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Photoshoot for the Setting in The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Presentation by: Thomas Cioce

Chicago is where Leo, Piper, and Jason begin their quest to Free Hera. They end up in a mall and meet a person named Medea who is a supporter of Gaea. Here, Piper defeats the evil Medea and the flee on Festus. "She heard Medea screaming in rage as they soared through the broken roof and downtown Chicago" (Riordan 320).


This is where they all meet up at a cafe to fight the giant at Mount Diablo. Camp Jupiter is also in San Francisco. "Piper smoothed her blue dress which was tattered and burned from their fight at Mount Diablo" (Riordan 486).

San Francisco

The Grand Canyon is where the whole story starts. Leo, Coach Hedge, Piper, and Jason take a trip to the Grand Canyon. When they go there, they encounter the Venti causing Coach Hedge to a potential death. Everyone in the group has assumed that he died. So now, they would need to go on a quest to find him. "A storm spirit chucked me down the Grand Canyon" (Riordan 71).

Grand Canyon

Quebec is where Leo, Jason, and Piper are sent for another quest. They go to a hotel for information from the North Wind on how to Free Hera. "Find the North Wind, track down the storm spirits, find out who they worked for, and where that ruined house was. Free Hera" (Riordan 169).


Detroit is where Leo's very important dragon crash lands. The dragon Festus, is broken into pieces. They also experience a family of cyclopes. "I'm guessing we crash-landed in Detroit" (Riordan 242).


Camp Half-Blood is where demi-gods go to train and stay over summer. Some people stay at Camp Half-Blood all year round. Leo, Piper, and Jason end up here after being attacked by the Venti. Annabeth addresses them that they will have a quest. "Annabeth had been pretty clear. Camp Half-Blood was the only safe place in the world for demi-gods" (Riordan 167).

Camp Half-Blood

This ends the photoshoot for today. I encourage you to read The Lost Hero and look forward to hearing your reviews on it. Thanks for watching!