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Top 10 things you need to survive in the book, Lord of the Flies

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Top 5 things you need to 

             survive in the book, 

      Lord of the Flies 

1)  Water 

Your body needs water, and if it does not 

get water, then your kidneys shut down.

So bring water, or find water on the island 

and boil it to kill all the bacteria.

2) Food

We need food to provide nutrients.

Nutrients are substances that provide: 

energy for activity, growth, and all functions

 of the body such as breathing, digesting

food, and keeping warm; materials for the

 growth and repair of the body, and for 

keeping the immune system healthy.

3) Fire 

We need fire to signal for help, 

warmth, to cook and boil your water,

and keeps all the critters away during 

the night time.

4) Shelter 

You need shelter to keep you safe from all the beasties, 

snakes, pigs, all the small critters, and the 


5) Rescued 

Have a plan on how you are going to get rescued.

Wheather that be a fire signal, a radio, or a reflector, 

just have a plan on your way off the island. 

Follow these tips, and your 

chance of surviving in the book,   

 Lord of the Flies will increase.

Good Luck!

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