented byWhy Local Vocational Training?f o r L o c a l V o c a t i o n a l T r a i n i n g

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Why Local Vocational Training INSIGHTS f o r L o c a l Vo c a t i o n a l Tr a i n i n g Financed by Implemented by

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Insights 01Why Local Vocational Training?The Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP) is an SDCProject implemented by Swisscontact.First edition, September 2020All inquiries should be emailed to mm.inquiries@swisscontact.orgLVT InsightsThis series describes the approach and experienceof implementing Local Vocational Training inMyanmar under the VSDP.

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Myanmar is undertaking a transition Emergence into a more open and competitive world Income and employment give people Work opportunities reduce Training and work opportunities mitigate

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Mon, Kayin, Tanintharyi and Southern Shan

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• Geography, climate, and poor infrastructure can isolate ruralcommunities, further reducingaccess to income opportunities.• Families and youth displaced by armed struggle and expanding dryzone.• NSA areas may often lack income opportunities for youth and havereduced access to education andtraining.• Of the total of nearly 6,000 trained graduates, over 10% areinternal migrants.• Few points of entry into income earning for large numbers ofyouth because of lack of jobs,mismatch in skills, and lowemployability.       • Large numbers of youth with limited education, few employmentskills, and few opportunities.• Potential for social disruption as a result.Recent and on-going conflictand areas under non-state actors (NSA)Very high levels of school drop-out at all grade/age levelsLimited formal economy and lackof jobsLarge and often isolated ruralareas and changing populationcharacteristicsSignificant internal migrationfrom the dry zone

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Translating the rationale into actions

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Improving access t o employment skills Mitigation of ‘disadvantage’Supporting communities

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Why Local Vocational Training INSIGHTS f o r L o c a l Vo c a t i o n a l Tr a i n i n g Financed by Implemented by

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Reducing remoteness, increasing connectionsIncreasing income earning in remote areasImproving the local skills poolThandar Moe, SupervisorKyaw Electronics, Mon State

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Our experiences implementing the rationale

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1S y s t e m D e v e l o pm e n tS u s t a i n a bi l i t yR e d u c i n g c o m m u n i t y b u r d e n sVa l u e o f t r a i n i n gI m p a c t o f LV T

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Southern ShanKayinMonTanintharyiLocal Vocational Training Locations We Create OpportunitiesSwisscontactSwiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation437 (B), Pyay Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon,