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This Booklet is about our Project we are doing in Biology It is called The Dinosaur Projects

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           Dinosaur Project 

                                    By: Brian Provost

This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex For short. This Dinosaur lived in the Maastrichtian age of the upper Cretaceous period and towards the end of the Mesozoic era 67 Million to 65 Million years ago.




The Tyrannosaurus t-rex lived in the western north america. Although they were always raoming around they usually stayed in hot areas sometimes they would be found in grassy swamp areas

The t-rex often laid there babies eggs in a nest usually made of twigs and other things they were kinda like birds when it came to nests. but unlike other dinosuars the T-rex would leave the eggs and never turn back leaving the babies to defend for themselves when they hatched

This is T-rex is has small arms but a very  big head and teeth bigger than your arm his teeth are very sharp that is why he uses them to attack and stike his prey since his arms are to small to use anything he will either use his teeth or his massive tail

My dinosaur the T-rex is going through a mutation right now and the mutation he is getting is longer arms so he can snatch up his prey instead of using his teeth and his tail he could use his arms

The T-rex was born with really small arms and big body so with this mutation it would help because he could run really quick with its body and snatch up its prey

The T-rex loved to roam around in the grassy swampy areas because that was usually where they would find there prey eating and drinking so when they were distracted the T-rex would attack

MY dinosaur survived its mutation and didnt go instinct because of not eating instead with his long arms he  caught a dinosaur and shared with another t-rex and they had kids who got the long arms trait from there dad