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Volunteer Booklet
fall 2017
“Faith is bound to acts of love, like heat and light are bound to
-Martin Luther
“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep
gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
-Frederick Buechner
When we meet God in the word it stirs in us something grand. We yearn to act. We
yearn to speak. We yearn to create. These creative acts, born out of a flaming love,
change the world.
I hope you meet God in the world, and in our community at Lake Park. But even
more, I hope you share that meeting in works of love.
In this little booklet you’ll find many ways to love and serve through our community.
Some are simple, replacing candles for worship. Some are challenging, leading
confirmation or traveling to El Salvador. Some are easy, relaxing at summer
worship. Some will demand all of you, caring for a friend. Choose one. Choose more
than one. And see how God changes the world, and you, in the journey.
Peace and love,
Pastor David
Lake Park Worship Schedule
Sunday Schedule
Worship at 8am and 10am
Education for all ages 9am-10am
Coffee and Conversation at 11am
Midweek Service
Wednesdays 6:30pm-7pm
Saturday Morning Meditation
10:45am in the prayer room upstairs
Lake Park Lutheran Church
2647 N. Stowell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: 414-962-9190
Office hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm
The Rev. David Dragseth, Pastor
Adam Moreno, Pastoral Intern
Seth Kiefer, Volunteer Coordinator
Steffen Cave, Communications coordinator and interim office coordinator
Laurie Rappa, organist
Chris Hanson, Music Coordinator
Charlotte Linberry, choir director
Richard Ohly, Sexton
Sam Rappa, Groundskeeper
Reggie Jackson, Custodian
Council Members
Robert Roos, President
Jason Parry, Vice President
Unchu Ko, Secretary
Mary Jo Heim, Treasurer
Colin Atkinson
Melanie Helmke
Nikki Jaynes
Lisa Reinhardt
Ann Ledbetter
Brenda McCormack
Matt Schumwinger
Ready Reference
I. Adult Education
Adult Confirmation
Brown Bag Bible Study
The Circle
Summer Nights
Sunday Morning Education
II. Adult Ministries & Community
Family Camping Retreat
Men’s Ministries
Guys Night Out
Men’s Retreat
Women’s Ministries
Gal’s Night Out/Show and Tell
Knit Night
Women’s Retreat
III. Congregational Leadership/Administration
Capital Campaign
Finance Team
Racial and Diversity Taskforce
Tech Team
IV. Music
Bell Choir and Jr. Bell Choir
Children’s Choir
Special Vocal/Instrumental Music
V. Outreach Partnerships
All Peoples Gathering
Eco Justice: Alice’s Garden/Care For Creation
El Salvador Partnership
Lutheran Campus Ministry
Reconciling In Christ
VI. Senior Ministries
Eastside Senior Services
Luther Manor Auxiliary
Active Adults
VII. Worship, Hospitality & Care
Altar Committee
Hospitality Team
Pastoral Care Team
Worship Assistants
VIII. Youth
Middle School Faith Formation
High School Group
Children’s Library
Lutherdale Camp
Sunday School
Vacation Bible Camp
Adult Education
Adult Confirmation
Why should the kids have all the fun? Adult confirmation is a chance to revisit all
those great questions of youth. Can God make a rock he can’t move? What is Holy
Communion or Immaculate Conception, anyway? Join our confirmation class and ask
any questions you want. We meet seasonally in three-week segments.
For more information, contact Pr. David Dragseth at 414-962-9190 or
Brown Bag Bible Study
The brown bag Bible study group meets weekly at Noon on Thursdays at church.
The group reads the texts for the coming Sunday, gives the pastor(s) and preacher
or reflector some great ideas for sermons and enjoys a great cup of Lutheran coffee.
Questions, debates and historical insight are almost always part of our time
together. All are welcome.
For more information, contact the church office at 414-712-3635 or
The Circle
The circle is a gathering of members who offer mutual support during life changes.
Seeking listening to our whole self, we follow Park Palmer’s method of conversation.
The group meets at various times throughout the year.
For more information, contact Heather Albinger at 414-491-0516 or or Ann Ledbetter at 414-208-5180 or
Summer Nights
This is an annual summer tradition at Lake Park that takes place in August. We
choose a grand theological or social topic and meet for three Sunday evenings in a
summer backyard.
For more information, contact Pr. David Dragseth at 414-962-9190 or
Sunday Morning Education Hour
Adult education at Lake Park take many forms, Sunday morning education meets at
9am for series throughout the year.
For more information, contact the church office at 414-712-3635 or
Adult Ministries & Community Groups
Family Camping Retreat
This is a great opportunity to go camping with other Lake Park families, enjoy fun,
relaxation and fellowship in Kettle Moraine.
For more information, contact Ian Elfe at 414-217-3886 or
Men’s Ministries
Guys night out
We meet the last Wednesday of every month from 8:30pm-10pm usually at Café
Hollander on the Eastside. We banter theology, offer mutual support and simply
hang out and discuss cool things.
Men’s Retreat
Every March or April the men have an annual retreat at the Tree of Life retreat
center in the Kettle Moraine
For more information, contact Pr. David Dragseth at 414-962-9190 or or David Diamond at 414-467-1411 or or Brian Stahlkopf at 920-496-2981 or
Women’s Ministries
Gal’s Night out/Show and Tell
Monthly Gall’s Night evenings hosted in members’ homes are led with a theme that
encourages discussion amongst the women on the specific topic. The discussion
often follows a varied path, sometimes digressing from the original theme, but
always offering individuals an opportunity to express their different perspectives.
Knit Night
Knit Night is held the first Thursday of each month, and hosted by members in their
home. Knit Night is our title, but we welcome anyone to bring a project to work on.
The host provides snacks and we always have a great discussion while we work.
Women’s Retreat
During the winter season, a group of volunteers plan discussion topics related to
relevant areas that have a spiritual focus. There are activities planned as wall as
free time for self-directed experiences.
For more information, contact Linda Gaalaas at 414-964-9049 or or Lynn Connolly at 414-963-2141 or
Congregational Leadership and
Capital Campaign
This Group convenes when there is special fundraising needed for a specific project.
Past projects include the building addition and handicap accessibility updates.
For more information, contact the church office at 414-962-9190 or
The Congregation Council generally oversees the life and activities of the
congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything will be
done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practices of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Council’s duties are outlined in detail in
the Constitution of Lake Park Lutheran Church.
The Congregation council is comprised of eleven elected members of the
congregation and the pastors. Of the eleven elected members of Council, four are
elected from within the Council to serve as the officers of the Congregation:
Resident, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Council members are nominated prior to and then elected by paper ballot at the
annual meeting, which is always held on the last Sunday in January. Council
members serve three-year terms, with no member eligible to serve more than two
full terms consecutively. Council convenes formally on the third Monday of each
For more information, contact Robert Roos, President at 414-322-5338 or
Finance Team
If annual audits are up your alley, join the Finance Team.
For more information, contact Ian Elfe at 414-217-3886 or
The generosity of past Lake Park members has created an enduring legacy.
Volunteers on the Foundation Committee steward the Lake Park Foundation
Endowment Fund. The Foundation distributes income annually to subsidize our
annual budget and also supports maintenance of the church building such as the
critically needed restoration work that was completed in 2005. They also have a
board much like Council.
How can you serve? Invest in Lake Park’s future and leave a lasting legacy for the
next generation. Consider us in your estate planning with a legacy gift. Many legacy
gifts offer valuable tax benefits.
For more information, Contact Andrew Vedder, President at 414-962-0318 or
Do you have Human Resources experience? The Personnel Committee updates staff
job descriptions and participates in annual staff reviews.
For more information, contact Shannon Fisher at 734-904-5113 or
The mission of the Property Committee is to oversee the maintenance and
protection of all property of the congregation.
The Committee ensures that ongoing maintenance needs are met, and oversees
repair and remodeling projects, including the proper vetting of contractors and
vendors. The Committee evaluates annual financial needs related to facility
maintenance and improvements and prepares recommendations for budgeting
accordingly. The Property Committee meets formally on the third Monday of each
month from 6pm-7pm.
For more information, contact Randy Nelson at 414-405-3095 or
Racial and Diversity Taskforce
This is a new group committed to exploring how we, as a congregation, can live
more fully into the gospel of welcoming all of God’s people and identifying and
working to remove any barriers to becoming a more diverse body.
For more information, contact Amy Parry at 414-731-1964 or or Jackie Robinson-Hunsicker at 414-530-7182 or
Our annual giving campaign occurs every autumn. Members of the Stewardship
Committee inspire us to renew our commitment to serve the congregation and our
community with annual pledge giving, legacy giving and volunteering our inherent
and unique spiritual gifts and abilities.
For more information, contact Robert Roos, President at 414-322-5338 or
Tech Team
The mission of the Technology Team is to identify ways in which technology tools
can be used to further the goals and support the operations of Lake Park. The team
works closely with staff and the congregation to determine how technological
solutions can be used to enhance internal communication, public website and
increase outreach.
For more information, contact Steffen Cave at 414-962-9190 or
Music Ministries at Lake Park
Bell Choir
The mission of the bell choir is to make music for the glory of God and have a ton of
fun doing it while creating an opportunity to grow in community, love, God and
musical ability.
The Bell Choir rehearses Monday evenings (with the exception of the third Monday
of the month due to Council meeting) from 6:30-8pm from September through May
and play about once a month in worship.
All are welcome to join and ability to read music is very helpful but not required.
For more information contact Seth Kiefer at 414-712-3635 or
Jr. Bell Choir
This group is open to youth from 5-8 grades (younger members with musical
experience are welcome as well). They meet every-other week on Wednesday
evenings opposite Confirmation from 7pm-8pm and play in worship a couple times
each semester.
For more information, contact either Seth Kiefer at 414-712-3635 or or Jeanne Hanson at 414-962-9271 or
Vocal Choir
The Choir exists to sing for the Glory of God by providing choral music of many
styles and genres for our liturgies and ceremonies. Through our shared gifts and
love of choral music, we are a small faith community within the larger Lake Park
congregation, dedicated to serving each other with fun, laughter, prayer, and most of
all, singing!
All are welcome!
For more information, contact Charlotte Linberry at 937-554-6893 or
Special Vocal/Cantor/Instrumental Music
If you sing or play an instrument and would like to volunteer to offer your musical
gifts in worship, please contact Laurie Rappa at 414-313-2607 or
Outreach Partnerships
All Peoples Gathering
All Peoples Gathering is a vibrant, multi-cultural ELCA congregation rooted in the
Harambee community. Founded in 1991, it remains an anchor in the neighborhood,
carrying on the mission of Jesus started at that site in 1906.
We’ve had a strong connection with the “Kids Working to Succeed” (KWTS) program
over the past year as well as collecting books for their library, collecting hats and
mittens and participating in joint worship in Lent.
For more information, contact Fran Odden at 414-721-6702 or
Alice’s Garden, Care for Creation and Urban Ecology Center
In response to the overall mission and priorities of Lake Park, we desire to
contribute to the transformation of society so that humans live in harmony with all
other life, and preserve the earth for future generations. The goal of this ministry
includes living ever more deeply and intentionally into our mission and identity as a
community that are for creation and actively promotes ecological justice.
As caring for creation is part of our congregational identity, the Eco-Justice/Care for
Creation/Alice’s Garden groups work with all ministries in the congregation to keep
this identity flowing. One of the larger, congregation-wide efforts we just completed
resulted in our Green Faith Water Shield Certification. We organize some ongoing
specific activities including work days at Alice’s Garden (a community garden in
Milwaukee nurturing families and organizations to restore cultural/family
traditions connected to land and food), a winter farmer’s market and meal, earth
day worship, and some adult education. The group has grown over the years into
one that listens to where the Spirit is moving in the congregation as a whole and
works to keep all of creation in the conversation. Join us and share where the Spirit
is calling you!
For more information, contact Heather Albinger at 414-491-0516 or or Theresa Lowder at 414-355-9424 or
or Lisa Vedder at 414-418-6200 or
El Salvador Partnership
Lake Park partnered with Llano el Coyol Lutheran Church (located in eastern El
Salvador at the foot of the San Miguel volcano) in 2011-when a delegation of eight
Lake Park members and the church council of Llano el Coyol broke bread and
embraced one-another after a weeklong visit. Since then, our friendships have
deepened through Facebook, Skype, and the simple exchange of photos and news.
Delegations from Lake Park visit regularly and we hosted a delegation from El
Salvador this last summer.
You can learn more about our synod’s partnership with the Salvadoran Lutheran
Church at .
For more information contact Kendra Stea at 262-227-1538 or
JustOneMore seeks to be the hands and feet of Christ by caring for Milwaukee
residents that are faced with food insecurity by providing regular nutritious frozen
meals for distribution in the community. They gather prepared food from
numerous partner restaurants, caterers and grocery stores in the Milwaukee area
and repackage it in to meals for two or four people that are frozen and
microwavable as well as providing food for meal programs that serve the food
onsite. “Lake Park supports this partnership by providing volunteers, participating
in work days, preparing food and distributing the packaged meals.”
For more information contact Lynn Connolly at 414-588-8447 or
Lutheran Campus Ministry
Lutheran Campus Ministry is a welcoming community where love is expressed and
found. LCM seeks to help students grow in a faith that addresses their head, heart,
and hands. It is a place to explore the intellectual questions of faith and how it
intersects with science, other religions, and issues of peace and justice.
Lake Park Lutheran is a valued partner of LCM and the Corner House (the LCM at
UWM). Lake Park members have supported the Corner House with food, prayer,
music, and relationships with students and the students frequently attend worship
here at Lake Park.
For more information, contact Linda and Tom Wissbeck at 414-774-1734 or or or Russell Fung at 414-688-
2345 or
Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope
MICAH is a multi-racial, interfaith organization committed to addressing social
justice issues that have an impact on the community and on the members of MICAH
congregations. MICAH’s goal is to empower people to act together in pursuit of
justice and to organize so that people of many traditions can come together with one
voice for justice.
For more information, contact Dennis Lowder at 414-355-9424 or
Reconciling In Christ
We share Reconciling Works’ mission and values and we believe reconciling works
for the sake of the world. “Since 1974, Reconciling Works: Lutherans for full
participation has advocated for the full welcome, inclusion and equity of lesbian,
gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA) Lutherans in all
aspects of the life of the church.
For additional information, contact Dave Schneider at 414-771-9683 or and Dawn-Mark Bacon-Johnson at 262-689-2458 or Ron
Zeilinger at 414-379-7601 or
Senior Ministries
Eastside Senior Services
The Eastside Senior Services (ESS) helps older adults in the neighborhood remain
living in their own homes in a safe and dignified manner. By providing direct
support to older adults, we help them stay closely connected to and engaged with
their communities, while leading active, independent lives.
ESS relies on the support of kindhearted volunteers to visit with older adults,
provide transportation, shop, help read mail, fill out forms, rake leaves, shovel snow,
make minor home repairs and help with other daily tasks, as well as lending a
helping hand in the neighborhood office.
For more information, contact Dave Schneider at 414-771-9683 or
Luther Manor Auxiliary
Through seasonal membership drives, the Luther Manor Auxiliary program
supports Luther Manor, an accredited continuing care retirement community in
Milwaukee that has served area seniors for more than 40 years. Donations are
utilized in many ways at Luther Manor to enrich the lives of its residents.
For more information, contact Linda Gaalaas at 414-964-9049 or
Active Adults
Join Lake Park Seniors the first and third Tuesdays of the month (September though
early June (as we share fellowship, riveting discussions, fieldtrips, and enjoy a
variety of informative presentations from talented guests. Coffee and fellowship
begins at 11:30am, followed by a deliciously nutritious lunch ($5) at noon. We wrap
up with a presentation at 1pm.
For more information, contact Dave Schneider at 414-771-9683 or
Worship, Hospitality & Care
Altar Committee
The Altar Committee’s mission is to serve and grow in faith and knowledge.
The Altar Committee enjoys seeing that the worship space is kept beautiful and in
good order. We want to glorify God by providing a setting that helps the
congregation worship in a meaningful manner.
We set up for communion and baptisms, plus care for the linens robes, paraments,
silver and brass. We also help coordinate decorations for the worship space and
have begun a congregational education emphasis.
We have quarterly meetings, where we plan, learn, and enjoy each other’s company.
For more information, contact Cheryl Walker at 414-315-2598 or
Hospitality Team
The Hospitality Team meets every month on the first Tuesday from 7-8pm. We plan
the events, clean, organize and stock the kitchen and manage the resources allocated
for the events, meals and Sunday morning fellowship.
For more information, contact Seth Kiefer at 414-712-3635 or
Pastoral Care Team
The pastoral care team is a beautiful example of us as a community caring for one
another. This group brings communion to members who are unable to attend
regular services and offers support for those who are going through a rough time
and visiting members in the hospital.
For more information, contact Seth Kiefer at 414-712-3635 or or Pr. David Dragseth at 414-962-9190 or
Worship Assistants
Participating as a worship assistant is one of the most important and easiest ways to
get involved at LPLC. It takes a lot of people every week to make our worship
services what they are. There are several different roles available to fit your talents
and personalities.
Altar Setup
Arrive about 45 minutes prior to the service to prepare communion, set the altar for
worship and wash and put away all the items used to serve communion.
Assisting Minister
Arrive about 20 minutes prior to the service, robes and sits up front and reads the
prayers and helps serve communion.
Arrives about 20 minutes prior to the service, robes and sits up front and reads the
scripture lessons and helps serve communion.
Liturgical Assistant
Arrives about 20 minutes early, robes and sits up front and performs the welcome
and greeting, reads the prayer at the beginning of the service and helps serve
Communion Assistant
No need to arrive early. Serves communion.
Arrives about 20 minutes prior to the service, welcomes and greets people as they
arrive, distributes bulletins, collects the offering and ushers people to the altar for
Offering Counter
Completed by a minimum of two unrelated individuals and is typically done
immediately following the 10am service, count and enter the offerings into the
computer in the office.
All of these volunteers participate in the 10am service on Sundays and special
occasions (i.e. Christmas, Ash Wednesday, etc.)
For more information, contact Seth Kiefer at 414-712-3635 or
Middle School Faith Formation
The middle school students meet every Sunday morning at 9am in the Luther Room
along with the confirmation class.
For more information, contact Rachel Tease at 920-540-4037 or
or Eric Ludwig at 440-570-7364 or
Confirmation at Lake Park is a two-year program that meets every other week on
Wednesday evening and on Sunday mornings. We learn about the bible, Lutheran
traditions, sacraments, and other faith traditions.
For more information, contact Adam Moreno, pastoral intern at 414-962-9190 or or Kristen Steinbech-Holtz at 262-313-7511 or
High School Group
The high school group at Lake Park meets once a month to go on an outing such as
volunteering at JOM or going to Great America. We go on a winter retreat and a
summer trip.
For more information, contact Nikki Jaynes at 414-456-9904 or or Sam Scheils at 414-202-0989 or
or Anna Avila at 651-328-0135 or
Children’s Library
Open each Sunday during the Sunday School year, the Children’s Library is a great
place for kids of all ages (and their parents) to check out books about faith. Books
can be looked at in the library or checked out and is located on the second floor
outside the Sunday school room.
For more information, contact Dave Schneider at 414-771-9683 or
Lutherdale Camp
Every summer we encourage Lake Park kids and youth to attend Lutherdale Camp
near Elkhorn, WI, for a week of play, prayer and games as they get to meet
counselors, have campfires and enjoy a big worship on the final day.
For more information, contact the church office at 414-962-9190 or
We love having kids in worship and at activities at Lake Park, but sometimes it’s
nice for the kids to have some kid time and the parents to have some adult time in
worship, fellowship or meetings. We offer nursery care for both the 8am and 10am
services as well as child care for choir participants as well as several other services
and meetings throughout the year.
For more information, contact the church office at 414-712-3635 or
Sunday School
Lake Park’s Sunday school strives to be a place where all children can come in
contact with God’s word, have a spiritual experience, and be able to participate and
grow in a community based on love, friendship and ultimately faith.
Our curriculum is a Montessori-based method called “Godly Play,” which helps
enrich our children’s faith vocabulary. This structure allows them to come to God’s
word in a safe, nurturing and child centered environment.
For more information, contact Dorothy Kulke, Superintendent at 414-334-1407 or
Vacation Bible Camp
“VBC” is held the end of June in conjunction with St. Mark’s Episcopal. It’s a
weeklong event that runs from 9am-Noon.
The goal is to have an interfaith, intergenerational and ecological-minded FUN
experience. From fieldtrips to volunteering in the community or going to the lake, it
is great program that the kids (and adult volunteers) love.
For more information, contact Tara Seleen at 414-732-2355 or