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Alkaline Water Allows The Body To Lose Weight

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   How I Lost 30 lbs In 8 Weeks 

  Hello, my name is John Orlando and I own Show Me Marketing.  I am 47 year old and I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for several years now.  A few months ago I was rushed to the hospital.  The doctors in the ER diagnosed me as having a mini stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.  When I stepped onto the scale at the ER my weight was 332 lbs.   I was a total fat mess and I was scared.  I knew at that moment that I had let myself go to far.  Things had suddenly become serious.  



  I got home from that ER visit full of prescription drugs that the doctors had pumped into me.  It was time to do some real serious research. I was too sick to just ignore my situation.  I got my computer out and started to look into all kinds of remedies for weight loss and diabetes.  I ran across an article which lead me to a video about Alkaline Water.  I studied the article and watch the video.  I researched this water product for days.  What I found out was simply life changing.


                                    HERE'S WHAT I FOUND OUT

  Alkaline water that has been ionized through electrolysis is 1000 times more powerful then bottled water or tap water to rid the body of toxins.  Since the body stores toxins inside fat tissue, I came to realize that the body would eliminate fat cells if I drank Alkaline water.  

The fact is Ionized Alkaline Water works better then any diet on earth. 






  Here's the reality of it all.  Have you ever heard the phrase, "You are what you eat"?  It's very true but you are also what drink.  In America statistics say that 90% of us are dehydrated. We just don't eat or drink the right stuff. 

  We consume fast food, junk food, soda pop, coffee, tea and booze.  We treat our bodies like a garbage can and wonder why we feel like trash.  The truth is in a perfect world we would all be Alkaline but in this world with all of the toxins in the air, food and water, it is impossible to do so without an aid like an water Ionizer.  



  After many days of research and time consuming effort, I found the best of the best water ionizers in the world.  Enagic corporation has been in business for over 40 years.  They are the world wide leader in water tech. and they are the only water Ionizer company that has a certified product.  

  In Japan their water Ionizers are considered a medical device and are in every hospital.  1 out of 6 Japanese homes is equipped with a Kangan water Ionizer.  They simply make the best product with the best warranty and have been serving millions of people for decades. 


The Plastic Sea 

   Our oceans are becoming so polluted with plastic bottles that the entire oceanic ecosystem is being effected.  Countless species of fish are dying.  Our world is dependent on ecosystems functioning well.  By drinking Kangen Water you are one less person consuming products that are bottled and thrown into the sea.

         We Want To Make World GREENER 

             Kangen  Owners Help Make That Happen

Everyone Benefits From Our System

  From all of us to all of you.  We hope to make a difference in this world.  One life at a time we can effect the whole world for good.  We want to encourage you to find out more about Enagic's Ionizers.  

Below is an invitation to learn all you can.