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When Johnny finds the hat of his brother, Kyle on the way to school his gets worried. It's now his mission to find his brother before it's too late. Now he's moving and has a limited time to find him. Will he find Kyle? Find out in Down Liverpool Street.

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Down Liverpool Street

Ethan Evarts

One Mile

     "Goodbye sweety!" said Isiah's mom, "Make sure your your back at two, okay?" "Okay mom." Isiah said. He gave his mom a big hug and said, "It's just one mile." He walked out the front door and the only sound you could here was the closing of the door and the turning of the lock. 

     "Just one mile." Isiah said to himself, "I can do that!" It had only passed three minutes and he was very tired. He was leaning forward ready to pass out. He stopped in front of a lamp post to see the time. It was one thirty, he was surprised by this. Now that he looked around he was lost. He looked at the street sign. It must be new because he'd never heard of this street. Isiah read it a loud, "Liverpool Street"

     On his way back home, he read all the street names. Strangely, every one said the same thing, "Liverpool Street" Sign after Sign, until he recognized one street but still had the name. Before he got into his street and went home he sat down at the side of a fire hydrant. He could hear a heavy breathing sound followed by footsteps. He looked around but saw no one around. The last thing he could here was, "Liver.....pool, is MINE!" The sounds got louder now. Circling around him! "Liverpool, is MINE!" a voice said. He saw a shape that looked like a hockey mask before he felt a cold slash across his chest. Isiah looked down. He saw a cold streak of light red blood rushing down his body around his ripped shirt. He fell flat to his knees. A chill went down his spine. He fell on the floor as everything around him fell into a bottomless pit, including him.

     At Isiah's house his family started to worry. He was supposed to back an hour ago. Isiah's brother, Joseph was looking outside for his little brother. He turned the corner of one the streets and read the name. "Liverpool Street" he was also very unfamiliar with this street. He walked a little down the corner. Red splashes were scattered around the street. The next thing he saw was a knife covered in the splashes of red everywhere. The thing he din't like the


  most was the last thing there. His brother's bright yellow hat, in the center of a big red puddle. He turned it over and saw the splash of paint still there from when he was only three years old. He sat there crying with his brother's hat in front of him. His family started running over one by one to see what had happened. They all just stood there and cried. By the time everyone was there was a mixture of blood and tears all over the street. Joseph was determined to find his brother or find out what happened to him! At home every one sat at the couch eating popcorn while they were crying. Joseph lied in his room thinking of a plan!