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The Lit Gumpta Celebration

beverages and food:

- lemonade

- brewed sweet tea

- cheeseburger

- good ol hotdog

- chips

our goal of this celebration is to raise money for the universities mathematics, literature and art programs. also with every ticket sold is a chance to win some sweet prizes. with that money the programs will be upgraded. the upgrade will create a better learning enviroment. also to inform people about achievements of the gupta empire.

you can also buy some souveniers 

- statue of a pharaoh 

- replica of the first math equation

- a painting of a pyramid

There will be beverages and plenty of food. Make sure to bring an extra dhoti for the water!


100% of the money made goes towards vikramashila and nalanda.


there will be some workshops available such as

- painting

- clay sculpturing

- mathematics

Hosted By Zane Evans On July 3rd-4th

admission fee: $15


there will be some contests like questions about achievements of the gupta empire. the first place winner will be awarded with a 2 foot trophy. second place will win a smaller trophy that says 2nd. third will win an even smaller trophy that says 3rd.