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by: Sam Kobi

A French Alphabet

L is for The Louvre

   Standing 162 feet high the Arc De Triomphe is one of France’s most visited attractions. A reason why it is so famous is that it was built for the great Napoleon. The big monument was built when Napoleon was at the peak of his success.  It was built after the French people found out that Napoleon won the battle of Austerlitz. Construction started in 1806 and it still stands tall to this day right in the center of France.


A is for Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe 

Stands very tall 

Built for Napoleon 

And to be seen by all

B is for Bagguette

Long tasty bread

Crispy, Soft and Hot

A yummy french treat

Not made in a pot


France is very famous for their bread. One of those bread is a baguette. A baguette is a long bread. It is used for crostinis, garlic bread and can be very tasty when dipped in a soup. This bread is made from yeast, flour, water, and salt. Would you like to try this delicious bread? 

The croissant has a very interesting history that goes all the way back to the 13th century. That was when there was something called the Kipferl, the ancestor of the croissant, back in Austria. It all started with an artillery officer named August Zang. He opened a Viennese bakery in Paris by the name of Boulangerie Viennoise. Many people enjoyed the Kipferl and changed it into a more flaky crescent-shaped breakfast, which, to this day, is called a croissant.


C is for Crossiant

At first it was Austrian 

And then it was French

Croissants come nice and flaky

As you eat it on a bench

D is for Dijon

The city of Dijon

What a beautiful sight

Mustard was created there

To taste, is such a delight

    Dijon is a very famous town in France. A big reason for this is that the popular Dijon Mustard was created there. It was created when Jean Naigeon of Dijon didn’t have any vinegar. Because of this, he substituted verjuice for vinegar. This mustard then became very popular in the town and spread across the world.  It is still, to this day, used in a variety of foods.


              The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous towers in the world. It was built for the world fair in 1889 to show how modern France’s architecture is. The tower became extremely famous at this widespread event. At first, it was planned to be torn down 20 years after it was built. It became so popular, though, that they decided not to. Today, it is, at 7 million visitors a year, the most popular tourist attraction in the world.


E is for Eiffel Tower

Right in the heart of France

A magnificent sight

The Eiffel Tower

It lights up at night

F is for Fromage

Yummy Yummy Fromage

Comes in all sizes and shapes

Creamy soft goodness

Delicious with grapes

Cheese is a very popular food in France. Fromage is the French word for cheese. It is used in many French dishes. These dishes include Fromage Fort, Souffle, Camembert, and Muscat Yogurt. Also, France is very famous for the cheeses they create. Some cheeses are Abondance, Brocciu Cara, Comte, Bleu D'auvergne and Cantal. With France’s wide variety of fromage, cheese must be used in a variety of dishes.


       Gilbert De Motier otherwise known as Lafayette was a very famous general. Lafayette was born on the 6th day of September in Chavaniac, France. He helped the Patriots and the French in the revolutionary war. A nickname of his was the hero of two worlds. He was friends with many important people such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He was also a key in winning the revolutionary war.


G is for General Moteir

Hooray for General Motier

He fought to victory 

In the battle of Brandywine

To make our country free

H is for Henri Matisse

A very good artist 

He paints very brightly

This man is Henri Matisse

He also paints lightly

    Henri Matisse had a very interesting heritage. He was born on New Year’s Eve,1869. He was raised in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France. He died on November 3rd, 1954 in Nice, France. His love of art came from the well-known painters Van Gogh and Paul Signac.When he was 20 years old his mother brought him a paint box and at that moment he fell in love with painting. This made his dad very disappointed. He was also inspired by some exhibitions at the Louvre that he saw. Throughout his art career, he worked alongside the great Pablo Picasso. To this day he is one of the most prominent artists in the world and can be viewed at museums such as MOMA and the Philadelphia Museum Of Art. Do you think you would be interested to see the paintings of this prominent artist?


   There are only two remaining islands in the Seine. One of them is the Ile De La Cite. This island has many fascinating things to see on it.  It is only 56 acres but is very beautiful. The medieval city was refounded there. On the west side of this island, there is a  beautiful palace from the Merovingian times. Maybe one day you will visit this magnificent site.


I is for Ile De La Cite

A little little island

What a beautiful sight 

You can come by anytime 

even at night

J is for Jardin De Luxembourg

Jardin De Luxembourg

A garden in France

There can be seen statues and pools

Where you romantically dance

  The Jardin De Luxembourg is an extremely beautiful garden. This magnificent garden is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. More specifically located in 75006 Paris, France. There you can see palaces, pools, and fountains. It has tons of greenery and would be a beautiful place to visit.


       The Le Grande K is a very interesting object. It is known as the perfect kilometer. The Le Grande K is in the shape of a cylinder. The Le Grande K is located in France because that is where the metric system was created. This object was created in 1898. People are not allowed to touch the Le Grande K. This is because if someone touched it the weight may change. It also is not allowed to be seen by anyone because it is in a bell jar. This is one of France’s coolest objects.


K is for Le Grande K

Forged in 1879

Then hidden away

The Le Grande K

Is what a kilogram is today

L is for the Louvre

When you explore the Louvre

You admire the walls

You see many paintings 

As you slowly walk down the halls

The Louvre has a very modern architecture. This museum was designed by Pierre Lescot, Louis Le Vau, and Claude Perrault. It was originally built as a fortress in the 12th century. It was built for King Philip. Later was turned into a museum on August 10th 1793. Do you think you would be interested in visiting this fascinating museum?

The Louvre has many different paintings fascinating paintings. But there is one that is the most popular of all that is the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo De Vinci. In 2016 7.4 million people came to visit the Louvre! There are a few other sculptures and paintings that are very famous such as the Venus De Milo or the code of Hammurabi or the winged victory as well as the Samorathe and for all that to get in it only takes 9 USD!



   Musee d'Orsay is a museum that is well-known all over the world. Musée D’Orsay located at 1 Rue De La Légion D’Honneur. The construction of this museum started in 1898. The main type of art that is displayed there is expressionism. The museum was designed by Gae Aulenti, Victor Laloux, and Emile Bernard. The type of design of the museum is Beaux-Arts Architecture. Would you be interested in visiting this fascinating museum?

is for Musee D'orsay

There are many museums in France

One of them is Musee D’orsay

It has beautiful paintings

You can even stay all day

N is for Notre-Dame De Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris

What a magnificent sight 

If you ever go to Paris

You must see it at twilight

    The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. It is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. More specifically on 6 Paris Notre Dame 75004 Paris. Construction started in 1163! About 13 million people visit this cathedral a year. It towers 69 meters high. Would you like to visit this old cathedral?


  The Paris opera has an interesting history about it. This opera was founded in 1669 by Louis XIV. Soon after it was owned by Jean Baptiste Lully. Every single year there are about 380 performances of opera, ballet and other concerts or performances. It is the most popular for being the first opera to present Phantom of the Opera. Come and see this spectacular Opera house.


O is for Paris Opera

Go to an opera

Go to La Traviata

You really like it

And listen to a sonata

is for Pain Au Chocolat

Yummy Yummy Chocolate Bread

Flaky, Chocolaty, and tasty

Can be eaten hot or cold

 try this delicious pastry

  Pain Au Chocolat is a very popular French dessert. Another name for this pastry is Chocolate Bread or chocolatine. It is a viennoiserie sweet roll. The dessert can be eaten hot or cold. The Pain au chocolat is one of the ancestors of the croissant. Are you going to try this sweet pastry?


     Quebec is a province located in Canada. Quebec was once a French colony. To this day one of Quebec’s primary languages is French. Montreal is the most visited city in Quebec. In Montreal, you can see the Montreal Biodome, the Montreal Botanical garden, and Mount Royal.  There have been rumors in the past that the people of Quebec would like to separate from the rest of Canada. So would you like to visit this amazing province?


Q is for Quebec

If you live in Canada 

Go to Quebec

There are so many things to see

I assure you it won’t take a sec

is for the French Riviera

The French Riviera

What a beautiful sight

On the coast of the Mediterranean

It looks lovely at night

The French Riviera is located on the very alive Mediterranean. It is located in Southeastern part of France. It has many gorgeous beaches. At first, it was a health retreat. It later attracted many artists for its beauty. To this day is still a very big tourist attraction.  


        St. Louis was a very famous saint. He was once the king of France. His reign lasted from November 8th, 1226 to August 25th, 1270. He was born in 1214 which made him 12 years old when he began his reign. He died in Tunisia’s capital Tunis. He took part in the 7th and the 8th crusade. He died in the 8th crusade which he lost his life to dysentery.


S is for St.Louis

St. Louis the 9th

Was a very great king

He took part in a few crusades

And asked his subjects to kiss his ring

T is for Toulouse

If you live in the Octane region

Visit Toulouse

Why not go? 

You’ve got nothing to lose

 Toulouse is the capital of the Octane region of France. It is near the Spanish border. Through it spills the Garonne River. It is the 4th largest city in France. It has many amazing landmarks to visit such as the Canal Du Midi, the Garonne River, and the Basilica. So remember if you ever go to France don’t forget to visit Toulouse.



France is a very rainy country. In Bourg-Saint-Maurice they had 110 days of rain which adds up to 986 millimeters. Another city with a lot of rain is Grenoble with 106 days of rain. Lyon had 104 days of rain with 934 millimeters. So remember if you ever go to France don’t forget your umbrella.

U is for Umbrella

If you go to France

There will be rain

So take your umbrella

But not to Ukraine

V is for Vichyssoise

Are you hungry? 

Want a soup?

Try the Vichyssoise 

No matter what age group

   Vichyssoise is a popular French soup. This soup is made from leeks, potatoes, onions, and cream. It was created in New York by a chef at the Ritz-Carlton who was French. Vichyssoise was named after a French town. This is where the inventor lived.Would you be interested in trying this delicious soup?


    Europe is famous for its classical Music especially the waltz. Especially France. Claude Debussy was a French composer. He was very famous for the waltz that he composed many waltzes. A few famous ones are Valse Romantique and Golliwog’s Cakewalk. Why don’t you listen to some classical music?


W is for Waltz

France has beautiful waltz

To dance waltz you need skill 

You can dance anytime

But not when your ill.

X is for Xavier University

Xavier University

Located in a french “outpost”

Shows pride and diversity

About which you can boast

     Xavier University has a lot of French influence.This university is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before the Louisiana purchase, the French were in control of Louisiana. To this day there is tons of French influence in Louisiana. So not long after the purchase of Louisiana  Xavier University was created.


   Yugoslavia is a country that faced France many times in the past in the sport of soccer but now does not exist. France and Yugoslavia have faced each other many times in the sport of soccer. They have faced each other 26 times. They have drawn 9 times, France won 7 times and the rest Yugoslavia won. This must have been an interesting rivalry.


is for Yugoslavia

The sport of soccer is popular

In countries such as France

Yugoslavia and France played each other

And they both had a chance

is for Beauval Zoo

There are many exciting zoos in France

One of them is the Beauval Zoo

You can see many animals

Maybe even some blue

   The Beauval Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in France. It is located in Saint-Aignan. The Zoo has many interesting animals such as Birds, Sloths, Great Apes, and Manatees. As well as African Elephants, Indian rhinos, Malayan Tapirs, and Antelopes. Do you think you would like to visit this fascinating zoo?

















Peut être





Have A Nice Day

Bonne journée

How are you

Comment allez-vous

Phrases in French