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The Judgement Of Paris

By: Logan Miller

Page 1... Table of Contents


Pages 2-9... Wedding


Page 10... Young Achilles


Pages 11-13... Young Paris


Pages 14-17... Judgement of Paris


Pages 18-20... Taking Helen

Table of Contents


There once was a wedding for the Sea Goddes Thetis and King Peleus.

Thetis----------------->                                            <-------------Peleus


At the wedding, there were three women, called the three fates, renowned for their prophecy skills.

<------Three Fates--------------------------------------------->






The first one said,


You will have a son and call him Achilles. He will be greatly admired for his looks, strength, and courage.

The second one said,


Your son will be fleet of foot, strong of arm, and none will defeat him on the battlefield.

He alone will decide the destiny of Troy, and only a Trojan arrow can kill him.

The third one said,


Meanwhile, Eris, the Goddes of Discord, was getting jealous because she wasn't invited to the wedding.



She was so jealous that she rolled a golden apple with the words "For the Fairest" inscribed on it to the feet of Helen, Aphrodite, and Athena, who then started to jealously argue about it!

Hera                            Athena                       Aphrodite

                                                                    |                                                          |

      |                                                            \/                                                        \/




                                                                                                                                                                              Golden Apple





Eventually, Zeus came and took the golden apple away to stop further arguements.

When Achilles was born, his mother dipped him in the River Styx in an attempt to make him immortal. When Thetis asked the Gods if this would protect him, they said it would from any mortal arrow.



                  Baby Achilles------> 

At about the same time, Queen Hecuba was about to give birth. However, she had a terrible dream that her baby turned into a fiery serpent, and burned down Troy.


Therefore, when Paris was born, Hecuba tossed him out into the wilderness.


However, the Gods made sure that Paris was alive, so a shephered came and found him.


On mount olympus, Zeus was getting frusturated because the Godesses were still arguing over the golden apple.


Therefore, Zeus let Paris choose who should get the golden apple.


Paris made all the Goddesses give him bribes so he could choose.


In the end, however, he chose Aphrodite, who offered him Helen, the most beautiful woman alive.


Aphrodite remembered her promise to Paris, and so she helped Paris get Helen.


Menelaus was furious that Paris took his wife!


Menelaus called numerous leaders to get Helen back.