PRIDE 2020
The LGBT+ rights movement has
a long and colourful history. In
the past century, we’ve gone from
homosexuality being diagnosed as
a mental illness and resulting in
imprisonment or death, to it being
celebrated in Pride parades; equal
marriage and adoption rights have
been instated, and trans people
now have the right to legally
change their identity. This pride
month we celebrate the vibrant
community with an exploration of
the colours of the LGBT+ flag and
their significance to the movement.
People celebrate after Taiwan’s parliament voted to
legalize same-sex marriage on May 17, 2019 in Taipei,
Taiwan. Photograph: Carl Court via Getty Images.
Red feels like desire and
tastes like summer fruit
Red is your heart pumping blood
Red is for love is love
It is the Stonewall riots
It is the battle for LGBT rights
The Boswana government is appealing last year’s High Court
ruling that decriminalised gay sex. A decision is expected
later this year. Photograph: Getty Images.
Born of sunlight yellow and red’s desire
Orange is the smell of citrus sour
It is the vibrant plumage of autumn leaves
The colour of scars starting to fade
Orange for the healing of the community
Jens Spahn, German minister of health, announced that Germany has
banned traumatising conversion therapy for people under the age of 18, and
introduced penalties for adults on Thursday, May 7.
Photograph: Maja Hitij via Getty Images.
Photograph: Christopher Sadowski.
Yellow is Spring sunlight warm and soft
It is that perfect feeling of being near
a fire on a cold day
The US Supreme Court ruled on Monday, June 15, that a landmark
federal civil rights law from the 1960s protects gay and transgender
workers. Photograph: Augustin Paulier via Getty Images
Yellow smells like honey
It tastes like lemonaade on a hot afternoon
It feels like the joyful marching of a pride parade
The US Supreme Court ruled on Monday, June 15, that a landmark
federal civil rights law from the 1960s protects gay and transgender
workers. Photograph: Augustin Paulier via Getty Images
Yellow sunlight with a splash of blue sea
Green smells like pine forests
It tastes like lime
Green is wind blowing through trees
Green for the growth of the modern family
Brooklyn’s queer drag & burlesque collective,
Switch n’ Play, redefining Chosen Family.
Photograph: Matt Monath.
Blue smells like the ocean
Blue is ice cool to your touch
It is wide open spaces and big skies
Blue is for coming out and tastes salty like tears
Blue is for being at peace with oneself
Purple when the fires of red bleed
into the sky with the setting sun
Like dark pulp between your toes
as you crush grapes to make wine
Purple for the robes of religion & royalty
Purple for LGBT leaders of all creeds
For the spirit of the community
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Carol Lee & Zara Bosman
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