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Luxurio Pergolas2024Discover the Ultimate Luxury.www.luxurio.co1(833) LUX-5050

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TABLE OF CONTENTS0307-0910-1213-1516-1819-2122-24Retractable PergolaVinyl PergolaSunroomCarportGlass SidesScreens Aluminum Cladding04-06Adjustable Pergola25-2627-29Materials & ColorsAbout Us30-31Sukkah0 2 | T A B L E O F C O N T E N T SYour Experience32

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ABOUT US0 3 | A B O U T U SLuxurio is a premier custom pergola designer and builderbased out of New York City. If you’re looking for the mostadvanced custom pergola designs in the outdoor livingmarket, then you’ve come to the right place. With a commitment to excellence, we work nationwide todeliver our exceptional services. Our projects consist of bothcommercial and residential clients, with a dedication toquality, service, and craftsmanship. At Luxurio, we specialize in designing and building our clients’dreams or visions to bring them to reality. These customizedpergola structures provide luxury, functionality, and durabilitymeant to last a lifetime.

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Retractable Louvered Pergola04Sky SeriesSky Series

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Versatile ApplicationsAmplify your outdoor experiencewith our range of optionalenhancements.From mirrored or smoky fixedpanels to panoramic Glass walls,motorized screens andcustomizable LED lighting, weinvite you to make the Sky Seriestruly your own.0 5 | R E T R A C T A B L E L O U V E R E D P E R G O L A‘THE SKY ISTHE LIMIT’The Sky Glass model is anexceptional, innovative andone of a kind louveredpergola that combines thefunctionality of being ableto adjust and retract withglass louvers. This modeloffers the convenience of aretractable screen to blocksunlight from penetratingthe glass louvers. You canalso select from a variety ofglass effects upon request.

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0 6 | R E T R A C T A B L E L O U V E R E D P E R G O L ARetractable Louvers ToControl The SunOur innovative louvers offer anelegant solution to sun glare,allowing you to effortlesslycontrol sunlight penetration, regardless of the sun’s intensity.Unrivalled EleganceOur Sky Series is encased in arobust aluminium frame, thepergola provides maximumdurability while promisingversatility with its customized sizesand unique configurations.Whether you prefer thefreestanding, free standingagainst structure or wall-mountedversion.Its integrated gutters effectivelymanage water drainage, while themotorized system simplifiesoperation.Welcome to the future of luxuryoutdoor living. Welcome toLuxurio’s Sky Series.

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Adjustable Louvered Pergola07Dream SeriesDream Series

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R E I S E | P A G E  40 8 | A D J U S T A B L E L O U V E R E D P E R G O L AUltimate ComfortImagine a warm summer’s day,where the sun gently filters throughthe motorized louvers above,creating a delightful play of light andshade.Envision hosting unforgettablegatherings on your enchanting patio,bathed in a soft, inviting glow.Adjustable Louvers ToControl The SunOur innovative louvers offer anelegant solution to sun glare,allowing you to effortlessly controlsunlight penetration, optimize shadeand comfort, and create the perfectambiance for your outdoor space,regardless of the sun’s intensity.Weather ResistantMother Nature can be fierce, but fearnot as the Dream is prepared towithstand even the harshest weatherconditions.It effortlessly shrugs off heavy snowloads and defiantly stands againststrong winds, proving its exceptionaldurability and performance.

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‘LIVING THE DREAM’Say goodbye to the limitations imposed by unpredictableweather and welcome a sanctuary of tranquility into yourlife with our Adjustable louvered Pergola. The Dream Seriesis a true masterpiece, engineered with a heavy-dutyaluminum structure that’s double-walled for insulation. With this exceptional addition, you can bid farewell to thediscomfort of chilly winters and scorching summers.Regardless of the season’s extremes, bask in the perfectclimate, tailored to your preferences.0 9 | A D J U S T A B L E L O U V E R E D P E R G O L A

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Vinyl Pergola10Flow SeriesFlow Series

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Introducing our exquisite vinyl pergola, meticulously crafted forthose with discerning taste and a desire for timeless elegance.Engineered with high-quality vinyl materials, this stunning additionbrings unparalleled beauty and comfort to any outdoor space. Fromproviding shade on sunny days to creating a cozy retreat duringcooler evenings, our vinyl pergola offers a sanctuary of tranquilityand style. Imagine the gentle breeze flowing through the elegant columnsof your vinyl pergola, creating a captivating ambiance.Picture yourself hosting memorable gatherings, basking in theshade provided by its graceful design.1 1 | V I N Y L P E R G O L A‘Go With The Flow’

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1 2 | V I N Y L P E R G O L ADiscover the Timeless BeautyDesigned to withstand the elements with ease, it guaranteesdurability and performance that surpasses expectations. Elevate your outdoor pool experience with the unmatchedsophistication of our vinyl pergola. Sit in comfort and style at your poolwhile you enjoy a glass of wine.

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1 4 | S U N R O O MY O U R S U N S H I N E S A N C T U A R YIndulge in the lap of luxury as you revel in the exceptional features ofour sunrooms. Impeccably designed for ultimate comfort, oursunrooms offer temperature control that ensures you stay cozy year-round, regardless of the weather outside. Immerse yourself in an oasisof relaxation, surrounded by panoramic views, while being shieldedfrom UV rays and unwanted noise.

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1 5 | S U N R O O M1 5 | S U N R O O MFixed & Motorized GlassSunroomElevate your restaurant experience with acustom sunroom addition from ourcompany, offering an exquisite blend ofelegance and practicality. Our sunroomsinfuse your dining space with naturallight and panoramic views, creating acaptivating ambiance that enhancesevery meal. With climate control optionsand energy-efficient design, guests canenjoy year-round comfort while youmaximize seating capacity and versatility.Investing in a sunroom isn't just anexpansion—it's an investment in thefuture of your business, addingsignificant value and setting yourestablishment apart as a destination forunforgettable dining experiences.

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1 7 | C A R P O R T1 7 | C A R P O R T‘ S H I E L D Y O U RV E H I C L E F R O MT H E E L E M E N T S ’Introducing our state-of-the-artcarport, designed to providepremium all-season protection foryour valued vehicle. Crafted withmeticulous attention to detail, thiscarport offers a host of advantagesto enhance your automotiveownership experience.Carport For VehicleProtectionSimilar to how fine jewelry requires a casefor anti-oxidation, your car also benefitsfrom the protection of a carport, designedto shield it from all-season elements. Shield your vehicle from getting drenchedduring rainy days or sustaining damagefrom harmful UV rays. Our innovative approach combines astorage area integrated with the carport,elevating it beyond a mere protectiveshelter for your car.

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1 8 | C A R P O R T1 8 | C A R P O R TConvenience and FunctionalityThe combination of a storage area within the carport addspracticality to the structure. With our carport’s innovative approach,your automotive experiences are elevated to new heights. Saygoodbye to clutter and disorganization, and welcome a moreefficient, elegant, and purposeful outdoor storage space thatadapts seamlessly to your evolving needs.

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2 0 | S U K K A H‘Chag Sameach’Discover the joy of celebratingunder the shelter of Luxurio’stransformed Sukkahs – a symbol ofopulence and reverence forcherished moments. From theintricately designed framework tothe carefully chosen materials,each element is thoughtfullycurated to provide a setting that isboth aesthetically pleasing andspiritually enriching.Discover theTimeless BeautyExperience the joy of meaningfulfestivities with Luxurio, whereeach Sukkah is not just astructure but a carefully curatedexperience. Elevate yourcelebrations, embrace thebeauty of tradition, and createlasting memories with Luxurio’sAluminum Pergola Sukkahs .

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SUKKAH & SHABBAT READY!Specializing in the transformation of aluminum pergolas into exquisiteSukkahs, we invite you to redefine the way you commemorate theJewish holidays. At Luxurio, our commitment lies in creating unique andluxurious spaces that seamlessly blend the beauty of modern designwith the depth of time-honored traditions.2 1 | S U K K A H

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Glass Sides22Glass SidesGlass Sides

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Screen Solutions25ScreenSolutionsScreenSolutions

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‘ S O L A R S C R E E N S ’Experience solar protection like neverbefore. Our innovative fabrics offerexceptional energy savings,impressive thermal, visual, andacoustic performances. With unparalleled long-termdurability, Luxurio’s Solar Screensare the go-to choice for bothprofessionals and homeowners.Our custom screen solutions aredesigned by architects, andpersonalized for your home. AtLuxurio, we redefine outdoor andindoor living spaces with the best-in-class solar protection usingSerge Ferrari’s Soltis®, Sunprotex®ranges, and Somfy®.2 6 | S C R E E N S O L U T I O N S

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Aluminum Cladding27AluminumCladdingAluminumCladding

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‘RevolutionizingDesign Possibilities’We firmly believe in the power of design totransform spaces and elevate experiences.With our cutting-edge aluminum claddingsolutions, architects, designers, and builderscan unlock a world of creativity anduniqueness in their projects.Our diverse range of profiles and installationsystems allows for seamless integration intoany architectural style, offering unmatchedversatility and aesthetics.As leaders in the aluminum claddingindustry, we strive to be at the forefront ofinnovation. Our continuous research and developmentinitiatives enable us to introducegroundbreaking technologies and trendsthat shape the future of design.By partnering with us, you gain access to thelatest advancements and the assurance ofbeing ahead in the ever-evolving world ofarchitectural aesthetics.2 8 | A L U M I N U M C L A D D I N G

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2 9 | A L U M I N U M C L A D D I N G

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Materials & Specifications30

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3 1 | M A T E R I A L S & S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

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LUXURIOPERGOLASP R E M I E R L U X U R YWe understand that navigating the processof building your dream pergola cansometimes be daunting. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering aseamless and effortless experience for ourcustomers. From the initial consultation to the finalinstallation, our knowledgeable and attentiveprofessionals will guide you every step of theway, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. At Luxurio, we set the benchmark forindustry-leading manufacturing, offeringproducts that excel in quality, customization,and customer satisfaction. Experience a new era of luxury with Luxurio –“Making Your Pergola Dream A Reality”.Your Experience3 2 | Y O U R E X P E R I E N C E

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Discover the Ultimate Luxury.www.luxurio.cowww.luxurio.co1(833) LUX-5050

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