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Limavady High School Prospectus

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL making connections shaping futures LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 1 04 12 2018 16 37

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Limavady High School is a controlled co educational school which offers a comprehensive education to all children living in Limavady town and the wider Roe Valley area The catchment area extends from Coleraine to Derry Londonderry and beyond The school is staffed to deal efficiently with all ability levels ranging from those who are potential A Level candidates to those who require additional help in the basic subjects The school has an expertly staffed Special Needs provision and provides a full range of learning activities Limavady High School has adjusted well to meet the rapid changes which are taking place in education Our prospectus is designed to help inform parents of many of these developing areas LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL IRISH GREEN STREET LIMAVADY COUNTY LONDONDERRY BT49 9AN Telephone 028 777 62526 Fax No 028 777 64102 Email info limavadyhigh limavady ni sch uk Website limavadyhigh co uk Facebook facebook com limavadyhigh Twitter twitter com limavadyhigh LEADERSHIP TEAM Mr D Mornin Principal Miss L Fisher Vice Principal Pastoral Mrs S Rosborough Vice Principal Curriculum Mrs J Cartwright SENCO Mr L Irvine Finance Mrs J Calvin CEAIG VEP Co ordinator ENROLMENT 770 AGE RANGE 11 18 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 2 04 12 2018 16 37

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4 Curriculum 7 STEM 11 Welcome Special Educational Needs Pastoral Care 14 12 Core Values and Student Voice 18 Careers 20 17 School Day Assessment and Reporting Uniform 22 Shared Education 27 Sports 28 21 24 Arts Extra Curricular Activities Youth Club PTA LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 3 31 30 29 04 12 2018 16 40

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WELCOME Welcome to Limavady High School an all ability 11 19 post primary school situated in the Roe Valley in the North West of County Londonderry Northern Ireland We are delighted that you are interested in finding out more about our school By reading this information you can begin to develop a flavour of what it is like to be part of our school community W e are a family school and are very proud of our Christian ethos and values The school motto Making Connections Shaping Futures embodies everything that we aim to achieve We are an inclusive school committed to excellence providing a challenging learning environment with high expectations enabling all pupils to realise and fulfil their true potential academically socially spiritually and personally We work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils are empowered and encouraged to work hard Limavady High School has a very proud tradition of being a Child Centred school developing the whole individual to become a confident articulate and effective contributor to the local and wider community To help us achieve this we believe in the power of connection rather than control Our pastoral system is based on firm tenets and principles which enable us to get the best from our students We as a school recognise the uniqueness of each pupil and that the success of our pupils is directly linked to the working partnership that we have between staff pupils and parents With the help and support of these key stakeholders and the wider community we are confident that all our young people will be able to meet the challenges of the twenty first century with confidence We hope that this prospectus provides you with some information about the wide range of activities and opportunities at the school Please also feel free to explore our website or Facebook page at your leisure and if you need to talk to us please do not hesitate in contacting the school office Mr D N Mornin B Sc Hons P G C E P Q H N I Principal 4 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 4 04 12 2018 16 40

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MISSION STATEMENT At the heart of Limavady High School lies the Christian belief that each individual is unique and valuable Our mission is to provide a secure caring happy and challenging learning environment in which all individuals are encouraged to respect others and develop to their maximum potential as members of the school and the wider community 5 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 5 04 12 2018 16 40

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I have really enjoyed my first month at LHS I ve made lots of new friends and love the wide range of new subjects Andrew Year 8 6 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 6 04 12 2018 16 40

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CURRICULUM Key Stage 3 At Limavady High School our Key Stage 3 curriculum provision meets the statutory requirements set out in the Northern Ireland Curriculum Each subject contributes to the development of Communication Using Mathematics and ICT whilst developing thinking skills and personal capabilities The school has recently introduced mixed ability Year 8 form classes All pupils have Personal Development on Friday period 1 The Personal Development Curriculum is designed to help pupils gain the skills knowledge and understanding they need to lead healthy independent lives and to become informed active and responsible citizens Subjects English Music Home Economics Maths I C T Learning for Life Work French Spanish Geography Personal Development History Science Religious Education Art Design Technology Design Physical Education Drama Media Studies 7 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 7 04 12 2018 16 40

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Key Stage 4 At Limavady High School we offer a broad and exciting Key Stage 4 curriculum Pupils have the opportunity to choose a range of subjects appropriate to their interests career aspirations and abilities The pupils are We currently offer a range of qualifications including GCSE and Vocational Qualifications courteous and articulate and display a positive disposition to school life Core Subjects English Maths I C T Physical Education Non exam LLW Non exam Religious Education Non exam Key Stage 4 Options Comments from the Inspector s visit March 2017 Science Double Art Design History Science Single Drama Geography Technology Design Moving Image Arts Home Economics Graphic Products Media Studies Child Development French Music Health Social Care Double Religious Education English Literature Physical Education G C S E Business Studies Travel Tourism Princes Trust ACHIEVE Communication Application of Number Leisure Tourism Occupational Studies Carpentry Joinery Graphic Design Digital Technologies Cuisine Baking Business Services Engineering Services Some Occupational Studies qualifications are delivered at North West Regional College by specialist tutors Our partnership with the college allows pupils to access courses we are not able to provide in school 8 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 8 04 12 2018 16 40

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Post 16 Provision By working closely with our partners in the Roe Valley Learning Community we are able to offer Limavady High School pupils a broad range of Level 3 subjects The subjects offered include both general and applied AS A Level and BTEC qualifications Pupils can choose to study subjects offered in St Mary s High School Limavady Grammar School St Patricks School Dungiven and North West Regional College Timetables are co ordinated to allow pupils to move seamlessly from one institution to another Subjects Offered English Literature Art ICT Travel Tourism Performing Arts Sports Studies Applied Biology Health Social Care Double Engineering Home Economics Physics Chemistry Applied Science Technology Design Physical Education Religious Education History Music Health Social Care Single Moving Image Arts Product Design Built Environment Comments from the Inspector s visit Maths Business Studies March 2017 French Politics History Child Development Media Studies Spanish Through a range of Leadership opportunities such as the School Council Anti Bullying Ambassadors and Bus Mentors the pupils have opportunities to develop their wider skills and capabilities and to contribute to the improvement of their school Digital Technology 9 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 9 04 12 2018 16 40

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Literacy and Numeracy A t Limavady High School School we believe that pupils literacy and numeracy skills are the key to educational progress Our Literacy and Numeracy Policies outline the strategies and approaches which are used in order to ensure that each child becomes equipped with the necessary language knowledge understanding and skills to give them the best opportunities in life Our Literacy Policy highlights the and interpreting data charts and importance of using a range of teaching diagrams To support and reinforce the strategies across the curriculum to learning of these skills pupils take part in meet the needs of all our pupils Our a range of mathematical activities These classrooms are active fun and secure can be carried out within Maths classes learning environments which cater for the through the use of My Maths software needs of every individual child as part of a Maths Fun Day on line We have many initiatives aimed at developing the literacy skills of all pupils For example Accelerated Reader to foster a love of reading and identify underachievement sponsored reads for local charities DEAR Drop Everything and Read sessions Book Club and numerous other events and competitions are run throughout the school year Numeracy includes essential skills such as solving problems understanding and explaining the solutions making decisions competitions and activities involving to recognise Pi Day It is also important that pupils are able to transfer skills learned within Maths to other subjects Staff are able to highlight the mathematical content within their subject and present it to the pupils using an appropriate method Our aim is to equip pupils with the ability to cope confidently with the demands of further education employment and adult life based on logical thinking and reasoning 10 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 10 04 12 2018 16 40

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STEM There are job opportunities across all occupational areas in Northern Ireland but there is higher demand in occupations It was great to see how science is taught at University and to use all the different equipment they had I really enjoyed my day Year 10 pupil commenting on Science Day in QUB relating to Science Technology Engineering and Maths STEM As the world becomes increasingly technology dependent it is anticipated that the range of businesses emerging around the STEM areas will grow significantly This will require people to get a good education in STEM subjects W ith this in mind Limavady High School puts a focus on giving pupils access to information and events to both increase their knowledge of and their interest in this area Work has been developed to involve the wider community including parents partner schools local businesses and a range of providers Local primary schools are also supported in their delivery of the STEM curriculum In addition to after school computer and science clubs and the provision of a wide range of STEM subjects within the LHS curriculum a number of events focusing on STEM are held each year 11 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 11 04 12 2018 16 40

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SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS A t Limavady High School we believe in taking a child centred approach to special educational needs recognising the importance of getting to know our pupils as individuals with their own personalities interests strengths and areas of difficulty We strive to provide the best possible educational experience for all our pupils regardless of their special need Our SENCO manages and co ordinates all matters relating to SEN provision including interventions and support programmes working closely with pupils parents subject teachers the VP Pastoral and the HOY Team as well as with a wide range of Outside Agencies The Learning Support Teacher provides additional teaching in literacy and numeracy offering focused programmes of support and a team of Classroom Assistants provide additional adult support both inside and outside of the classroom Pupil voice is important to us as is open and honest communication with parents We believe in working together to ensure that our pupils are helped to overcome their difficulties so that they can achieve success and be happy in school 12 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 12 04 12 2018 16 40

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My Classroom Assistant helps me a lot She makes sure I have all the notes I need for my GCSE exams and she helps me to revise She really helps me to understand my Science Thomas Year 12 I like the small groups in LSU Sometimes we play games to help us learn I am learning to read better Sarah Year 8 13 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 13 04 12 2018 16 40

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PASTORAL CARE Pastoral Care in the school monitors the academic and behavioural progress of each child The Heads of Year and Form Tutors work together to develop a sound understanding of and a close relationship with each pupil T he Pastoral Care provision in Limavady High School develops our pupils as individual young people as well as learners As a school we strive to create an ethos and the conditions which promote our Core Vales Respect Integrity Personal Responsibility Fairness Teamwork and High Expectations Our Pastoral Team work together to develop a sound understanding of and a close relationship with each pupil Each Head of Year oversees the pupils in their particular Year group and is always glad to discuss academic progress as well as emotional well being The school welcomes contact with parents and sees good communication between home and school as crucially important We seek to work in partnership with parents for the benefit of the child Vice Principal Pastoral Care and Head of Year 8 are also the Designated Child Protection Teachers in school They work closely with a range of agencies to ensure that our pupils are happy safe and protected both inside 14 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 14 04 12 2018 16 40

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and outside of school One such agency is the school s counselling service Familyworks which provides specialist support available to all pupils upon request A range of strategies are in place to ensure that our pupils are listened to and to encourage them to play a central role in the life and work of the school The School Council and a Student Leadership Team meet on a regular basis to discuss school issues and every Form Class has their own pupil representatives Pupils are involved in policy reform decisions and focus groups take place every month to ensure that our young people are central to self evaluation and improvement As well as the normal reporting system the school operates an incentive scheme to encourage pupils to uphold and promote the school s ethos Success in the scheme leads to the presentation of Bronze Silver and Gold Star Awards at the end of the year In Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to gain the Excellence Award which may lead to becoming a Prefect in Year 12 This is just one of the many ways in which our Promoting Positive Behaviour system is supported The school s behaviour management policy is both fair and considered We expect high standards of personal and social conduct to be promoted as much by our pupils as it is by our staff We believe in connection rather than control which means working with pupils to resolve conflicts and reflect on their behaviour The The teachers help and listen to any problems I trust them and know if anything was to happen they would keep us safe Bethany Year 9 Pastoral Care team apply principals of restorative practice in their work with our pupils We seek to keep parents informed and involved at all times in this process 15 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 15 04 12 2018 16 40

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The best thing about being on our School Council is coming up with new ideas It s great to be able to give feedback and know that our opinions will be considered 16 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 16 A Year 11 pupil 04 12 2018 16 40

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CORE VALUES AND STUDENT VOICE W e believe that we can best achieve our School aims through the promotion of our agreed core valves Respect Integrity Personal Responsibility Fairness Teamwork and High Expectations Each year in September pupils nominate Enjoy and feel empowered by their two class representatives School Council education elections take place to appoint the year Feel that their school responds to their group representatives needs The main role of School Council Members is to represent their year group and be a voice representing the pupil body They do this by raising issues and concerns at each monthly meeting as well as giving their year group feedback about what has happened at each meeting It is important that pupils feel that they have a voice that they are listened to and our school council is very active in engaging pupils in all aspects of school life School council helps our young people to Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them Have a say about decisions play an active role in making their school a better place Develop active life skills through participating School Council members are also Anti Bully Buddies They wear a specially designed badge so that pupils can easily recognise them and are fully trained in their role by external agencies 17 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 17 04 12 2018 16 40

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SCHOOL DAY T he school day begins at 8 55am with assembly or form class Each period lasts 35 minutes with double periods for practical subjects There is a morning break of 15 minutes and a single lunch of 40 minutes Lunch times are closely supervised by teaching and support staff with a variety of lunch time clubs for pupils to avail of The school day ends at 3 25pm All the Post Primary schools in the Roe Valley Learning Community attempt to co ordinate timings to facilitate movement between sites Timings of the school day may be revised and amended from time to time 18 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 18 04 12 2018 16 40

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School Meals Lunches are served in the school canteen which operates on a cafeteria basis using Digital Imaging Money may be loaded by payment with cheques at the school canteen or by coin note machines at three locations in the building Each pupil will have their finger print digitally imaged when they enroll in school At present a substantial meal can be purchased for approximately 2 60 However parents receiving Supplementary Benefit or Family Income Supplement are entitled to free school meals in accordance with an income scale determined by the Government Please check the I love going to the canteen It has a great range of food and gives us plenty of healthy options for our break and lunch Robert Year 10 relevant websites on how to apply Packed lunches may be eaten in the canteen or senior cloak room Pupils in Years 8 12 are not permitted to leave the school grounds at break or lunchtime Students in sixth form are permitted to leave the grounds at lunchtime This is in recognition of their increasing maturity Transport Children are entitled to free transport if they live more than three miles from the school all distances measured by the shortest route The EA pays Ulsterbus for each annual bus ticket and these are issued to those entitled to them on the first day of the autumn term Children therefore may travel without a ticket on the first morning When an annual bus ticket is lost the pupil is expected to pay 20 00 for a replacement This charge is made by Ulsterbus and not the school 19 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 19 04 12 2018 16 40

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CAREERS L imavady High School provides a comprehensive and high quality programme of careers education information and guidance which is not limited to specific careers and employability lessons Links to the world of work are actively identified by subject teachers The focus of Careers Education at Key Stage 3 is to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge to self evaluate formulate realistic action plans and develop an awareness of careers within our local area and further afield In Year 10 all pupils have a careers interview with a member of the careers team to enable them to make choices about their GCSE courses based on their progress aptitude and career plans At Key Stage 4 the main focus is on making plans for post GCSE choices with consideration of academic and vocational courses in Sixth Form and Colleges of Further Education Pupils have opportunities to learn about the world of work through a work experience placement in Year 11 In addition they study how to prepare CVs fill in application forms and present themselves effectively at interview Each Year 12 pupil has an individual interview with the Careers Adviser from the Careers Service NI In Sixth Form the focus is on making informed and appropriate choices about post 18 career pathways and includes work experience in Year 13 Pupils can self refer for further guidance from the Careers Adviser as needed Year 14 pupils attend Open Days and receive guidance in making applications to universities and to higher education courses in local colleges Alternatives including apprenticeships and other vocational routes are also discussed 20 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 20 04 12 2018 16 40

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ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING A range of assessment tools is used at varying stages during the year to determine how a pupil is progressing in terms of Subject specific Knowledge and Understanding Subject specific Skills and the Cross Curricular Skills of Communication Using Mathematics and Using ICT A system of Tracker data and refined target setting processes is used to identify any slip in standards or highlight areas which need to be developed during the course of a year Effective Assessment For Learning is high on our agenda and feedback to pupils will be given regularly on homework classroom practice on return of written tests coursework oral work presentations in various media practical tests and a main examination which is held in late May early June All pupils will receive a written annual report however parents are welcome to request a progress report from the Head of Year at any time At the end of Year 12 all pupils will receive a Progress File outlining major achievements including extra curricular participation and successes which may be presented to prospective employers or enhanced if the student proceeds to further education What does high quality learning and teaching look like in Limavady High School Everyone shows RESPECT Learning supports INDEPENDENCE All pupils are CHALLENGED All pupils are ENGAGED All pupils make good PROGRESS The Learning Environment reflects the LEARNING The teachers are caring helpful and have high expectations because they want us to do well Alison Year 10 21 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 21 04 12 2018 16 40

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UNIFORM The wearing of school uniform is expected as an integral part of school discipline It is considered that this promotes positive attitudes good standards and a suitable image in the eyes of the community Girls Boys FORMAL UNIFORM FORMAL UNIFORM Black knee length kick pleat skirt Black trousers Black standard trousers worn White shirt between Halloween and Easter School tie only Black pullover with school badge White shirt Black blazer with badge School tie Smart black shoes Black pullover with school badge Black outdoor coat without writing Black blazer with badge or emblems Smart black shoes no high heels School scarf optional Black tights or black knee length School half zip top optional socks Black outdoor coat without writing or emblems School scarf optional School half zip top optional Our school uniform and PE kit can can be purchased from a range of local suppliers in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough 22 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 22 04 12 2018 16 40

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23 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 23 04 12 2018 16 40

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SHARED EDUCATION Over thirty years experience of shared education makes Limavady High a model of excellence for schools in Northern Ireland and abroad L imavady High School and St Mary s Limavady have a long history of sharing over the past thirty years The strategic aims of this sharing are that it meets the needs of and provides for the educating together of all pupils in the Roe Valley from different sectoral identities and ethos Being part of this programme has delivered educational benefits to our pupils deploying resources efficiently and effectively and promoting equality of opportunity good relations equality of identity and respect for diversity I like seeing inside a different school and meeting old friends from Primary School again Bronagh Year 8 24 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 24 04 12 2018 16 40

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The partnership was successful in securing a substantial investment from The Executive Office of Northern Ireland which will enable us to build a state of the art STEM centre on our site and a Sixth Form Centre including Careers and Employability on the St Mary s site Both of these facilities will enable all our pupils to avail of opportunities which will enrich their educational experience Limavady High School also plays a vital role in the Roe Valley Learning Community RVLC Limavady High School ensures joint delivery and sharing best practice through shared curriculum choices shared careers activities shared development in the use of ICT and shared enrichment activities that underpin and nurture friendships across all schools I really enjoy shared We get to have fun classes because I get to mixing with pupils from meet new people and other schools and make new friends religions Max Year 8 Sean Year 8 25 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 25 04 12 2018 16 40

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26 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 26 04 12 2018 16 41

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ARTS Our school has a long history of success within the arts Having been selected for Specialist Status for Visual and Performing Arts it is evident from first entering the building that the arts occupy a special place in Limavady High School D rama is offered from Year 8 building on pupils skills of communication teamwork and expression At Key Stage 3 pupils also study Art and Music and are given the opportunity to explore Moving Image Arts and Media Studies in Year 10 At GCSE pupils from the other partnership schools within the Roe Valley can also avail of our facilities as we offer a variety of Shared subjects where pupils learn together on our campus This partnership is continued at A Level For the past 12 years we have welcomed pupils from other schools to our A Level Drama and Moving Image classes Our suite of Apple Macintosh computers and video camera equipment have helped to make this a very successful subject with many pupils continuing their study of film and TV at third level education Art is also an area of excellence within our school evidenced by the outstanding GCSE and A Level material displayed throughout the school building In the past few years we have been extremely proud of our results in this area and have a large number of pupils who pursue artistic endeavours at post secondary level Our Music department has enjoyed a number of collaborations with University of Ulster the Barazina Choir and various choir specialists Additionally every year we offer opportunities for pupils to perform informally in our lunchtime concerts always a highlight with the audience of pupils and staff alike However our tradition of promoting the arts really comes to the fore with our bi annual school show Staff and pupils work together to put on spectacles such as Little Shop of Horrors and Rydell Forever Playing to packed audiences our pupils and crew never fail to impress with each show allowing our pupils to showcase their many artistic talents 27 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 27 04 12 2018 16 41

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SPORTS W e encourage all our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards physical activity and sport enabling them to establish a healthy and active approach to life Alongside their timetabled Physical Education which is compulsory for all pupils we offer a wide and varied programme of extra curricular activities including traditional sports for both boys and girls Delivered by our enthusiastic and experienced staff there is something for everyone Sports Clubs include Football Rugby Netball Hockey Running Surfing and Cricket Our after school sports allow pupils to compete in local regional and national competitions and we have established strong links with local clubs allowing pupils to continue along their sporting pathway All pupils have the opportunity to try out for school teams and we believe that through sport pupils can develop the core values of Respect Teamwork and Fairness We operate a House System and Inter House Competitions run throughout the year allowing all pupils to compete in a wide variety of enjoyable activities As well as our team games we hold a Swimming Gala Cross Country Championship Year 8 Games Morning and a Sports Day At the end of the summer term we celebrate all of our pupils successes at our Sports Prize Giving Facilities include 2 Football Pitches a Rugby Pitch a Hockey Pitch an Assembly Hall and Sports Hall new 3G Outdoor Area and Indoor Outdoor Fitness Suite Boys and Girls Changing Facilities with showers 28 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 28 04 12 2018 16 41

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EXTRA CURRICULAR W e have a wide range of activities and lunch time after school clubs which operate at a variety of times throughout the year It is hoped that parents will encourage participation in at least one of these Art Club Badminton Book Club Cricket Citizenship Club Cooks Club Dance Drama Bowling Golf Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Bronze Silver and Gold British Red Cross First Aid training Gymnastics Hockey Interact Club Music Netball Rugby Scripture Union Soccer Table Tennis an annual Ski trip and educational visits The school operates a supervised Homework Club in the school library and study centre from 3 25pm 4 30pm on four afternoons each week I love doing my homework in the Library after school There s always someone to help if you get stuck or confused David Year 9 29 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 29 04 12 2018 16 41

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YOUTH CLUB Limavady High School is in a very fortunate position as it has the capacity to offer extra curricular youth provision via the long established Limavady High School Youth Club First opening its doors in 1963 thousands of young people have passed through what has become one of the most successful youth organisations in the North West Proudly serving the Limavady Community for over 50 years Limavady High School Youth Club is committed to providing a caring and friendly environment where young people learn to value and respect each other and are challenged to reach their full potential through active participation The Youth Club welcomes all Limavady High School pupils to join one of the clubs that operate over 3 evenings per week on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesday as well as the weekends to facilitate Limavady Youths Football Club Activities for our groups can range from canoeing cultural evenings ghost walks guest speakers wall climbing discos to pizza parties In addition to this youth club members also have the opportunity to work towards accredited awards and recognised qualifications Highlights over the past few years have included educational visits to Bulgaria and Africa which enabled our Youth Club members to become involved in very worthwhile charitable work Another feature of Youth Club 30 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 30 04 12 2018 16 41

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is to facilitate young members to avail of the prestigious Millennium Volunteer award for 200 hours service Limavady High School Youth Club is a very special environment and offers your child an enhanced school experience that embeds them within the fabric of Limavady High School PTA The Parent Teacher Association is growing in numbers and is a vital source of support to the life of the school Members meet monthly to share ideas comment on school plans and debate a variety of school related issues We are also keen to raise funds for school initiatives for example refreshing the canteen library and counselling room New members are always welcome 31 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 31 04 12 2018 16 41

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL 32 LHS PROSP 18 19 FINAL indd 32 Irish Green St Limavady BT49 9AN Tel 028 777 62526 Email info limavadyhigh limavady ni sch uk www limavadyhigh co uk 04 12 2018 16 41