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Everything and anything from Brazil.

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Look What Came From Brazil

By Ali Bloom

 Anything and everything about Brazil



  • Beautiful Brazil
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Inventions
  • Music
  • Arts And  Crafts
  • Games
  • Animals
  • Festivals And Holidays
  • Words
  • Recipes
  • Glossery


Table Of contents

Brazil is a spectacular and beautiful country. It covers a vast majority of South America. Stretches from the amazon basin to the large falls of the south. Although it is such a large country the average difference in weather is only about twenty degrees. For example in the hottest area which is the northeast it is one hundred degrees, but the majority of the region is seventy two to seventy nine degrees.  

Beautiful Brazil

The name Brazil came from the tree brazilwood. The largest city is Sao Paulo. Brazil is three hours ahead of Ardsley. If you are driving a car you would be on the right side although in America we drive on the left side. Rice, corn, coffee, oranges, apples, lemons, nuts, grapes and pears are popular crops in Brazil. They are the world's biggest manufacturers of oranges, sugar cane and coffee. In short read on to find out more about Brazil.

Brasília is the capital of Brazil. The surprising growing population since 2013 is about 200.4 million people. About seventy-five percent of Brazil is forests. While twenty-five percent is savanna and scrub. There is very little grassland only a couple small patches. It ranges from about 400 to 1500 meters above sea level.

Have you ever tasted any fruit from brazil? Jabuticaba is sweet and tastes a lot like a grapefruit. It is a purple fruit with white pulp. In addition to Jabuticaba it can be called brazilian grape tree. Passion fruit comes from a flower. Another common name for the passion fruit is purple granadilla. The vibrant purple looks beautiful. Wouldn't you want this in your house?



Do you like delicious, devouring, dessert? Well feji Joada is just that. Feji joada is egg shaped with a thin green skin. The flesh tastes like fresh pineapple, sweet guava and juicy strawberries. It also has a creamy color, a jelly feeling and tasting center that slides easily down your throat. The best way to experience the taste is to purchase it for yourself.


Arroz has a, Sour, Sweet, Satisfying, Creamy taste. It is a popular remembering dessert, to stay in your mouth with a sweet taste for a good night’s sleep. Do you like sponge cake? Well Bolo De Rolo is based off that. It is filled with sweet guava and walnuts. Also it is filled with a slimy smooth texture that slides right down your throat, leaving a memorable flavor.


Are you a fashionista? Well here’s what you should pack on your trip when you go to Brazil. You should wear comfortable vivid bright colors. And if you want to look even better wear attractive, adorable, amazing, accessories. If you enjoy dressing modern then go to the urban area and you will fit right in.



The poncho is traditional for cowboys, but that doesn't mean you can't wear one. A poncho is very comfortable infact it is like a blanket but just with a whole for your head. It's something a superhero would wear it's a large cloak just like a cape. So go out get on your horse put on your poncho and be a superhero.


Do you know Carmen Miranda? Well she has a dress named after her. It has beautiful eye catching artificial flowers and fruit. Also there is a feathered turban. The skirt is long with a slit showing off their leg. It is fun to watch it commonly be used for samba dancing.

A mix of European and African patterns. A cotton flared bottom of the dress. It is a bodice. What could it be? It's the traditional Bahiana dress.


Do you like balloons and baskets? Well thats a hot air balloon. It carries people in a basket with a balloon on top. Lifting you higher and higher into the earth's atmosphere. what species do you think were the first to take flight? Well if you said humans you were wrong. Weather you believe it or not a rooster a sheep and a duck were the first to take flight, in 1783. Wouldn't you like to take a ride on one of these?



Have you ever been bitten by a snake? If you have here’s your cure its called antivenom syrum.It is designed to battle off the effects caused by the poison in the venom. If you need it done quickly this will work too. This product works right after the venom is identified. So if you ever get bitten use this product.


Do you like to rock out to hip music? A portable device that plays tracks originally recorded on cassette, compact discs and mini discs is good for you. Do you know what an MP3 player is? Well the personal stereo is very similar. The Personal stereo was invented in Sao Paulo by Andreas Pavle.

Do you like to move your hips side to side? then samba music is for you. It is very common to dance to. It is also popular to listen to on the radio. This music is widely enjoyed and loved by the people. In Samba the tambourines, flutes, guitars, and cucias are played.



Do you like acapella? On the contrary. This is called Choro Chorinho. It came from Rio De Janeiro. This has 5 instruments. They are guitar, flute, clarinet,tambourine, and cavaquinho.


Do you know the sport Capoeira? Well there is music that goes with it. You would never guess what it is called. Similarly it is called Capoeira. The rhythm for the song is from nature. Distant roots come from Africa. All in all this is a fun type of music

This song has been being changed over time. First it was reggae salsa. Then it was known as Cambada. Presently it now has a light beat. It has a cutting edge sound. Now dominates area. This music comes from the Eastern Amazon. It is Called Carimbo.



Brazil inherited this kind of art from african slaves. Its called wood carving. The most popular wood carving in Brazil is called Carrance. Carrance was made to word off evil spirits. It is the adaptation of African bead mask. All in all Carrance is very popular.

Arts and Crafts

Basketry is highly common. It is taught and practiced all over Brazil. You can't just pick up grass and start doing basketry. Basketry takes technique and skill, after a while you will be able to conquer it. It is made of grass and palm fronds. The material is woven together. When this is done you may have made it into a rug, place mat, tablecloths, candles, and of course a basket etc. Maybe this art is for you.


Pottery is popular. It can be done by hand or wheel. Most commonly done by hand. It is only done by wheel for larger crafts. A lot of thought goes into each and every piece of art. each piece has a different characteristic. The characteristics are based on color, engravings, decorations, and the overall structure.

Do you have good aim and steady hands? Well then, you would be amazing at Hit The Coin. In order to play hit the coin you need at least one friend, which shouldn't be hard to get, bamboo, and coins. To prepare put bamboo stick into the ground, draw a circle around it, and place small object on bamboo stick. Then players take turns throwing the coin at the small object on top of the bamboo stick. From there it's easy. Just keep playing and have fun. Bring this game to your town and have fun beating your friends.


Do you have cat like reflexes? That's the only technique you will be needing for Cinco Marias. The way you should set up for this game is by laying out 5 pebbles or small stones in a small area. Player one will pick up a stone and throw it, while the stone is in mid air pick up another. Throw one in the air and pick up two but don't be a cheater because the guarantee is that your friends would not like that. So when you pick up two stones makes sure you pick them up one by one. Do this until all the stones have been picked up. Each time you throw one up your friend goes after you.


And we can't for get about football. If you know anything about Brazil you would know football means soccer, but if you didn't know then you just learned a new thing. Football is very loved and has a big part in brazilians lives, including kids. Brazil is known as having some of the most talented football players. When the national team plays it is a big deal. Some people only have to work when the team is not playing or not at all just so they can watch them play. Speaking of the national team they have won five fifa cup titles.



You see an animal that's very black and sleek zipping past you, subsequently you figure out it's the Puma. You see it was going fast but you didn't know it was going 40-50 miles per hour. It was an adult at 140 lbs. Turns out it was 2-3 feet. The puma that you saw can also be called a mountain lion, cougar, or even panther.



Taking it time, frequently sleeping it's the Sloth. The typical sloth takes its precious time moving at an average of 40 yards per day. It turns out the Sloth is a picky eater it only eats leaves, twigs, and buds. Zzzzzzzz they sleep 15-20 hours every day wow thats a lot. As you can tell the sloth has a pretty chill and relaxing day.


Jetting by you is the jaguar. Hunting and habitat loss is a big deal for them. they must have large areas and habitat to live in. They can climb very well.All in all they are powerful swimmers. In short they are very talented animals.

Easter is a fun holiday and to carry on the joy 45 days later is caval nadas. Caval nadas resembles the medieval iberian city. Particularly held in Pirenopolis. It goes on for 3 joy full days.


Festivals and Holidays

Have you ever seen many tourist on the in Brazil. Well it may have been for the February carnival. It is very popular. It attracts many tourists. February carnival is held on the streets. It is held 3 days before ash wednesday.


Have you heard of tiradentes? Well it remembers the tragic death of the hero in struggle to gain their independence. Tiradendents is a very sad tragic day for the people.


General words that we use all the time come from Brazil. One of them is embarrass. The word means to make you feel awkward, self conscious.



We get other words from Brazil to. Another word that we get from brazil is breeze. A breeze is a chilly wind. It feels good on a cool day.


Banana is a delicious fruit. It is yellow and is in a peel. It tastes very mushy. when your bite into it when it is perfectly ripe your teeth slid right through it. And it just slides through your mouth. In many cartoons people would slip on them.


A flamingo is a beautiful pink animal. Although they can be pretty they can also be dangerous. They live in a tropical climate. They start of white and turn pink from their diet.   

Most people would suspect the orange comes from Brazil but guess what it does not. Just so you know this is the fruit not the color in between red and yellow. It is a juicy citrus fruit. The name is the same as its color. Before you eat it you should peel it to get to the good juicy part. All in all the is a very tasty fruit.

Look What Doesnt Come From Brazil








  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Cook time 10 minutes

  • Ready in 45 minutes

  • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine cocoa, butter and condensed milk
  • Cook, stirring, until thickened, about 10 minutes
  • Remove from heat and let rest until cool enough to handle
  • Form into small balls and eat at once or chill until serving.


  • Acapella: Singing without instrumentals
  • Bamboo: A green tall stock plant in the grass family
  • Bodice: Object that goes above womens waist with no sleeves
  • Cassette: A sealed unit containing audiotape
  • Chararistics: Traits
  • Fifa: Federation International Football (soccer) Association
  • Medieval: Middle ages in history
  • Reggae: Style of popular music with a strong subsidiary beat, originating in Jamaica
  • Samba: Brazilian dance with african orgin
  • Venom: Posinous substance