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You will see certain information, like the fund that the donor wants to give to, but not the mailing address, which you will need.


Click on the  highlighted Order number and the link will take you to the school's website store admin page, where you can see the whole order.


Note:  If you are not logged into the school's site, you will get the 'Access Denied' message.  If that happens to you, go to the bottom of the school's web page and log into the site with your username and password. 

There are 3 basic steps to process a donation:

1)  Enter the donation into LGL (Little Green Light, our online database)

2)  Download the donor's tax letter from LGL

3)  Mail a Thank You card and the tax letter to the donor.


How do you know that a donation was made?  You will get an email that will look something like this:

Donation Processing

Once you are logged in, you will see something like this:

Now that you have donors address, you need to add it into the LGL database.


LGL Donation Processing:


Note:  You need to be logged in for that.  You should have gotten an invitation from LGL that will allow you to create your own login.


Once you log in, check out the directions below on how to enter a gift. Note:  Every contact/donor is called a constituent.


Step 1)

To enter gifts, you will need to search all constituents to see if they are already in the database, in which case you attach a gift to their record.


Follow the link below for some easy video demos from LGL:


Step 2)

If the individual is not in the constituents yet, you will need to add a constituent.


See directions for that below:


Step 3)

When you enter the gift, you will see that there is a section called ‘Select Acknowledgment Template’. We already made this a default, called ‘Individual_Donation_Thanks’. So you should not have to do anything to that, but make sure this is what it does say. When you are done entering your gift or gifts, you go in LGL to print out the tax letter(s).


See directions for this below: