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City Guide - Singapore

A Brief Summary

In Singapore there is about 5.400 million citizens. It's a small city, but has a lot of people. Speaking of city, Singapore is it's own city, state, country, and capital. But, it is located in Asia.

A Brief History

February 6, 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore. But, in the 14th century, Parameswara was the ruler. Not very long after he was expelled. Also, fun fact: Singapore used to be named Singpura.


 Singapore is a small city-state. It is located in Southeast Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Historical Sites

Two of the most amazing historical sites are The Merlion and the Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles. The Merlion (on left) is the national personification of Singapore. It has the head of a lion and the tail of a fish. The Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles (on bottom) has two statues. The original statue stands outside of The Victoria Concert Hall, but a replica is outside of The Paraliment house.

Singapore Attractions

Singapore has several cool attractions. Some of them are Universal Studios (on right), The Sinapore Zoo (on bottom), The Singapore Flyer (right diagonal), and Gardens by the Bay (two under). Universal Studios is a very kid friendly, theme park. The Singapore Zoo is the first nocturnal zoo. They also have non-nocturnal animals also, but the night safari is a different part of the zoo. The Singapore Flyer is a very popular attraction. It is a very big ferris wheel. Lastly, Gardens by the Bay. This is a nature park covering about 101 hectares of land. Cool right?


The best way to get around Singapore are Taxi's. The fares are cheap, the cars are clean, and the drivers speak english. You can also walk, drive and take the bus.

Sports in Singapore

There are several different sports in Singapore but the biggest one is the Sunwolves. They are a Rugby team. People even make videos of themselves howling and post them on the Sunwolves Facebook page, that's how crazy it is!


Singapore's culture is a combonation of Asian and European's culture. It also has been dubbed as a country where 'East meets West'.


There are millions of food, but some of the ones that stand out are Tangyuan (left), Laksa (left bottom), Satay (top), Wonton noodles (diagonal), Curry Puff ( right bottom), and Mi Rebus (two bottom).

Possible Local Languages

There are very many languages you could here in Singapore just because of vacations, but some of the most common ones are Tamil, Malay, Standard Mangarin, and English.

Additional Info and Fun Facts

1.) It is one of 3 surviving city-states in the world.


2.) Gum is illegal in Singapore, unless you are perscribed by a doctor to have it.


3.) Singapore is made up of 63 islands.


4.) Singaporean's are the fastest walkers on the planet.


5.) Singapore has the world's first Night Safari.