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Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique A guide to navigating options after breast surgery assistive products resources and information Sunrise Bayville New York

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Dear Reader Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique has been in business for more than 25 years Lilly my mother opened her boutique as a lingerie store but over the years she and I dedicated ourselves to women going through the cancer healing process Recently I was introduced to a guide similar to this and worked with Mary the creator of that guide to personalize this one for the women we love and feel honored to serve Women who visit Lillys bring with them many questions and concerns Our hope is that this guide will answer most of these questions and introduce you to the many product options resources and services available with deepest respect Diane Diane Bruscella CFM Owner Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique 5 Station Plaza Glen Head NY 11545 p 516 674 8109 f 516 674 8181 Appointments are necessary so we can give you the time and care you need Health challenges call for creative solutions What will you do who will you call where will you go when You need information and support You need head coverings or a wig due to chemotherapy Your spouse or partner is facing breast surgery You are trying to find a prosthesis solution to fit your unique lifestyle

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Contents 04 We re Here To Help Finding solutions 06 Questions and Checklists A list of questions to consider before surgery 08 Radiant Impressions Custom fabricated prostheses 10 Post Surgery Information Options There are many helpful after surgery assistive products that can ease discomfort and encourage healing Explore your options 12 Fitting Experience We are here to offer support and help you experience a more comfortable transition 13 Medicare Insurance Guide A guide to understanding coverage 14 Headwear Swimwear Explore the many options available 15 Keeping Track Record important information Make Informed Decisions It is not uncommon when facing a diagnosis that may require breast surgery to be overwhelmed by all the information treatment options and pressure to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life However the choices to be made are critical and many times impact your short term and often very long term quality of life Knowledge can empower you to make informed choices unique to you and your situation While swift decision making is often encouraged time is relative and as a general rule you will have days sometimes weeks to make decisions So breathe deeply and flip through this booklet created as a helpful resource to give you and your loved ones some peace of mind Childcare Pets Meal preparation Make appt with Lillys Transportation to treatments Check insurance coverage 6 10 14

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We re here to help Finding solutions Perhaps you or a loved one has recently been thrown into the unsettling realm of breast cancer Or maybe you are facing reconstructive surgery or trying to wade through the prosthetic options available Lillys is here to help The onset of illness or disability can be sudden but a bit of education can help you make wise choices that can increase the chances of a more desirable outcome Whether you are facing surgery or looking for support information or effective product solutions after your surgery Lillys has the caring staff and expertise to help you or your loved one through upcoming challenges I was pampered and taken care of with dignity and professionalism at Lillys On the way home my husband commented that Diane was meant to do what she does At Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique we treat our clients as individuals We work closely with doctors and caregivers to ensure the best post surgery supply solutions And because we are community minded and service oriented we would like to continue to provide follow up and service whenever needed Alexis M Brooklyn NY We will help assess your needs answer questions and help you find solutions 4 Lillys

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Finding solutions step by step Get the facts Finding Solutions 1 Education is critical Knowledge is empowering Research your diagnosis and ask questions Then ask more questions Your diagnosis and treatment options are unique to your situation Enlist advocates and if desired seek a second opinion Communicate openly with your health care providers 2 Make contact If a nurse navigator is available take advantage of this valuable resource Call Lillys your breast care experts to find out what support supplies product solutions and assistive services are available Understand what your insurance plan offers and budget allows Discuss needs and circumstances with family friends and caregivers 3 Preparing for surgery Enlist psychological and emotional support Counseling services support groups etc Schedule an appointment with Lillys to explore all your postsurgical needs Explore and discuss your surgical and recovery options If reconstructive surgery is in the plans review the procedure and expected outcomes thoroughly with your health care provider 4 Post surgical recovery and ongoing support through treatment 5 Follow up support and products Call Lillys to obtain post surgical camisoles and bras with drain pouches which can help make recovery more comfortable Once release is obtained from your health care practitioner take time to explore other bra styles swim wear head wear etc Keep all information organized with the Stay in Touch section at the back of this book Call Lillys with any questions or concerns Lillys 5

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Questions to ask Before initial or reconstructive surgeries here are just some of the questions you may want to consider asking What kind of surgery is being recommended Partial full or bilateral mastectomy What are the risks involved with this surgery If I choose not to have the surgery what are the risks to my health Why was this surgery recommended for me What type of incision will I have Will lymph nodes be removed If so how many do you expect will be removed What are my options for anesthesia Will you provide follow up or will I have a different physician providing aftercare What kind of follow up care will I need What about adjuvant therapy Will my treatment cause hair loss What will I need at home to care for the drains and surgery site Are there symptoms I should be wary of Who can I talk with about non surgical prosthesis options available Am I a candidate for reconstructive surgery What type of reconstruction is recommended for me Do you have photos and testimonials from other reconstructions you have done How long will an implant last Will weight gain or loss affect the look and feel of the reconstruction How much pain can I expect from the surgery Will I require more than one surgery What restrictions will I have on normal activities while recovering What can I do to help prevent or manage lymphedema Should I speak with my health care practitioner about physical therapy 6 Lillys

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Pre surgery Checklists Preparation Checklists Research tells us that the most satisfied clients are those who actively participate in their treatment process It is important to allow yourself time to consider all the options available to you If you feel uneasy about the way your questions are being answered seek a second opinion Use this handy checklist to help organize daily tasks and items that need attention before surgery Childcare Make arrangements with work Pets Get second opinion Meal preparation Research explore aftersurgery options with Lillys Make appt with breast care consultant Call Lillys Ask Lillys about Connecting with a support group Transportation to treatments Schedule appt with counselor Check insurance coverage Chat with family and friends about support needed Items to have on hand prior to surgery insurance card s identification list of medications taking currently drug and food allergy list Helpful Tip After surgery make the most of your recovery time by tapping into the resources available in your community Lillys can help you find support groups counseling services and self care information Lillys 7

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Feel Like Yourself Again Following breast surgery it s important to get back to the things you love doing A Radiant Impressions custom breast or partial prosthesis can help you look great and feel your best Each Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis is carefully hand crafted by experienced artisans that understand how to match your individual contour shape and profile Every year the staff at Radiant Impressions art studio in Jackson Michigan creates a beautiful prosthetic option for thousands of women 3D Scanning With the use of an Apple iPad and Structure Sensor 3D scanning technology a precise and detailed image of your surgery site is quickly created Your custom prosthesis is then hand crafted to match your contour shape and profile One of 36 skin tones and an impression of your nipple are added to make your prosthesis unique to you

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A Beautiful Option Radiant Impressions Trulife s custom breast prosthesis is a non surgical breast reconstruction option for women who have had a mastectomy lumpectomy or reconstruction surgery A realistic prosthesis that simulates breast tissue and provides symmetry to your bra fit Made of 100 natural silicone the custom breast prosthesis is lightweight and can be worn directly against the chest wall in a non pocketed bra Radiant Impressions is soft and comfortable to wear over implants and over breast tissue that has changed in size due to radiation Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique is a certified Radiant Impressions Dealer Call to schedule a consultation today

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After Surgery After your surgery Right after Six weeks or less Comfort is key A little planning before your surgery can help make those first weeks after surgery a bit more comfortable Make an appointment with Lillys to discuss which of the post surgical garments may be the best fit for you and your unique situation Leisure Bra A leisure bra offers a relaxed fit and is designed with breathable cotton and spandex which makes it ideal for post surgical or leisure wear Camisoles The Trulife post op pocketed camisole is perfect for immediate post mastectomy wear This super soft allknit garment features a step in neckline which eliminates the need to raise your arms when putting it on inner shelf panels to hold fiber filled breast forms and two detachable drain bulb pouches Drain Pouch Soft pouches that attach to any bra or cami with Velcro hooks These pouches hold the post surgical drain bulbs necessary after surgery Compression Bra Compression wear offers just enough gentle pressure and support to stabilize and maintain breast shape after surgery and can help prevent or control lymphedema Ask us we are here to help Non silicone Breast Forms Non silicone breast forms are optimal for temporary post surgical recovery needs We are here to help you find the lightweight breast forms that work best with your unique situation 10 Lillys

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After Surgery Navigation After your surgery Options in post surgery wear There are a variety of bras and camis available that can help restore confidence and appearance There are bra styles that fit your unique post surgery shape and size We can help assess your situation and help you find the bra s that best fit your body breast type and lifestyle Note Medicare provides partial reimbursement for breast forms bras and camis regardless of when you had your surgery Ask us We are here to help Options in breast forms Breast forms are available for various body and breast types for recovery every day wear swimming and more Most forms are made of silicone It mimics the feel and weight of breast tissue Lillys 11

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Fitting Experience A word about fitting Ideally you will have an opportunity prior to surgery to make an appointment with Lillys Ask to see the available selection of post surgery products and take the time to review the different options for breast forms partial breast forms and bras After being released from your physician s care approximately six weeks after surgery it s an appropriate time to make an appointment with Lillys to evaluate your needs There are several bra styles to try Seamless molded cups and M frame designs are just two of the features that make post surgical bras unique and optimal for women recovering from breast surgery Lillys will contact your insurance so you will know which bras are covered under your plan Often a good supportive bra is all that s needed to restore symmetry after a lumpectomy However there are a variety of breast forms and partial breast forms that can help restore symmetry Once you are fitted with your breast form s and bra wear time of the prosthesis will vary Sensitivity of the chest wall is not uncommon Weighted prostheses can result in fatigue in the neck and shoulders It s important to increase your wearing time gradually Realize your surgical site will continue to change as part of the healing process Those changes can continue for up to six months and can include swelling skin changes and settling of the tissue 12 Lillys Ask Lillys about the different options available to fit your unique situation We are here to help and feel honored to serve you and your family Lillys is honored to recommend these therapeutic resources Full Circle Physical Therapy 516 741 7000 Oyster Bay Foot Massage Spa 516 802 3377 Monday at Racine s Cancer Care Program Call Lillys for information 516 674 8109

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After Surgery Medicare Insurance A Guide to Medicare Insurance Both Medicare and private health insurance plans partially pay for post surgical garments breast prostheses and bras however some items are not covered by Medicare or insurance This guide will help you understand Medicare guidelines and most health insurance plans have similar rules Be aware that all private health insurance plans vary and the specific rules of an individual s plan may differ from these Lillys can assist you with your reimbursement needs Medicare Reimbursement and Coverage for Post Mastectomy Products If you are covered by Medicare you are allowed One silicone breast form every two years Two forms for bilateral surgery OR One lightweight breast form every six month Number of bras are based on what is medically necessary If Medicare is your primary insurance In order to qualify for partial Medicare reimbursement a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional qualified and eligible to order breast prostheses and other related post mastectomy products must prescribe the items you are ordering We encourage you to call your insurance company to verify your benefits Give them the procedure codes listed below and they will be able to give you information regarding what your policy allows how much they pay how many bras and breast forms you are eligible for each year Silicone Breast Prosthesis L8030 Lightweight Breast Form L8020 Mastectomy Bras L8000 Post Mastectomy Pocketed Camisoles L8015 Custom Fabricated Silicone Prosthesis L8035 Note We cannot guarantee Medicare reimbursement which is based on Medicare s assessment of a client s needs Supplemental Insurance If you have supplemental insurance you may be entitled to additional reimbursement Private Insurance If you are covered by private insurance Most major medical insurance policies cover mastectomy products according to their guidelines Deductibles and co insurances may apply Call Lillys we are here to help 516 674 8109 Lillys 13

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Headwear Swimwear Headwear Swimwear Options in headwear There are a variety of headwear options available to help restore confidence and comfort during treatment Note Please note that many private insurance companies will reimburse for wigs if your doctor writes a prescription specifying a cranial prosthesis due to medically induced hair loss Options in swimwear There are many swimwear options available Ask us we are here to help 14 Lillys

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Physical Therapist Diane Bruscella CFM Michelle 37 years young Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Bilateral Mastectomy Reconstructive Surgery Mastectomy Wig Boutique Lillys Mastectomy Wig Boutique 516 674 8109 Diana Tjaden Full Circle PT Breast Cancer Recovery Program 516 741 7000 Nurse Navigator Name Phone Doctor Name Phone Emergency Contact Name Phone Hospital Name Phone Pharmacy Name Phone Insurance information Company Company Policy type Policy type Policy number Policy number Phone Phone Medication information Medication Date Prescribed Dosage Frequency Comments Lillys 15 Record Keeping Contact information

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Sunset Bayville New York Her Story Charles F Kettering Michelle 37 years young Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Bilateral Mastectomy You can t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time