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Long ago during 1971 in Singapore, there was a supermarket named Lion Market. There lived a cranky old man who went by Mr. Jones. His store was quite popular for the large quantities and variety of produce. It was pretty much a regular successful supermarket. Did I mention the animals there spoke?

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By: William Ponce, Esmeralda Rico, kenny bui, and delaine dao

Lion Market Mishap 

Long ago during 1971 in Singapore, there was a supermarket named Lion Market. There lived a cranky old man who went by Mr. Jones. His store was quite popular for the large quantities and variety of produce. It was pretty much a regular successful supermarket. Did I mention the animals there spoke?


The dog, Old Major, raced around the store pushing customers away. A raw piece of meat was clenched in his jaws, while his paws collided with the floor.


"I finally got food! I need to share it with the others, they must be starving," said Old Major.


"Get back here right now! Bad dog!" screamed Mr. Jones.


Mr. Jones grabbed Old Major by the ears and dragged him across the floor, making him drop the meat. Once they reached the other side of the supermarket, he threw the dog into a cage and locked it.


"You are a selfish dog that is disrespectful. You just ruined my business!" shouted Mr. Jones.



The animals one by one sat around Old Major to listen to what he had to say. First came Squealer, the koi fish, inside a fishbowl. Pushing the fishbowl was a Napoleon, the mouse.


"Hey Squealer, did you know that Dr Benjamin Henry Sheares became the second President of Singapore? I can’t believe he actually got elected. Who would even vote for him?" asked Napoleon. 


"Napoleon. I don't care." stated Squealer.


"Dave the koi fish just left the store. I wonder where are all the animals are going?" asked Clover.


"We shouldn’t question our future all the animals come and go and we have never questioned it. Why now?" questioned Napoleon.


"I know I’m new here but don’t you guys know they the animals are being sold as food?" said Benjamin in a confused voice.


"What? Where did you get that information from?" asked Clover.


"There are price tags on the fish and animals. Isn’t obvious?" said Benjamin


"I can't read or count. Can you teach us because I still can’t believe it?" asked Clover.


As the two months flew by the animals were taught by Benjamin. They learned how to add certain numbers and read the signs around the store. Before he was sent to the supermarket, he was a classroom pet and got his knowledge from there.

"Tonight we have gathered here to tell you that we have waited long enough with the Mr. Jones bossing us around and selling us for money. Squealer! Mr. Jones will eventually sell you can you will be devoured by filthy humans! Do you really want that? We need to chase this monster away!" declared Napoleon. 


All the animals were on the edge, grasping onto every word Napoleon said. They believed him in an instant without a single doubt. By the time he finished his speech, every animals was on their hind legs shouting with agreement. For the past few months of Benjamin teaching them, they learned that they were being sold for food.


"And how are we going to do this?" asked squealer.


Then came busting through the doors was Boxer, being late as always.


"What did I miss?" asked Boxer.


Boxer was a canine dog, the strongest out of the others. He worked for the local Singapore Police Station, but Old Major and him are good friends.


"We all want to get rid of Mr. Jones, we will need your help." 


"And how will we do that?" questioned Boxer.


"That is exactly what Squealer just asked. That is why we brought all of you here for. We need ideas on how to get rid of this monster. Any ideas Benjamin?" asked Napoleon.

"I don't really care," stated Benjamin.


Benjamin was the oldest out of them all. He was a fat hamster that does what he is asked to, nothing more and nothing less. On the other hand, Clover was a Turtle. She's the most nurturing one out of all the others. She liked everyone and she respected everyone.


"They did sell my children for money too. That's bad right?" asked Clover.


"Of course how could you even doubt it in the first place? We will avenge your kids!" exclaimed Napoleon.


As they continued the conversation into the night, the plan was finally created. Because the fish tanks were the closest to the entrance of the store, that morning they planned for all of the fish to jump out of their tanks, causing commotion. As Mr. Jones is on his way to check out tanks, Benjamin and Clover will help the fish into smaller fish bowls and hide them in the corner. Once Mr. Jones arrived at the fish tanks, Boxer, Napoleon, Old Major, and all the other animals will charge in on Mr. Jones chasing him out of the supermarket.

"Are you guys ready to execute the plan?" asked Napoleon.


"Yes!" shouted all the animals.


By morning all the animals were in their positions waiting for their cue. As Mr. Jones came out, the fish were causing commotion, they were put into the bowl and hidden. The dogs came charging in with the rest of the animals trailing behind. Everything went successfully, leaving Mr. Jones sprinting as fast as his scrawny legs could carry him into the streets of Singapore.


"We have gotten rid of our enemy, tonight we will sleep peacefully and celebrate. Now on we will eat the food from the Lion Supermarket. Wait no now it is our Lion Supermarket!" says Old Major.


For the rest of the day they sat outside making sure none of the customers could enter.


"Guys, guys! Look, they're talking about our market on the news. Come now, come now!" shouted Napoleon.


As all the animals rushed to the TV they saw a man reporting about the Lion Supermarket.


"Now for our next story, our local supermarket, Lion Market, is now declared out of business after this morning when we saw a whole crowd of people crowded the entrance of the supermarket. The owner of this market goes by the name of, Mr Jones, was not found in the store but yet we see a crowd of animals. Did the animals get loose? Stay tuned for more information!" said the news reporter.

Now all of Singapore knows about the incident that occurred and to that day, and not a single human dares to put a single footstep into that store.

The End


 because the animals were educated and understood equailty, they were able successfully continue their business.