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Grade 2 Personal Narratives

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First I was under the Christmas tree. The boy was still sleeping. He was coming down and was stomping. I was feeling I am in a chest. He opened me up. He saw it was a toy train. I could smell burning fire so the boy turned the fire place off. The boy's hand was lifting me up then he was interested in the toy train. He told his mom. Next the boy saw a window. He put me beside the window in the Great Room. He went to get a cookie. Then he came back and  he didn't see me anywhere so he looked all around the house. Last he found me in the chest.


I am in the Christmas tree. She took me and opened me. I was a doll. There was a boy who wanted to play. He got me then a nanny called both kids and he kicked me in his closet. I see darkness. I feel wood. After he couldn't find me. He looked everywhere and found me. He played with me and loved me. 


First  I  was  playing  on  the  carpet  with  a boy.  I  am a toy  train. I was happy. He accidently kicked me into the Christmas tree. I see green branches. He could not find me. I feel like I am lost forever. I'm lonely. Last the boy is coming closer. I hear footsteps. Hooray they found me. I am happy again. 


First I was on the carpet and under the Christmas tree. I saw branches. I heard a crack. I feel cozy. I smell food. I think I want to go fast. Next a kid threw me at the wall and I see the wall. I hear a boom. I feel hurt. I smell gas. I think no one likes me. I was now a broken toy train. Then the boy was looking for all my pieces. He was crying. I smell smoke. He began to glue me back together. Last he gave me a huge hug. I felt loved. 


First the boy was playing with me in  the boll room . Next he lost me in the bushes. His ball in cup. Then he saw me. He started to play with me. I felt so happy .Last his mom called him for dinner. I could hear his mom and him crunching food. After his dinner he had to go to bed.  I got lost again. 


First the boy was playing with me. I was in the great room. I am a ball  in cup. I had fun playing with him. My ball is broken. The boy is sad. I am sad too. I was fine. Next I got fixed and the boy was not sad any more. He was happy. Last the boy played with me. The end. 


First I was lying on the bed in the girl's room. The box was getting hot. The girl was very excited to open her new doll,me. Next the girl took me to the ball room. I saw the Christmas tree. It was glowing and it has a glowing star and it was so beautiful. Then the candle was getting very very hot. The kids were looking out side of the window. They didn't notice that my friends were in the room. Last the kids were opening a present. I could hear wrapping paper.


 First I was in the kid's room. I am a Jacob's Ladder. Next I hear the kichen food crunching. Then they put  me in to the bed room. Last the boy took me to the Grand  Ballroom.





 First the boy was playing with me in the Grand Ball room. I felt the ball hitting my head. Then his nanny called the boy for lunch and he ran and kicked me in the closet. Next I have never been in the closet. I see the darkness and it is scary. Finally he has looked for me after a month. Last the boy was getting his coat and found me and never lost me again. 







First the boy was playing with me in his room. I am a ball in cup. Next he dropped me and the boy could not find me. I was under his bed.Then the boy was crawling under his bed to look for me but when he was crawling he stepped on me. I broke. Last the boy heard me when I broke and he gave all the pieces to his dad. The dad tryed to fix me. He put glue on me and put the tail on and I was fixed.


First I was on the main floor looking at all the stuff around me.     I want to move. I am a Jacobs Ladder. Next I played with someone. I got lost in the pipes. I felt scared. I heard a siren. Last the firemen  helped get me out of the pipes. I felt relived. 


First the boy is playing with me. I see the boy. I'm a cup-ball. Next I see the ball. Hot-chocolate. The boy loses me and kicked me almost out of the window. Then after dinner he goes outside and looks for me. Last he found me. I'm in the Great Room. I get picked up and thrown in the closet. 




Here I am in the back of the tree Iv been wating for 5 hours. no one cood see me because I was put in the back of the tree I here thumping and bumping I thot for a secend cood it be a child it came from up sairs. I thoght for a moment cood it be christmas morning?Iwas exsited after a wiyl I hered raping paper




   First I ,the Nutcracker, was sitting by the Christmas tree, and waiting to get played  with. Next I was thinking about the boy. I waited and waited then a kid came !!!!! I was so, so, so happy! Then we played for a bit on the table but I fell!!!! He picked me up, but I think I was missing something, It was my leg'' the boy was so sad, I could see him crying! He tried to help. He tried to glue my leg back together but it kept falling off. But I was glad he tried to help. But we could still play together. The end. 


First, I was all wrapped up in wrapping paper under the tree. I was a toy train. I could see a big box. I got un wrapped. Then the boy played with me. The boy dropped me and I felt broken. I was not broken. I cooled down. Last, the boy put me in his room. It had lots of toys like the nut cracker and the top. I saw the cup in ball toy and the Jacobs Ladder.


First the boy was playing with me. We were in the Great Room. I was standing tall like a nutcracker should. Next he pushed me in the closet and the door was closed. I feel the coats. They are soft. I hear someone open the door. It is his brother. He was looking for me and couldn't find me. Finally he found me at the Great Room. I was so happy he found me. 


 First the  little girl was playing with me. I was in her room with her  dolls. She tried to put the ball on top of my head but it didnt work so she put me away. I was under the couch her mom was cooking food she said ball cup where are you? She found me. She  got up. I was  under the couch then she tried again and finallyshe gat the ball and cup top on my head.





First the boy was playing with me in his room. The ball was hitting me because he was practicing for the race. It was the Great Ball and Cup Race. He still didn't know how to do it. I was excited. and had a little sigh. The day of the race he was in second place and then he caught up and won the race. The prize was a golden cup and ball. 




     I am  in the tree . The boy opened me. The boy played witn me. The boy put me in his bed. 


I am in the Christmas tree. I feel bumpy popcorn. A boy picked me up and played with me. I am a nutcracker. The boy lost me in the Great Room because he was going for lunch. He found me on the carpet in the Great Room. He never lost me again.