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Sharing to the work of Project X - Singapore.

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Project X – Singapore the Sex
Workers' Organization
8 February 2017 ] By Lisa Ja'afar
Project X Singapore, currently are the only non-profit collective movement
organization to addressed whilst advocating against the myriad civil domestics
issues faces by the diversity gender sex workers community in Singapore. Where,
the Project X peer-educator staff had specifically choose "More Than Just Condoms'
as the organizational tagline in reflecting to the advocacy work for the sex workers
to be access in recognition over their human rights privilege, aside from the weekly
outreached meet up session among the local and migrant diversity gender of the
Singapore sex workers community.
About us
Project X - Singapore, the social change organization movement approached was established during 2008, co-founder by
Wong Yock Lee a Singaporean female social workers and sex workers ally, of recognizing to the social barriers of
Singapore migrant sex workers for not able to be access over their reproductive healthcare treatment. Where the initial
objective for the organization was to fill the gap in the welfare and social structural systems of the country. The
leadership and the overall management for the organization change during 2012, where the co-founder of Project X
recommended to introduced of using a younger females leadership of having the vibrant, passion and charismatic
characteristic leadership in handling to the movement-building and to be engaged working along with the sex workers
community in Singapore.
Don't Leave Us Out.....
Yes, for so long the Singapore diversity gender sex workers
community have also been suffering against the aggression act to
the prejudice, discriminatory, violence and harmful actions, and
injustices action responsible action contributed by the local state
government and the homonormative people of Singapore;
Project X Singapore, had introduce the Abuser Alert page
where sex workers could come forward to filed for report
against abusive clients, harassing and violence action that the
sex workers faced during their sex work or even any incident
attributed from their personal lives.
Invited for public talks by having articulate discussion with
the Singapore social society as to educate on the reality facts
about the ongoing co-exist prejudice, discriminatory and
injustices treatment that the sex workers are facing in
Singapore sex industry.
Collaborating with the other civil society organization,
researchers, students and instutional against the violation on
the sex workers human rights privilege, advocating to the
state actors and government in providing for a clearer and
transparency social policy legitimacy over the current par se
sex work policy.
As one of the high-income country listed by the OECDE,
Project X Singapore have come to terms with the rejection
due to the prerequisites criteria eligibility requirement listed
by the international and regional grants funder and due to the
stigma against the sex work notion, to even secure for a local
funder that accommodate towards the Project X Singapore
terms, by supporting the sex workers rather than undermine
sex workers rights and the self-determination recognition
from the sex workers community. And the co-need of creating
the awareness among all funders that as non-profit
organization based at Singapore, grant funders should not
associate the residency work place of the movement as the
barriers to denied over the social change movement
engagement that we need to achieve.
Solidarity with the global sex workers movement on the 3
The group, which also raises funds
through corporate donations, aims to
raise $10,000 through this platform
by early September. The sum can
fund activities at its community
center for a year, where sex workers
- including transgender sex workers -
can gather, attend talks given by
lawyers, and go for art workshops or
To quote one of the sex workers
voices from the self-narrative
interviewed. 'I actually came from a
family of ministers. My aunts and
uncles are all pastors and worship
leaders so it was pretty difficult for
me to transition. To them, it was the
ultimate betrayal.They couldn’t
understand why I was transitioning
and would quote paragraphs to me
from the bible telling me how
transitioning was a sin."
Project X Singapore First Public Event
In conjunction with the International Sex Workers' Rights Day on the 3rd
March 2017, the working team for Project X Singapore which include the
peer-educator staff and volunteer sex workers ally staff have decided to
hold for the first time public event to the Project X fundraising campaign
2017. Where the main objective for the event are not only to seeks for
the crowd-funding, but also to mark on the awareness in solidarity with
the other global sex workers' movement over the co-purpose that prompt
to the social change movement recognition existent over the
International Sex Workers' Rights Days.
Based, on Singapore notorious image, for the country lacked of
recognition with the UN Human Rights Covenant Charted in allowing for
the people of Singapore, to recognize with their freedom of expression
especially for lobbying or even to conduct peaceful march in challenging
or protesting against the state government and actors towards the silent
and hidden atrocity act over the dominance and oppression in the way
how the country have been governance for the past 52 years.Using an
alternative avenue of avoiding by not getting any unnecessary attraction
from the stringent regulation laws policy of the country, whilst still fury
of conducting for the crowdfunding campaign as to sustain in securing for
the financial situation of the organization.
Where the upcoming event campaign highlights promotion to the local
public society and the sex workers community, the working team for
Project X Singapore, have collaborated with Dear Straight People the
local online magazine and the volunteer local sex workers by using an
innovative approached to conduct an self-narrative interviewed stories in
revealing on the insight stories over the livelihood to be living among the
conservatives mindset culture of the social societies whilst facing to the
life journey obstacle and achievement coming from the diversity gender
sex workers community in Singapore.
And for the very first time to the Singapore sex industry history, where
the local diversity gender sex workers have come together by giving the
approval consent not only just to reveal about their personal lives, but
where some of the interviewed diversity gender sex workers have gained
the ultimate bravery and courage of having their faces to be published
out in the local online magazine for the article of Untold Stories: Sex
Workers Are Human Too .
Progress achievements aims
in sustaining for the
movement action co-exist
in Singapore
Recognizing to the local context
intersectionality over the country social
policy and the acceptance in allowing
the people of Singapore to recognize
over their freedom of expression, are to
generate by using the critical thinking
approach rather to be associate with
having the parochialism, juxtaposed
and the cherry-picked attribute in
addressing for the social change
movement-building to be address in
Whilst it will take a longer period of
time before the conservatives culture
people of Singapore could really
absorbed by having the fully acceptance
over the need for social justices
movement-building awareness to be
addressed in the country. Yet that did
not deterrent over the ongoing fighting
spirit attitude coming from the working
team of Project X Singapore, to
reciprocal by incorporating with using
the critical thinking and innovations
approached on finding for any
alternative core-solution in advancing
for the continuity movement action,
and prompt for the co-existent needs in
retaining for the sustainability to the
overall operational management
running for the Project X Singapore
Project X Singapore #Movement Matter
Advocating for sex workers is expensive work. Last year, non-
governmental organization Project X spent $90,000 on outreach
programmed, rent, staff salaries and condoms.
Meanwhile, it is not easy to get donations from the public. "Sex work
is a topic that nobody wants to talk about," said Ms. Vanessa Ho, 28,
director at Project X, the only NGO here focused solely on helping sex
And to allowed for Project X Singapore movement engagement
recognition to reached the achievement progress. Do check out the
crowdfunding page of Project X Singapore at Popping the cherry to the
Project X fundraising campaign.
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