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It is a story about a dog that does not get enough food. Then he does carry stuff to get more and something else.

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By Carson Brudnicki

Great I made it back home and I didn’t lose the donuts and I’m all right. Sorry I have to fix my collar, it's’ loose. O.K. now let me eat all of the donuts.  


 Okay enough time wasted, let's go eat some donuts.

      Yeah! We’re here! I wish I could just turn a page like you. Our donuts are ready to get in my tummy. They taste better than dog food, trust me. Whom should we, or I  I guess, I should steal from. How about the guy with a dozen chocolate donuts? Here I go. Crash! Bark, bark, bark! Yes, I got the donuts! Ahh run!


You should’ve kept me awake! Well, might as well do it now. Wait, where am I going again? Wait, don’t tell me, I remember already. It’s the donut shop! I know I’m supposed to go to Petsmart, but who doesn’t love donuts? Are you ready? That wasn’t a question, so let's go. So say it, “I’m all ready.” Say it. I don’t care if you yell it, just do it.

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Sorry, it’s the only time I get food. My name is Bob. Don’t laugh, it’s Bob. My owners give me way too little food. I have two ideas to get more. Oh, and did I mention, I was a dog. Well, I am.

Idea number 1- run to the nearest Petsmart and steal all the food. It’s kind of a long shot, but...grumble, grumble, grumble... well, my stomach said it for me.

It’s midnight now, and I’m ready to go... after I take a nap.


Idea number 2- break the window and get into the house to steal food. Both involve stealing, but dogs have no rules. I’ve decided to try number 1 tonight.


Life of a dog

Alright, I’m here at Petsmart. They're feeding the cats right now so I have to wait. By the way your humans think that dogs don’t like cats but it’s the other way around. They’re the annoying ones.


We’re ready to go, or at least I am. Are you? Great. It’s time to steal from Petsmart. Their food is waiting. Why am I stealing, this seems so illegal.


You know I used to be a lot more happy when I had 12 donuts. Now I’m not. Just so you know don’t eat 12 donuts in 30 seconds. It’s bad math.

I need some water from this hose. Dang it. Its water isn’t coming out. Come on Hose.

     Never mind. I liked the first plan better than the second plan so, I’ll redo it tomorrow.


Your wait is over because I’m going in baby, whoo whoo! Bark, Bark, Bark!

  “Ohh a cute doggy” said a little girl.  Then I thought who was the cute doggy?

  Then I felt something on me and I knew I was the cute doggy. So, the little girl took me to her house. If you’re wondering what happened to me...let's just say it wasn’t fun. But, it was worth it because they’re  way better than my old owners. I don’t know what happened to them, but I hope it was bad because these new people know how to feed me!

  The End