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Living the Arriva Values
Living the Values
Great Journeys delivered by our Passionate, Professional and People
Focussed colleagues already support and demonstrate the Arriva Values
We want you to help your teams to understand how they demonstrate
each of the values in the things that they already do
The following slides are some examples of feedback from the senior
manager workshop
See if you can build on these examples with your teams.
One Arriva
XC Cup
The Village
Improvement Networks
Office 365/Skype
Great Customer Experience
Improved fleet reliability
Recruiting the right people with the right skills
Delivering Great Journeys
Providing mentors and coaches
RED’s understanding other departments
Sharing best practice
STAR Awards
Mind Your Own Business and Customer Panels
Doing the Right Thing
Supporting colleagues in their decisions
Empowering people
Constructive feedback
Getting relevant information to front line
Destination Green
Putting safety first
Continuous improvement
Rigid and robust training to the front line
Thinking Beyond
One to ones and Performance Reviews
Challenging the norms
Reviewing our suppliers to ensure Value for Money
Employing new technology
Mind Your Own Business Workshops
Encouraging Great Ideas
10K Challenge
Senior Management and Management Workshops