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Hideaki Anno

The reason I chose Hideaki Anno as my animator is because I really like the show Neon Genesis Evangelion which is a show he animated in. Anno, in the early 90s, went through a major and long bout of depression that lasted about four years. After some major soul searching and a new found self-appreciation, he chronicled his thoughts and revelations through the character of Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion, as well as many of the other characters. Evangelion is one of the single most personal stories told in anime. The ending of episodes 25 and 26 that take place in Shinji's mind, mirror Anno's thought process near the end of his depression. Many fans who watched the show for the action were very disappointed by the psychological ending and mailed Anno many death threats (a few of which flash across the screen in End of Evangelion) who maintained that he thought the ending was perfect. At an anime convention in America, he had an interpreter and a Q & A session in which one fan expressed their disappointment. Anno took the microphone and said in straight English "Too bad."