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Chronicle of Life

Dedicated to You

Deep in you,

Can't find anywhere to cry.

But deeper in yourself,

You're just auditioning for the runway.


You're probably going to be the person everybody wants to be,

Popular, what every teen wants to be.

They're too scared to even meet you,

Everyone, everybody, hiding in the shadows.


Which I remember that time when you promised me,

That you will always be my one and only best friend.

And I pretended that I wanted to listen,

Little did I know, that you were going to disappear.


Seal it up

Hide those good times.

Forget you and I,

Because I know I'll never see a sunray again.


Forget it, why did I even write this?

I knew you were going to throw all of this away.

Forget it, you'll probably forget,

I knew you wouldn't think this was yours.


So hide your teardrops in your pocket,

This is the end, the end , the end.





Petals on the pavement,

Blooming with glory and tears,

Crying on the summer blue across my ear,

Dreaming on the muted silence.

Leading Me Nowhere

Oh Lily-Anne you never know,

Actor of the world.

You're in so many disguises,

Didn't they say you were a crow?


Then you're a supermodel with hair and style all in trend,

Some say you're the superhero who saved every life.

Some say you're the DC villain who ruined eternity,

Don't know who you are, you just keep lying.


Let's see, will I handle tomorrow?

Everybody is a spy,

They're staring at me, don't know if I survive.


Go for a dive then I know you're the new shark in the sea,

Watching till everybody's your victim.

You show me all the victories you've done,

I'm still watching but I can't wait to leave.


All the things I wronged written on the news gossip,

Hate how you're always the "better one".

I just want to leave, still fixing my mess,

But everyday life's leading me nowhere.


I want to know if some luck will happen again,

Where the lights color with all the ornaments, in my dreams, you'd say.


That's me,

Sitting in the darkness.

Reach out of here,

Only safe in public for a while.


Like a plant, I grow, grow too much,

Someday finding a way home,

Pulling up hard thread by thread,

Looks like another stormy day inside so I better just sit in the rain.


Well that's what other people think:

Vengeance, "even" they call it.

But not me,

Silence, "no words" I call it.

I ponder on their perspective,

Why has everyone gone so fast away?

Well they do have a reason why,

Because of Me.