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This booklet will contain information about my own Personal Philosophy Statement that will illustrate the justification of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.

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  1. Identify need or problem 
  2. Research need or problem
  3. Develop possible solutions
  4. Select BEST possible solutions
  5. Prototype
  6. Test and evaluate solutions
  7. Communicate Solution
  8. Redesign 

What makes Assistive Technology successful?

Committed Team


  • -Work at their own pace.
    -Accomplish more individually.
    -Included into the regular classroom.
  • -Able to achieve academic standards.
    -Given the opportunity to socialize with more students.
  • - Can help improve organizational skills and also writing skills.
    -Helps students reach a higher level of education. 

Pros & Cons


- Very costly. Many school districts do not have the funds to provide these technologies.
-Training to use technologies properly which require training.
-Technology can never be fully relied on.
-Some students may abuse the use of technology by using technologies they do not necessarily need.

Families should support the use of any Assistive Technology Device

Role of Famliy

  • Planner
  • Role Model
  • Collaborator
  • Instructor
  • Leader
  • Supporter
  • Learner

My Role