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Hip Pop is Poetry

Luz Guzman Gold C

People are talking bad about others

Can you picture my prophecy?

Gossiping in every place. 

But he dosen't care, cause he's strong

There ain't no stoppin' him.

The meaning of my poem is how people focus more in talk bad about others then have the chance to know that person.

A lot of people judging cause he choose to be someone they don't want. His family ashamed for the decisions he took. I kept repeating to him, Don't let em hold you down cause you are unique they way you are, reach for the stars, cause you're the only one that gives you good and plenty.

My poem shows examples of how people like to judge another people without knowing about them.

My poem defines a kid which his family doesn't want he to do the thing he likes.

He use to have a friend, the one he let shine and never call back again. He use to call him to know why the ignorance, but never answer back. If you did it you'd probably meet again.

My poem shows examples of rhyme when in the first sentence it rhyme.

My poem defines that type of people that just likes to make advantage of people just for they own