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Grace Lozier

miss Armstrong


3rd period


 Egypt’s religion is a big part of their culture. Their main religion is Islam, it has a focus on the five pillars and that's how they run their lives off of what's good and bad. Now practice is pretty mainstream still held at the mosque, the prayer on Friday practices can be said by anyone. Girls are still a touchy subject on whether or not they can lead, but the still practice mostly the same ways. Egyptians Celebrate god for everything he does.  Visit shrines and different things for death of a beloved. They believe in an afterlife. Their religion is a very big part of their culture/ way of life, it all goes off of the Quran (Muslim holy book), (H OPKINS and S AAD). 


 Tradition like no other in Egypt. Family is the most important thing which is why it makes it hard when like a daughter leaves after getting married or when you lose someone to death. Egyptians mourn their loved ones for 40 days and have to wear black all 40 days, can last up to a year. When not mourning they throw big celebrations for lots of things like weddings and big party'sThey always do everything with food , party's, funerals, weddings. Food is big in Egypt and always forcing their selves to try new things. They have always followed the western and Islamic calendarsReligion is a big part of tradition even though they have accepted certain things from Christian faith like certain celebrations. Even though they accept certain things from other faiths not many changes have been made to the Muslim faith in Egypt (Nady). 


The government and its leaders are a main part of  Egypt in whole. Egypt's president shows his love for his home country. The general of Egypt went through hard times trying to help EgyptSadat first started out working his way up by training troops. Leader of Egypt has worked peace with others. He spoke out against others who needed work. It is a base that starts a lot In the county and effects culture (Martin).


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