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May be you live somewhere here…
and have a house to rent, somewhere here…
It might seem like a big task…
Promoting Showing Agreement
Listing on web portals
and informing a few agents
Showing your property
to interested leads
Choosing a renter and
handing over the property
and then receiving the rent for a few months…
…before the process starts again!
But in reality there are few more things to be done…
Unscheduled Visits Negotiations Police Verification
at odd times those uncomfortable discussions unavoidable processes
Repairs Inadequate Notice
Unpaid Bills
Delayed Rent
managing multiple vendors not enough time to find new renter
a few avoidable calls
and hence the follow-ups
And an yearly trip to see the property
And a possibility of some more things…
Issues With
Arguments With
Society Members
Issue With Rent
And may be an unscheduled visit forced by circumstances
So it seems, renting a property comes with…
Few Extra Calls One Or Two Trips Few Sleepless Nights
Sometimes when you
are rushing in for a meeting
Instead of taking your
family on a vacation
As if your day job’s stress
was not enough
and of course...
Bit Of
Running Around
Vacant Months Once
In A While
What if, someone could take care of it all?
letting you focus on what
you like to do
say hello to
Modern Hassle-free Way To Rent Out Property
Since 2005
Managing Properties
in Pune
Official Renting Partner
of Mont Vert
Your house rented in 3 weeks
Modern Hassle-free Way To Rent Out Property
No Calls To AttendTrust-worthy Renter No Showing Around Best Possible Rent
We do all the running around…
When you are
looking for a renter
Or even when you
have a renter
Promoting the property
Agreement & Formalities
Police Verification
Showing to leads
Rent Negotiations
Collecting Timely Rent
Cost Effective Repair
Resolving Issues with Others
Furniture Repairs
Ensuring Bill Payments
So that you may, focus on work,
when in office…
…and enjoy your drink,
when on a vacation
…but never have to worry about
your property!
So if you have this…
And you are looking for this…
Trust-worthy Renter
Best Possible Rent
Without having to do any of this…
Modern Hassle-free Way To Rent Out Property
Then talk to us today!