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Directions on using SB

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How To Create


A (Free)


Simple Booklet

Download Simple Booklet from the

Chrome Web Store.

Sign Up for an account using your Google Account. 

You Only Get


Free Booklets!


Start A Blank Booklet



Choose the Page Size



Create a Title for


Your Book

Choose the URL Name


This is Your Title Page.


Notice the tools!

The various types are set sizes - but you can change the size, color, font, etc.... Works like a typical word processor.

Text Types

When you click once on an image or a text box, the following tools will appear. 

The image of the pencil is an editing tool.


The palette is the style


element - this is the tool


to add borders, and


background color to a


text box.

You can add borders to

text boxes, change the

background color, and

make the text box pop


You can change the page background color.


The color will be the



same throughout the book.

Be Sure to Save

You Can Upload Images

To Edit the Image,


double click.


You can


  • CROP
  • ETC......

Because this is a free

 account, advertisements are


 part of the booklet. Click the

 bottom of the AD to get rid

 of it.

To preview your booklet,


click the EYE icon.

Once you are done - SAVE.









Even after you save, you can return to your dashboard

and EDIT.

There are various ways to share your booklet.

Please check with your teacher.