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This handbook is a survival manual from the book, it will have stuff that they used to survive the whole way till they got rescued.

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Lord of the Flies Survival manual 

 BY: Leonardo Solis



used to make make a firebase and shelters and spears. the wood has to be dry in order to work for a firebase and a spear, you get the wood from the forest and get some that have already fallen down like you could use wood bark and tinder from the wood.

A Spear

Used to defend your self and to kill pigs for food. to make the spear you'll want to get a knife and carefully cut the ends sharp.

Piggy's Glasses 

Used to make a fire or a signal fire. to make the fire with piggy's glasses you put the glasses above your tinder and let the sunshine trough glasses and wait till the tinder starts smoking and blow carefully and then put it in the wood.

The Conch 

Used to call a meeting to fix some problems. to use the conch you have to blow from the small hole it will sound like a horn, first, you spat and then you blow and it won't work the first time unless you get lucky.