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Lost Puppy

By: Brianna Myers


Published on 10/30/2014

ASU Polytechnic Campus

7001 E Williams Field Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212

Dedicated to:

My loving puppy, Nikki

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Once upon a time there was a little boy named Johnny. Johnny was in Kindergarten and loved to play outside in the woods near his house. He had blue eyes, and brown hair. Johnny’s mom’s name was Amy, she had green eyes and wears glasses. Amy was married to Johnny’s dad, whose name was Chris. Chris was tall, and was usually always serious. Johnny lived with his parents in a pretty house near the woods. It was very tall, and had a bunch of windows across the front. Johnny’s favorite place to play was in the woods near the house. There were many tall trees that were green and brown. If Johnny looked really hard he was able to find little trails, just big enough for him to stand, that the animals had made. Back in the woods, there was a stream that was fun to play in, but only in the summer, otherwise it was too cold.


Johnny woke up one morning with his mom and dad telling him he was now a year older, and 365 days smarter. Today was Johnny’s birthday and he was so happy and could not wait to go to school to see all his friends. His parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday and Johnny said he wanted a puppy. His parents felt really bad that they were not able to get Johnny a puppy because they could not afford to buy or take care of a puppy. Johnny could not understand why he could not have a puppy. He tried to put on a smile and have a good day at school with his friends. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, and walked down the road with his mom to get on the bus. 


Johnny got to school and was not having fun. All he wanted to do was go home and play in the woods. He thought the woods was the most fun place to be. The school day seemed so long to Johnny. He was finally was able to get back on the bus to go home, and he was super happy. 


Johnny got home, went inside his house, and said hello to his mom and dad and then went back outside to go play in the woods. He searched really hard and found one of his favorite trails to follow, and he put one foot in front of the other and started walking. Johnny was having fun as he went further and further into the woods. He was not worried though, because he knew the path back to the house. Johnny started swinging a stick around pretending it was a bat when he heard something in a bush nearby. He was used to hearing noises from all the bugs but this noise was much louder. Johnny froze and tried not to move, then he heard the noise again. He thought about running back home because he was scared. He slowly bent over and looked under a nearby bush and saw the face of a puppy.



The puppy looked sad and was very dirty. He was brown with white spots and had long floppy ears. He was shy and did not want to come to Johnny. Johnny could not believe that he had found a puppy on his birthday, the one present he wanted the most. Johnny knew that he could not take the puppy home because his parents said he could not have one. He decided to build the puppy a little house out of the branches and leaves in the forest. He went and picked up all the branches he could and starting stacking them. The tree branches and leaves made a wall to protect the puppy from the woods. Then Johnny marked the spot by creating a path lined with rocks to where the puppy was. He looked at the puppy, and thought about how scared he had been when he first heard the noise. Johnny thought it might have been a scary bear, and that made him decide to call the puppy Bear. He told Bear that he was going to be his puppy. Johnny made sure the rock path was noticeable one more time and then ran home. 



 Once Johnny got home he quietly snuck into the kitchen and got a bottle of water and a little snack. Johnny ran right back out of the house. His mom yelled out at him, “Johnny where are you going and what do you have in your hands?”

Johnny was still running when he said, “I am going back out to play and I just got myself a little snack.”

His mom was confused because Johnny did not normally run in and out of the house. She wondered if he was hiding something from her. Johnny got back to where Bear was in the woods and was so happy to see that he was still there. 


Johnny was so happy to see Bear and gave him a big hug. Bear was cold and covered in mud. Johnny opened the bottle of water and poured some in his hand for Bear. Bear drank the full bottle of water. Johnny decided that he would bring Bear a snack and water everyday when he got home from school. He hugged Bear one more time and then headed back to his house and loving parents to eat dinner.


All Johnny could think about that night and the next day at school was Bear. He thought about all the fun adventures they could go on, and everything they could do together. Then Johnny thought about what his parents would say if they found out that he had a puppy in the woods.


Johnny got home from school the next day and went running straight into the forest. Johnny had saved some of his snack and lunch from school to share with Bear. Johnny got near the spot where Bear was and called for him. Bear came out of the bush wagging his tail. Johnny was very excited to see Bear. He gave Bear his snack and water and then they started walking down the trail towards the river. He wanted to show Bear where the water was. The river was small and not very deep but would be enough water for Bear to drink from. Once they got to the river Johnny tried to clean Bear off. The water was not enough to take all the mud off Bear though, but Johnny kept trying. It was starting to get dark and Johnny knew he would get in trouble if he was not back home before sunset. He hugged Bear goodbye and told him he would be back tomorrow. 



Johnny went to dinner and school the next day. When Johnny got off the bus he knew exactly what he wanted to do, and started running toward the forest.


Johnny went through the next week the same way he did the week before. He woke up, went to school, came home, and then went running to the woods to find Bear. Bear started to wag his tail and bark every time he saw Johnny. Johnny loved Bear so much and wished that he could take him home with him. They both played games together everyday in the woods like hide and seek in the trees, and they also walked down to the river every afternoon. One time Johnny and Bear almost got lost because they did not stay on the path. Johnny was scared that he was not going to be able to find his way home, but Bear used his special nose to sniff out the scent of the trail. Most puppies are good at tracing smells but Bear was especially great. Bear was able to sniff his and Johnny’s way back home safely.


Another day when Johnny and Bear were playing hide and seek he heard his mom calling him home for dinner. It was Bear’s turn to find Johnny, but Johnny knew he had to go before his mom started to worry about him. Johnny tried to call to Bear to tell him that he had to go, but Bear was no where to be found. Johnny turned towards the house and started running home because his mom was starting to call for him louder now. He made it to the open field where the house was and ran to his mom, who was standing on the porch. A few seconds later Johnny heard barking and saw Bear run out from the woods towards the house. Bear was happy and wagging his tail and ran straight to Johnny. Johnny’s parents asked him whose dog that was. Johnny did not want to say Bear was his but decided to tell his parents the truth. He began to tell his parents about how on his birthday he went running to the forest because he was upset that he could not have a puppy. Then how he heard something moving in the bushes. He told his parents how he was scared and then he saw a puppy. Johnny told the truth about how he had been sneaking food and water out to woods to feed Bear, and he had been doing this for a couple weeks now. 


Johnny’s parents were upset that Johnny did not tell them about Bear sooner. They told him that he had to be honest with people if he wanted people to be honest with him. Johnny realized that it was wrong of him to lie to his parents about Bear. He told his parents he was sorry for keeping Bear a secret.




Johnny’s parents were proud of Johnny for realizing that what he did was wrong and that he should not do anything like that again. His parents were so glad that he told the truth that they told Johnny that he could keep Bear at the house. Johnny was so happy that he was finally able to have a dog. He promised his parents he would give Bear water and food everyday and that he could sleep in his room with him. His parents were glad that Johnny finally got his one birthday wish. Johnny’s mom took Bear to the bathroom and gave him a good bath. Bear came out looking like a new dog. He was smiling and wagging his tail. 


That night everyone settled into bed for a good nights sleep. Johnny’s parents came and told him goodnight and then went off to bed. Johnny got out of bed and went to the corner of his room and hugged Bear and said goodnight.



A very cute story! It had me laughing throughout and just falling in love with the bond between Johnny and Bear!

- Dan Pollak


It's a super cute story! It teaches a good lesson about responsibility and family. I can't wait to read it to my own children. It is well though out and has a good story line and message.

- Elizabeth Calvert

Brianna is currently a student at Arizona State University pursuing a degree in Elementary/ Special Education. She recently rescued a puppy from a shelter, and named her Nikki. Nikki was Brianna's inspiration to write this story. 

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